Monday, February 20, 2012

Life With the D Cups

It happened again.

The girls made a break for it.

At 2 days shy of 15 weeks the girls are no longer happy in their pretty little C cup bras and have decided they want to be D's!

Are you kidding me?

You guys remember how surprised I was with my rapid boob growth in the first pregnancy?

Well this time the boob growth was so slow that I think I had decided they were going to stop at the C's.

Ridiculous and illogical?  Perhaps.

But I wasn't expecting to be buying new bras at 15 weeks and I wasn't expecting them to be D's!

In all honesty I was completely OK with the C's, in my opinion a C is the most desirable cup size, not too small, but not too BIG.


C's are pretty.

But D's?  Not even halfway through the pregnancy?

D's are BIG!

Guys, if you didn't know, I am not a busty lady.  I've never been a busty lady.  I spent all of my teenage years loathing my small chest, wearing padded bras and wishing I had cleavage.  By college and my 20's the girls were finally a full B and I was finally comfortable with them.  I had accepted that I was never going to have a large chest and I discovered that it didn't really matter.  Never again did I wish my chest size was anything different than what it was.

But the C's were still pretty.

And I'm already missing them.

Everyone who's farther in your pregnancy, HOW MUCH BIGGER ARE YOUR BOOBS FROM THE STARTING POINT?

A full 2 cup sizes bigger not even halfway through the pregnancy and I'm scared!

And in other news, I have to show you these dramatic pictures of the difference in the bump from day to night.

We went out to eat last night and when we came home and I got ready for bed my belly was HUGE, I was like what the hell is this thing?! And had to take a picture.

Then I took another picture this morning with the bump back down to it's normal size.

Prepare to be amazed!

10pm, ready for bed...gotta love the maternity leggings!

8am, just got up...where'd the bump go?

My other preggy ladies, do you have this dramatic bump difference between night and day???


  1. Gotta love that water retention! Yes, bump here bump gone is TOTALLY normal.

    And I am with you, big boobs suck. Just be prepared to have them for as long as you are nursing. Mine are still huge.

    I am hoping for a big b small c when this is over and done with. And I am not against boob reduction surgery to get it :)

  2. Ah yes, the girls... I thought through pregnancy they were huge, then I had him, then I went home and things were- well sort of normal- I remember thinking this milk coming in thing isn't so bad- What are people talking about??! Then a few mornings later I woke up and my milk had come in- HELLO PORNSTAR! I stood there in front of the mirror- they were huge, they were rock hard, they were perky- they were more than just perky, I had instant implants! OMG- I turned and showed the hubby- look babe- His eyes were like bugs, frozen in time... at that moment in time, the pregnancy boobs seemed like nothing, these things were huge, what on earth was I going to do with them!?! Looking back, the pregnancy boobs were nothing compared to these things!

  3. My bump is the exact same way. I don't even feel pregnant in the morning. I have no idea how or why it does it. It's a mystery.

  4. definitely a bump happening. I went from a c-d-e in about 12 weeks. it has slowed down but I think another growth is on the way!

  5. I have a big difference in the bump between day and night. Now with my lady friends...they started at a D and today I couldn't hook my bra any more. I went to the store and DD's were too small. I refused to go bigger and bought a sports bra!

  6. the girls growth can be quite terrifying, I went from a DD to a H... argh!!! I dread to think of when my milk comes in, but the lady at the bra shop told me that after the first tri they shouldn't grow too much, then when milk comes in expect about an increase of 2-3 sizes....

    Your bump is adorable!

  7. Girl, just wait till your milk comes in! I ended up in a EE - I didn't even know they made them that big! They'll go back down eventually...but yeah, it's pretty crazy for a while :)

  8. Wow, those bumps are night and day. :D How cute is your belly!? I'm kind of jealous of the D cups. Can't lie. I'm a steady B since college.

  9. My boobs did nothing in pregnancy, barely growing a cup size... my milk came in and no porn star effect, they just looked a bit bigger... and now I look normal again. I feel completely cheated in the boob Dept. The one time a woman can enjoy some cleavage!!!

  10. Wow! Amazing disappearing baby bump! But still, there is definitely a bump, at some point I bet the difference between day and night won't be so dramatic.

    My boobs are bursting out of C cups and I am at 5 weeks. SO....... I am kind of scared, too!

  11. Same here, bump at night (bloating and water retention) and bump gone in the morning (food digested and peed all the water away). Haha

    I've gone from a D to a large DD and that was a few weeks ago. Now at 14 weeks, I might be a bit more, but I'm too scared to go bra shopping, plus I hate bra shopping. ugh.

  12. Its funny you mention cup sizes changing... Hubs and I are cleaning out storage and clutter and came across boxes from... sad to say 12 years ago. There were bras in there that were so cute... and tiny (compared to now) that were between 36C and 38C. During my first pregnancy I went to a 38D - 40D (pregnancy ended in 18th week!). With my 2nd pregnancy (twins) I have NO clue what size I was due to growing out of everything ( I stuck with sports bra's and went from L to XXL!), after the Twins I was a 42D to 42DD!! With my last pregnancy (which ended at 21W) I ended up being a 44F!!! YUP!!! F!!!! WTF!!!!! Even till this day I wear my 44F's... but I am embarrassed to say that they feel snug and I find myself falling out of them... WILL IT EVER END??? Ok... a lot more than y'all needed to know.,.. hehehehe

  13. i have to say, i thought my boobs were big during pregnancy, but am now astounded at their current breastfeeding size! at least they make my postpartum waist look smaller in comparison :) and wait until your milk comes in. OH MY LORD.

  14. I had gone from a happy (I can buy bras anywhere D cup) at the start to a G cup at 14 weeks. Now at 30 weeks I'm already having to move up to an H... I didn't even know bras came that big and now I can only buy the SUPER expensive ones at Nordstroms because they're the only ones big enough that I can try on in my home state... I'm petrified of how big they'll be when my milk comes in! And I totally agree, Cs are the perfect size... oh how I miss having C cups!