Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busting Out...

...of my bra that is.

Dad, don't keep reading if you don't want to read about boobs.

The real reason I wanted to announce my pregnancy is so that I could talk about my boobs without everyone thinking I was weird.

Because if you're pregnant you're allowed to talk about your boobs, they become much like the tummy (or so I imagine) in that they're completely foreign and unreal and a little unnatural.

It's like they belong to someone else.

Let me explain.

(I wrote the rest of this post on August 3, 2011 when I was not quite 6 weeks pregnant.)

While my belly has remained the same size, the girls are growing like nobody's business and they hurt like hell.

I've already outgrown all of my bras...I foresee bra shopping in my near future. (a good 3 weeks later I have yet to go bra shopping...I think they're going to continue growing...not sure what I'm waiting for, is there a boob plateau? Will they stop for a little while before the grow again after the baby is born? All questions I don't know the answer to...thus the delay of bra shopping.)

I'm only 6 weeks in, holy hell what's going to happen over the next 34 weeks!

Seriously, I've read about or heard about every pregnancy symptom that ever was, I've been a birth junkie since I was 22. I love pregnancy and birth stories. But why, oh why does no one talk about how big and sore their boobs get RIGHT AWAY?! I expected bigger boobs...later, not the exact second I became pregnant. Nope, I wasn't expecting that at all.

The boobs were in fact the only reason I took a pregnancy test. I'll delve more into this later but I was temping and as a rule after taking what felt like hundreds of pregnancy tests over the last year I was at the point where no pregnancy test was even going to come into my house until I had a high temp for AT LEAST 18 days past ovulation. Nothing breaks your spirit quite like peeing on stick after stick month after month and it always flashing negative at you.

So, no peeing on sticks before the 18 day mark.

BUT my boobs hurt so bad that I took a test at 13 days past ovulation...a good 3 days before my period was due and a good 5 days before my rule of 18 days.

It was THAT noticeable.

So for this ONE reason I cannot fathom how people don't know they're pregnant right away. I do not have any morning sickness or nausea or cravings but by god I've got these uncomfortable tender things on my chest that let me know every time I try to turn over at night or run down the stairs that I am in fact still pregnant.

Is this how most of you feel just before you get your periods? Do your boobs hurt like hell? Is that why people don't usually know they're pregnant right away? I don't have normal periods, I don't ovulate...more on that later, but that's obviously why this took a year. But my boobs never hurt before my period, thus this was an extremely unusual symptom for me, there was no mistaking it. Please share, does everyone get sore boobs before a normal period? I'm very curious.

Update: I finally broke down and bought some new bras yesterday. For the curious I started out as a B and am now a very full C, I am hoping they stay this way though the left boob is teetering on the brink...it wants to be a D already. For the moment the girls are much more comfortable in a bra that fits...good advice for everyone, wear bras that fit, especially if you have sore pregnant boobs!


  1. I didn't get sore boobs hardly at all! It took them WEEKS to do anything that would have hinted that I was pregnant. My nipples were a tiny bit sensitive, but get this.. the first 4 weeks I was pregnant, my boobs SHRANK!!! my bras were hugely gaping on my me, and my strapless was falling off. I was so bummed.. because I thought the boobs were supposed to be one of the first signs. I didn't even feel pregnant, so that was tough on me. They have finally caught up, but are barely bigger than they were.. so now I'm worried they aren't going to be good at producing milk. I fit into all my old bras and haven't busted out of anything yet. They better hurry up and catch up, because the belly is growing yet I've got normal sized boobs still. :-(

  2. Haha youre hilarious! Don't you remember when we all wanted them to be huge! haha Im sorry girl. Hang in there.

  3. Jess, that is what I wanted to know! All the books I read keep saying how the boobs are a common early pregnancy symptom and blah blah blah they should feel like this, ie. so uncomfortable i wear a sports bra to bed and have not been braless in more than 3 weeks now, but I NEVER hear complaints from other women this early, it always comes later. I'm guessing it's not as common as the books are leading me to believe!

  4. MY BOOBS GOT HUGE, RIGHT AWAY - HUUUUUUUGE. I went from a small C to a DD like overnight and then an E, a freakin' E...WTF is an E?? And I got my only stretchmarks thus far, on the underside of my HUGE (did I mention HUGE??) boobs. I loved being a C. I like athletic physiques, I think they are beautiful. Big E size boobs are not athletic. They are heavy huge and lame - and I do not embrace them. They suck. Nick agreed that if in the future, I want to fix them, I can - hurray! But anywhoo - I am terrified at what they will become when my milk comes in. Stupid boobs. Oh and it happened RIGHT AWAY - like instantly.

  5. Not me! That was one of the signs I thought I was expecting. And looking back on our vacation pictures from that time (I was 3 or 4 wks and didn't know it!), I was like, DAMN - they're huge! Ha ha

    Ya, it just gets worse (or better? for the husband...) I went from a B minus to a D or maybe even DD! After awhile though, they def do feel foreign. My kid is 17 m/o now. I stopped BFing when he was a little over 12 m/o. I'm not sure if they're going to shrink anymore, but I'm a B or small C now.

    OH! and another thing...pretty soon you might um, leak, so I recommend wearing a sports bra or nursing sports type bra (so it's comfy), but wear nursing pads in them. I used disposable, but my favorite were some bamboo ones from PoshPads off of Etsy!

    Again, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Sore boobs was my FIRST sign! I hadn't ovulated in over a year...I was waiting for my period and suddenly my boobs were sore. Took a test the next day!

    And, I hate to say it, but the boob situation doesn't really get better until you've weaned from nursing. I was a C before pregnancy, a D at delivery and an E after my milk came in. Yeah, I didn't even KNOW there were sizes past Double D!

  7. congratulations, that is such wonderful news! i'm also pregnant and due at the end of january and i 100% agree with you about the boobs. several times a week i stand topless in front of my husband and exclaim, "look how big they are!" i hope you have a great pregnancy and i'm excited to follow along here. these were my thoughts from the 1st trimester: http://blush-n-bashful.blogspot.com/2011/07/17-thoughts-from-past-13-weeks.html


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