Friday, February 10, 2012

For Posterity Sake

I have to write down the dream I had last night.

I promise my 13 week Bumpdate is coming tomorrow, the hubs is out of town and I CANNOT take a picture of myself to save my life.

So, the dream.  I hadn't had a pregnancy dream in awhile, so before I went to bed I thought to myself, I hope I have another pregnancy dream otherwise I'm calling my midwives so we can try to find the heartbeat on the Doppler again.  The lack of pregnant dreams after the baby died in my first pregnancy still haunts me and I still see it as a sign of miscarriage.

But sure enough, I had a pregnancy dream.

But not just a pregnancy dream, a BIRTH dream.

Here's what went down.

I went into labor at like 7:30pm in the middle of a snow/ice storm.  Clearly we weren't in San Francisco and clearly this wasn't August but nevertheless, giving birth in a snow storm in a tiny apt.

Must have been NYC.

So, it's 7:30 then suddenly it's 12:30am, the midwives haven't shown up because of the storm and I'm already crowning and the baby is about to arrive (with no pain mind you).

Then I feel the burning of crowning, the "ring of fire" and out pops a chubby little dark haired baby into Dom's arms.


I've been convinced this whole pregnancy that I'm having a boy, so I kept saying, no we were having a boy! over and over, but then my mom appeared and put her in a girl outfit and so OBVIOUSLY it wasn't a boy.

Since my midwives hadn't shown up and the last bit where I pushed her out had been painful I kept asking Dom to check me and see if I had torn and needed stitches, he refused!  Said he wasn't comfortable looking at me down there in that sort of way, even though he'd just watched me push a baby out. And I was like, OH OK I totally understand but kept worrying about needing stitches.

It was a pleasant dream, the birth was peaceful, but WEIRD.

And btw, our baby girl had dark eyes to go with her dark hair.  I'm pretty sure this is actually NOT possible.  I have green eyes, Dom has blue/gray eyes and there is nary a brown eyed blood relative on either side of our families for at least a generation or two, possibly much farther back.

We're at 13 weeks, anyone else having birth dreams already???


  1. I dream about the babies often, but I don't think I've dreamt about their birth yet. It was one of my biggest fears to go into labor in a snow/ice storm. In the NW everything closes down when there is the tiniest dusting if snow- thank goodness for an August due date!

  2. No dreams, but wanted to say congrats for making it to 13 weeks!

  3. I love that dream! and did you ever see the show One Born Every Minute? there was an episode with a lady who was in labor screaming "The Burning Ring of Fire!" hahah! it was too funny! Anyways Congrats on 13 weeks! cant wait to see you bumpdate pic!

  4. Maybe this dream was about your current baby's younger sister ;)

  5. At least it was a baby in your dream! I kept having dreams that I gave birth to a cat!! So weird...but they were always girls, and I had a girl, so there might be something to that. Your family is just bound to be full of girls! haha