Friday, February 3, 2012

Where's the Bump? - 12 Weeks

I wrote this yesterday and then forgot to post it!

Pretend it's yesterday.

Today is my last milestone I had to get through from my first pregnancy.

Today, 12 weeks 1 day, is the day the light spotting I had been experiencing turned to clotting and we headed to the ER with dread in our hearts.  Four hours later we learned the baby had no heartbeat and I was indeed well on my way to miscarrying our first baby.

From here on out we're experiencing things for the first time.  No more comparisons to my first pregnancy.  No more life on repeat.

So, from now until August I am going to try to do weekly bump updates on Wednesdays.

I realize that today is Friday, but we were in Tahoe on Wednesday enjoying the snow.

Pretend it's Wednesday still.

There's lots of pretending going on for you guys in this post.

Here we are, 12 weeks.

Before becoming pregnant I always thought the first trimester ended at 12 weeks, cause everyone always says wait 3 months to announce the pregnancy, the end of the first trimester.   And if you do the math 3 months is 12 weeks.  It turns out this isn't quite true and the first trimester actually ends somewhere at the end of either week 13 or 14, there is a bit of discrepancy and I don't actually know when the end of Trimester One is!

But it's not today...damn.

I'm not going to do one of those questionnaires that a lot of people do where it asks you the size of baby, if you're in maternity clothes, if you feel movement, etc etc.

I'm just gonna do this:

At 12 weeks I'm back to feeling fine...just tired...still.  The nausea that hit me last week seems to have disappeared as quickly as it appeared and while I was enjoying the reassurance the nausea provided the closer we get to the end of the first trimester I worry less and less about symptoms because I know they are going to start to go away soon anyway.

Every day is different than the day before.

Some days I wake up with sore hips and feel like my pelvis is breaking apart, some days they don't hurt at all.

Some nights I get up to pee 5 times, some nights it's 2.

Some days I have sore boobs, sometimes they're fine.

It's all very unpredictable.

I have no food aversions and no cravings.

If I do have cravings it's pretty much exactly as it was before I was pregnant, ie.  Yum, mexican food sounds good tonight!  No desperation for the food, just a preference from one night to the next, but like I said I was kind of like this pre-pregnancy anyway.  My husband calls it picky, I say I just know what I want when I want it!

I am nowhere near buying maternity clothes or anything baby related.  Our house is still baby-item-free except for a few gifts we received when we were pregnant the first time.  And those are all still tucked into whatever drawer I shoved them into after the first pregnancy ended.

My hair absolutely hates being pregnant.  I had heard somewhere that there is an evil period during pregnancy in which it is advised to not color your hair or do anything drastic because the hormones will make it icky.  Well, I think I may have chosen the evil icky period to get my highlights done because ever since I did it 3 weeks ago my hair has felt very drab and...icky.  There's no glow, no beautiful luscious locks cascading down my back.  It's just blah.  I'm hoping that in 2 months when I get it done again I will hit the magic glow period and it won't look like shit anymore.  Until then I'm just putting it up a lot.

Bending over has become slightly uncomfortable.  My husband keeps asking me if I need help when I bend down to pick something up, apparently I look like I'm in pain.  For the record it's not painful...just uncomfortable and I don't even notice that I'm doing it differently.

But everything is definitely getting cramped in my pelvic cavity, my uterus needs to hurry up with the next step which is to come up and OUT of my pelvis so that everything else can have a little breathing room again.  The sensation of "i have to pee" has completely changed, it is now a pressure/pain uncomfortableness and sometimes it takes me a moment to realize that is the new "i have to pee" signal going to my brain and if I just pee then I won't be uncomfortable anymore!  I'm hoping when the uterus lifts a bit this will go back to normal, or maybe this is the new normal?  Either way, it's strange to have to train my brain to learn a new "i have to pee" signal.

And the bump...or non-bump.  I don't have a bump yet.  Certain clothes make it seem as though I have more of a bump than I do, but for the most part the belly might look a little fuller but it definitely doesn't look like a baby bump.  I wear the bella-band sometimes under certain clothes just to give the whole stomach area a smoother appearance, but everything still buttons and fits.  If I have a tight shirt on I push my stomach out in an attempt to make it look more bump-like, but honestly I probably just look fatter that way =)

As everyone keeps telling me, retroverted uterus plus long torso = don't expect to see a bump anytime before 20 weeks!


Anyway, without further ado, here's some piccies:

Anyone else really feel like they look like shit when they try to do staged photos like this?  I'm not normally self-conscious about the way I look in photos but ALL of these I hated.


  1. i thought i looked like crap in all my staged pics... but we took them either late at night (haggard) or early morning (tired)... its hard to get thru the
    "i don't look preggo, just chubby phase" but that will soon end! i think you look great! xo

  2. The division of the trimesters is weird--my book says I'll be in the second tri as of tomorrow, which is 12w1d. I'm going to go with it because it makes me feel better =P

    You look wonderful in your pictures!

    1. Seriously, there should be some consensus on this trimester thing, surely there is an ACTUAL end of the first trimester, I can't believe how different it is from one source to the next! Your book is honestly the best one because that means we both graduated from 1st to 2nd trimester already ;-)

  3. Adorable pics! Even though I see no bump! ;)

  4. I think you are super cute! Don't rush the bump, it will show up all announced and like it owns the place soon enough :)

  5. You look great - and while your belly growth may not be noticeable, your boobs sure grew!

    2nd trimester is when the glow kicks in - the exhaustion fades, and suddenly you're energetic and, well, all a-glow. except for those unlucky few who get that horrendous "AM" sickness all day, every day, all pregnancy.

  6. I love the black and white photos!!! :) And congratulations making it past that haunting milestone. Cheers to new experiences from now on!

  7. yay, yay, yay! you look fantastic!

  8. You look great. Most importantly, you look happy!

    Congrats on reaching this milestone. :)

  9. YAY You look fantastic!! So happy for you!! Happy 12 weeks!!

  10. OMGosh! I swear you've written a post about me and my pregnancy also. Symptoms, lack there of, taking photos, waiting for the bump and even down to the "i need to pee" bit!
    You're looking great! I haven't gotten up the courage to post any pictures of myself yet. But I sure do hope the bump shows itself more soon. Although, I have a tilted uterus also..I hope it isn't 20 weeks before it really shows. Have fun in Tahoe.

  11. Super cute pics. You remind me of someone famous. I think it's Sarah Polley. :)

    I think I can detect a tiny bump!

    I don't know about that first trimester deal. I've never understood it, and refuse to put more information into my brain until I'm actually pregnant! But I may need to ask you then, since I avoid all things "too confusing" good luck figuring it out!

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