Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bumpdate - 13 Weeks

Wow, 2 weeks into this and not once have I posted on Wednesday which is when my week flips forward.

But it's all ok because I have like 27 weeks to make it up to you all.

At least once I will post the bumpdate on a Wednesday.

So, I hate these things, but I decided to do one anyone, adjusted so that I'm not answering stupid questions like movement? at 13 weeks.

Here goes.

How far along?  13 weeks 3 days
Weight gain/loss: I'm up 5 lbs, but I've been up 5 lbs. since like 8 weeks.  I still fit into all of my clothes though so I'm not sure WHERE the mysterious extra 5 lbs are exactly...maybe it's all the extra blood flow.
Maternity clothes?  No, but I did buy my first maternity item, you ready?  Maternity LEGGINGS, that's right.  I wear leggings to bed a lot and the waist band has started to hurt when I lay on it all night, so I got myself some maternity leggings.  Unfortunately they haven't shown up yet since I ordered them online and thus I have NO IDEA if they are going to rock my world or if they're getting sent back.  In case you're all curious I was actually on a mission to buy maternity TIGHTS but got bored looking after my first site I looked on didn't have any, so i bought maternity leggings instead.  Anyone know where I can buy some good quality maternity tights?  Does such a thing even exist?  My tights are killing me when I pull them all the way up and dig in when I fold them over, I need something with a lovely stretchy maternity panel!
Stretch marks? No, I have high hopes that I won't get stretch marks since my mother and sister survived without them and I've always heard that stretch marks are genetic.
What's up with my body?  The digestive troubles seem to have kicked in.  My tummy is gurgly and unsettled ALL DAY LONG.  I go from starving hungry gurgles to ugh, I'm busy digesting gurgles and then without skipping a beat it's back to i'm starving gurgles, back and forth, back and forth.  It doesn't matter what I eat, my tummy seems upset with me regardless.  I'm not nauseous and nothing ever threatens to come back up but my digestive system just seems very...sluggish.  And I'm tired, oh god, make the tiredness go away please, i'm really really tired of being tired.

Bumpdate:  There's still no bump kids, but I'll keep posting pics anyway, maybe by the time the bump appears we will have mastered whatever technique is required so that I don't look like shit in these.  These pictures are even worse than last week because my husband is sick and could barely stumble off the couch to snap the camera at me three times.  And this is what we got:

Do you like the shadow running along the right side?  Yeah, me too.  What am I looking at?  I have no idea.  Fan-fucking-tastic.

If anyone's interested why I am so obsessed with making these pictures look good besides being vain, it's because there will be a growing bump collage at the end of all this that we'd like to frame somewhere in our house, that is also why I have the same outfit on in each of them and will continue to do so for the rest of the pregnancy.

So, there you have it, 13 weeks just a few days late.


  1. Not to put a stain on the whole "stretch marks are genetic thing" but my mom has none, Ali has none, I never had them before but I do now :-( Boo

  2. i can see a week bump?

    as to stretch marks, mum got none my sister has a few and unfortunately some are appearing on my boobies. bugger.

  3. I can see a bump, small but there!

    My stomach is quite unsettled most of the day too. Yesterday it was bloated quite badly most of the day and I couldn't stop farting. I don't think the chips helped any... LOL

    I'm prepared for stretch marks and I'll bear them proudly. :) Plus, they'll just add to the few I have from growing as a teen. I hope you'll be able to keep them at bay.

  4. ugh.. the digestive problems.... and unfortunately they don't really go away... I ate Tums like they were candy. :-) you are looking great! and the tiredness does go away... you probably will feel more energetic in just a few weeks!

  5. oh, and look at H&M for maternity clothes... I got all of mine there... the jeans are really cute, they have leggings, and i think they have tights too..

  6. I totally see a bump, I bet in a couple of weeks it'll be really noticeable...right now you're in the "is she pregnant or fat?" stage. And as for being tired, get used to're having a baby! You won't sleep again for the next 20 or so years!!!

  7. I remember eating and then I would "burp" everything I ate... it was awful- and by the time it would settle a bit It would be time to eat again. Tums were my best friend and I ate them like candy... I don't know that they even helped at all but I ate them anyway :)

  8. So cute! I can totally see the beginnings of the bump. Keep us posted with lots of pics.

  9. The bump is growing. I am sure you feel the same as me. I think I look so big but people tell me I don't even look pregnant. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Don't worry about finding maternity tights for twice the price, just buy XXL or 1X or 2X regular tights on the cheap at target. You're welcome!