Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bumpdate - 16 weeks

Wednesday again!

I must say that ever since I made it past 12 weeks the time just seem to FLY by.  It took FOREVER to get to 12 weeks but my god that was already a month ago!

How far along: 16 weeks

Weight Gain:  Same +5 lbs. The scale hasn't budged much from 127 since about 8 weeks.  I'm supposed to start gaining 1-2 lbs a week now, call me crazy but I'm looking forward to this part, gaining weight on purpose?  Sign me up! ...oh right, I'm already signed up, there's no going back now.

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity clothes are not working for me.  I have some leggings and I have some tank tops but they're pretty much my bedtime clothes, not clothes I wear out of the house.  I bought a dress from Target the other day online, it arrived and it is HUGE, it is NOT just extra material in the belly it is a TENT.  I imagine it will fit much later on but for now no dice.  Don't they have some "little bit pregnant" dresses?  Clothes that are still little with just a LITTLE extra room in the belly and boobage areas?  I should probably just go up a size in regular dresses but I'm worried about them not fitting AFTER baby is born and I'm also worried about them just looking baggy since I'm not OVERALL bigger just in the front!

What's up with my body: The round ligament pain that I had earlier on is BACK.  Ouch.  Constipation is still around, but thanks to Chon, having an orange a day has helped immensely and I'm hoping we can keep things at this semi-regular schedule that we have finally come back to.

And the dreams, the dreams are crazy!  They're very vivid and intense and I have so many dreams a night.  Every time I wake up in the middle of the night to pee or when I'm dozing in the early AM I wake up from yet another dream.  Dream after dream after dream.

An example of the bizarre things I'm dreaming about.

I dreamt I was Matt Damon stealing Donald Trump's car from his yacht, when I woke up I had just run over glass ala Bruce Willis style and was digging the glass out of my feet.

I dreamt I was fighting with a zombie, I woke up swatting at my cat because I thought he was a zombie trying to eat my face.  In reality he was just cleaning himself and apparently the motion next to my face dredged up a zombie eating my face.

I dreamt I was Cleopatra.  I don't remember anything else about this dream, just that I was Cleopatra.

I dreamt about coffee, lots and lots of coffee.  And I was trying to figure out how I was gonna drink it all because I was pregnant and not supposed to be drinking 12 cups of coffee a day...but I wanted to.

And I have lots of anxiety dreams, at least once a week I have a dream where I'm late for some sort of appt or a flight and my house is a mess and I'm trying to clean my house and pack my bags and people keep interrupting me and I'm having a terrible time trying to get it all done and make my flight or appt on time.  

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I don't talk about food much on these because I haven't had much in the way of food aversions or cravings.  I have pretty much stuck to the same diet I had pre-pregnancy, I just eat a bit more with more snacks in between meals.  But I've realized I actually do have one food aversion and I've had it for awhile.  I guess I never thought of it as an aversion because it's not an aversion to a TYPE of food it's an aversion to a preparation style.

My aversion is to LARGE CHUNKS OF MEAT, ie. steak, chicken breast, salmon filet, pork chop.  I am fine with all types of meat but I need them IN something, I don't want them by themselves as just a hunk of meat on my plate.  So, because of this I've been making a lot of casseroles and quiches lately.  Also a great way to get my spinach and leafy greens though, hide them in something!  This is also an amazing way to have leftovers and craploads of vegetables because I pretty much throw in all the vegetables I have in my fridge every time I make a quiche or casserole.  I'm LOVING casseroles and quiches!

Gender:  I'm back to thinking boy.  No reason for this, just what I'm feeling.  But I still have my sister whispering in my ear "it's a girl" because the heart rate was once again 130.  Btw I'm aware that google and every internet source out there says the low heart rate is boy, that is why this is specific to my sister and her own personal theory on heart rate/sex.  I've been testing it out on other people with kids or pregnant...she seems to be pretty spot on.

Bumpdate:  Husband is gone AGAIN, so you're getting a different version of the bump.  This is what the bump really looks like on a day to day basis.  I don't actually wear a black stretchy tank top and a long flowing white skirt every day of my fact the black on top and white on the bottom TOGETHER is something I would NEVER wear out in public it just happened to be the only thing I have that will fit all the way through 40+ weeks.

Oh iPhone how I love trying to take pictures of myself with you.  Blurry. Tilted.  Awesome.  Whatevs, you get the idea.  Also, everyone understanding my dress situation?  Fits over the bump JUST FINE and this one is actually OK over the boobs because I bought it whilst pregnant but this is the style I'm drawn too and many in my closet are just too damn tight in the top!

I know I can't stop complaining about my clothes and if you're annoyed with me that's fine cause I'm totally annoyed with myself. Like if this is the biggest thing I have to complain about lately then life is good and maybe I should just shut the fuck up =)

But it doesn't mean I'm gonna shut up about it because this is my blog and honestly this IS the biggest problem in my life right now...constipation and trying to find dresses that fit.  I know, life is hard.  But honestly this is the calm AFTER the storm that was the end of 2011.  Maybe you're all enjoying the break from you know DEATH and MISCARRIAGE as much as I am and don't mind this new light and fluffy blogging I'm trying out.  So...back to complaining about the dresses.

Surely I'm not the only one with this problem?  You all sort of suggested maternity tops in my last post, does everyone just start wearing maternity jeans and maternity tops?  I'm not down with this plan as I'm just not much of a jeans girl.   I wear jeans once maybe twice a week and mostly when I'm home doing stuff around the house.  If I go out I throw on a dress.  I find jeans uncomfortable even not pregnant, so pregnant they're doubly so.  Aren't there some other dress wearing preggos out there who read my blog and have brilliant suggestions for me?


  1. I am so very happy for you! When I found your blog i caught myself reading your story and hoping nothing but the best for you and then look at you now super cute and pregnant! I love to see your posts every week! Congratulations for you and your husband and nothing but great thoughts :)

  2. Preferring dresses to jeans and back to regular pooping? You really are a unicorn! ;)

  3. Yay for new problems. I am so excited for you. Very cute bump :)

  4. Wow, only 5 pounds - you are my idol. I need to go out and buy a scale so I can track my progress...
    Bump is looking very cute, btw!

  5. Your bump is absolutely adorable!! Love your outfit btw :)

  6. I have no suggestions for you when it comes to dresses- I despise dresses and live in jeans (and yoga pants at home). Also, go try on some maternity jeans... they will change your life!

  7. Cute bump :). I think any kind of empire waisted dress (or come summer some nice maxi dresses) should be perfect....maybe add a tank if it's showing too much boob! Or some kind of boob tube if the tanks arent comfy over the bump.

  8. I totally understand, but don't have any suggestions. I live in dresses as well and I was sure going into this that I would be able to wear all my flowy sundresses as some of my friends have. However I didn't expect my normally A cup boobs to be busting out of a B at only 14 weeks. I was excited at first since I've always wanted bigger boobs, but I miss the small ones already. I'll definitely be following this to see if you get any good suggestions for this in between time and will let you know if I do as well.

  9. Totally unrelated... for living in SF that is a damn HUGE bedroom!!