Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 24 & 25

I have very little to add for the last 2 weeks, pregnancy is so boring this time.  But in other news, JETT HAS STARTED NAPPING AGAIN!  Little shit, I don't know what was up with the month long hiatus but...naps are back.  I called time of death too soon.

Back to the bump...

How far along: 25 weeks

Weight Gain: Up 2 lbs, I think we're up 17 total.

What's Up with my Body:  Not much.  Braxton Hicks here and there.  An ache in my right side for 2 days and heartburn for a day.  Nothing long lasting and nothing too troublesome.  Basically feeling really good.

Milestones:  We're at Viability!!!  Btw, has this viability week changed in the last 3 years?  Like are they saving babies before 24 weeks now?  Because I just read on a forum about a lady giving birth at 23w1d and he's surviving.  I thought if babies were born before 24 weeks they didn't try to save them because the lifelong consequences and hardships were too great?! 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The End of an Era

The end of's here.

Jett started out a really really crappy sleeper.  Both night time and nap time.  But right around a year Jett became an amazing sleeper.

He's napped wonderfully in his crib for almost 2 years.  And night time sleep is as of yet uninterrupted.

I suppose I should be grateful for that.

But after a month long struggle to not only get him to nap, but to keep him in his crib and even worse, in his room, during nap time, I'm calling time of death on naps for Baby Jett.

The beginning of March was the last time that Jett took a nap in his crib.

He now climbs out of the crib 5 minutes after I leave the room (after INSISTING he will stay in the bed for nap) and plays Legos for half an hour before exiting the bedroom and wandering around the house until he finds me.

I've tried everything I can think of to get him to stay in the bed or at least stay in his room, but all to no avail.

Part of me is glad he's doing this now several months before the new baby arrives so that we're not in the midst of a napping/sleeping transition with Jett AND trying to figure out how to deal with a newborn again at the same time.

But part of me is sad, sad, sad.  I've come to love nap time.  I do laundry or pick up the kitchen or read, or nap.  It's the only ME time all day and I cherish it dearly.  I'll be sad to see it go.

Thank god I'm out of the first trimester and not so tired these days.

He now passes out at a newborn.  It's not the end of the world, even though some days it feels like it.

We now need to transition him into a toddler bed since the crib has absolutely no purpose if he can and does climb out.  But I'm dragging my feet.

I bought him a new crib, which we just put together 3 nights ago but haven't put the toddler rail on it because I haven't painted that part yet.  I decided to get him a new bed rather than switch his bed to a toddler bed because it is HUGE with it's changing table and drawers (which he calls his ladder) and really doesn't fit in his room the way I want it to.  So new baby will inherit the big crib.

Big girly crib with "ladder".

New "big boy" crib, soon to be toddler bed.

Sigh.  Baby boy is growing up.  I'm not sad about the growing up part but I am sad about the changes.  I started out this parenting gig very ANTI schedule but ended up with a kid that does SO WELL with a schedule that I've come to love and rely on the schedule to get me through the day.

We're working very hard on "quiet time" now. The last few days he's only made it 20 minutes before exiting his bedroom.  I'm going to attempt to enforce an hour in the room playing quietly...we'll see how it goes.

And just to throw a wrench in my plans.  This was Baby Jett 2 days ago just after we put together the new crib.

Little update now, 3 days of the new crib and he hasn't climbed out ONCE, I guess getting rid of the "ladder" has done the trick for now.  Baby Jett is staying in a crib for just a little bit longer!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 22 & 23

As always it's exciting to be ONE WEEK AWAY FROM VIABILITY!

How far along: 23 Weeks

Weight Gain: 14 lbs. After gaining several pounds in the previous weeks it looks like I didn't gain a damn thing the last 2 weeks and I am now officially gaining LESS than I did with Jett at this point.

What's Up with My Body: Nothing.  I took a look at my Jett pregnancy bumpdate from this point and I had symptoms all over the place.  Heartburn, constipation, Braxton Hicks had started, milk leaking, etc etc.  But this time...nothing.  I mean I have BH all the damn time, but...I have them all the damn time so they're hardly new this week.  And amazingly CONSTIPATION WENT AWAY.  I have no idea why, it just suddenly...wasn't a problem anymore.  So I'm feeling pretty good!  Most days I forget I'm pregnant until I have to bend down and pick something up or pick up my toddler and the 17 other things I'm trying to carry at the same time or when I accidentally bump the car door into my stomach.  Or when the wiggle monster (the one on the inside) starts getting really active.

And I forgot to mention this on my last bumpdate from 2 weeks ago, but the pregosaurus is back!  I think it's started a bit earlier this time as it was a few more weeks before I saw it happening last time.  But yes, diastasis's back.  

Gender:  I am 100% set on girl.  I can't for the life of me picture this kid as a boy!!!  Again looking at this point in Jett's pregnancy I was convinced he was in fact a boy, kept calling him a he, etc etc, but we kept talking girl names.  This time I must admit we haven't talked names AT ALL other than a very brief conversation in which we decided on a boy middle name.  We're screwed if I'm wrong and it's a boy!


From last time.  Bump looks about the same these days!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 20 & 21

It's that time again...

How far along: 21w1d...I must admit, I almost just wrote 20w there, I'm not sure where the 20th week went.  One moment it was the next milestone (halfway!) and the next it was more than a week ago.  Time is flying lately.

Weight gain: I think I gained 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks.  For a hideous moment while I was in Oregon I thought I had gained 10!  But it turns out that my parents scale is just WAY different than mine.  Mine is clearly better as I weigh less on it ;-)  But it definitely looks like I've breached 130 and skipped right on over that to 132 which puts me up 14 lbs. total.

What's up with my body:  Braxton Hicks have started up with a vengeance.  I know some women do not feel their BH at all, but I am unfortunately not one of those women.  I get them A LOT and I hate them...they are very uncomfortable.  But they do remind me to sit down and drink some water!  Other than that I'm feeling good and there's not much going on with my body. I took a look at my 20 and 21 week bumpdates from Jett's pregnancy and it looks like I had all sorts of new symptoms crop up around this time like heartburn and sciatic nerve pain in my hip and I was just generally starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.  I feel totally fine this time around.  I would hardly realize I'm pregnant except for the grunting whenever I try to get up from our deep deep couch or out of bed or off the floor!

Gender: I'm still stuck on girl and I haven't wavered this time like I did with Jett.  We're still trying to come up with boy names but I've got my girl name and I'm having such trouble finding a boy name that hoping I'm correct and that our boy name doesn't matter.

Bumpdate: I think the bump growth has slowed down and looks similar to how it did with Jett.  Thank god because it was too big too fast!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Birth Plan

I realized after my last post that perhaps I hadn't enlightened you all as to where and how I was planning on having this baby.

My bad.  Let me remedy that for you.

We are all alone here in CA, no family, just us.  When Jett was born this wasn't a big deal because he was our first.  It was just us to worry about when we set off for the hospital for the induction.  It was just us when we got home.  It was just us to feed.  It was just us and we laid in bed for a week enjoying our new baby.

This time is so different.  We have Jett to worry about now.

When I started to think about it I realized we had very very few options in CA regarding what to do with Jett when I went into labor.

Dom's job is to help me in labor.  The midwife's job is to help me in labor.  Who would watch Jett???  The one good friend I have here is also pregnant with her 2nd and due just 2 weeks after me.  It's entirely possible she could be in labor herself or already have a new baby by the time we're ready to have this one, so she was out as well. 

Really, my options were extremely limited.

So my thoughts turned to Oregon where all my family live and where we own a home.

We already spend our summers in Oregon, so why not just go there as planned and have the baby  where there was lots of help?

I presented the idea to my midwife here in SF and since she saw no problem with it (actually thought it was brilliant) we've plowed ahead.

Oh and we're attempting a home birth again.

If you don't remember, here was what happened last time.  Preeclampsia = hospital induction = I'm trying this again!!!

It turns out the logistics of transferring care at 32 weeks from one state to another has been relatively easy to deal with when it comes to homebirth midwives.  Perhaps since it's not a hospital I'm trying to get "in" with there has been very little resistance and lots of support.

I'm here in OR this week interviewing midwives and by the end of this week when I head back home I hope to have my OR care all lined up and ready to take over when we come back in June.

So, there you have it.  The "Plan".  Seems a little crazy but I think it's for the best for all involved.  Fingers crossed I can avoid an induction and get to stay at home this time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 18 & 19

I am actually not quite 19 weeks, but we had our "20 week" anatomy scan yesterday morning and I knew it was now or never to get both bumpdates from last week and this week documented. we go.

How far along: 18w6d

Weight Gain: I'm somewhere in the 9-10 lb range.  Spot on for Jett's pregnancy.

What's Up With My Body: CONSTIPATION and it's good friend HEMORRHOIDS.  Psyllium husks work, they do, they work wonderfully but...YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO TAKE THEM.  I am unfortunately in a position in which I have to take them 3 times a day or things just aren't running smoothly and for whatever reason 3 times a day is hard for me to remember to take pills!  It shouldn't be hard, these are take when you eat kind of pills, I eat 3 meals a day, just take the pills when I eat, right?  But damn if I don't end up with just 2 doses most days.  So, because I'm skipping a much needed dose on accident (speaking of, I just had lunch, I should take my damn pills!) constipation is still part of my life.  And hemorrhoids (which never 100% went away from Jett's pregnancy) have reared their ugly heads.  I feel extremely sexy.

Apparently I actually look pregnant to strangers now, though in my head I've looked pregnant since like 12 weeks, but officially to the outside world I look pregnant.  I've had 3 people in the last week comment on the bump in some way or another.  

Mood:  I find I'm getting more and more anxious about the logistics of this birth and the subsequent newborn that it will produce.  If I haven't mentioned, we're having this baby in Oregon, which means I'm transferring care at 32 weeks.  I dearly love my midwife here and I'm quite sad that she will not be the one who is with me when I have this baby.  I'm also anxious about having a newborn again, just generally, my newborn experience was not great and I'm not looking forward to repeating it.  And Jett, what's Jett going to think when this baby that we're always talking about finally arrives.  Anxious, anxious, anxious.

Gender:  Guys...I think this is a girl.  It is firmly a "she" when I think about "her" in my head.  Also Jett told me quite clearly the other night while we were listening with the doppler that we were listening to his baby sister.


And baby:

Monday, February 23, 2015


If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be getting stressed out about getting my child into PRESCHOOL I would of laughed at you.

I mistakenly believed that applying and vying for spots in preschool was reserved for bigger cities where competition is fierce and parents are crazy.  You know, NYC and SF.  But we just moved to BERKELEY, we moved here partly because we didn't want to deal with the craziness of the SF school system!  But here I am, stressing over preschool like it's college.

SF has a ridiculous school system.  It's a lottery system, not district based.  You basically throw your kids name in the lottery pool and then they tell you where your kid is going to school.  It does not  matter if you live next door to a school and could walk your kid to school you might get put in a school a 45 minute drive away.  IT'S WEIRD.

So many parents who put their kids through the public school system in SF tried to tell us it wasn't that bad and you could apply and fight for the school you really wanted (you know, the one next door) and it wasn't THAT hard, but come on...who wants to put that much effort into getting your kid into preschool, then elementary school, then middle school and then again for high school?!  I really really did not.

We also were not interested in shelling out $30K a year for private school.  That is theoretically possible with one child, but we were never going to settle for one child.  So private school was off the table.

So we moved.

There were other reasons for our move as well, but the school system was definitely on the list of reasons to move.

We got here in October.  A full year away from the preschool years as Jett had just turned 2.  Purely by chance while researching 2 year old programs I discovered that preschool deadlines for the following year were coming up in Dec/Jan!!!  A mere 2 months away and we JUST arrived.  Luckily I had stumbled upon this because who knew deadlines would be a whole year in advance?!  Again, I thought we were leaving the town of crazy school competition.

It turns out because preschool is private and not public (that starts at Kindergarten) the vying for spots exists even out here in the burbs.

It doesn't help that we got very picky about what we wanted in a preschool.  After I began researching I discovered that a) preschool is fucking expensive and b) co-ops seemed like the shit.

So I narrowed it down to a co-op.  Step 1 complete.

After that the search was dwindled down to only 4 or 5 that existed in the area.  After further research the pool got even smaller as my criteria got more involved.  Must be play based.  Only 3 days a week (more days a week required more time from me as these are co-ops) and accepting of kids that were not yet potty trained (no way was I going to force that issue, if he's not ready he's not ready!)  Step 2 complete.

And with that we were left with 2.  Only 2 preschools in the area that fulfilled all of my criteria.  This was both awesome as it made the choice easy, apply to both, and difficult because FUCK, what do we do if he doesn't get into either?!  Step 3 and Done!  But...

It turns out he didn't get into either.


It would have been too perfect, right? New baby makes his/her appearance in August and Jett starts preschool three mornings a week in September, such good timing.  But alas, it might not be so.

Fortunately for little Jett Jett his birthday allows him to fit perfectly into either this coming year for preschool when he will just barely be 3 and thus one of the youngest in his class OR he would be fine waiting for the following year when he would just barely be 4 and only slightly older than all the littles who turn 4 in Sep/Oct who's birthdays fall after the cutoff for the coming year.

So I'm trying not to stress, either scenario is fine for Jett, but this coming year would be more fine for mommy.

But then to continue the saga, and the stress, and the waiting.

This morning we got an email from one of the preschools saying that Jett is first on the waiting list AND that they had a current family who might be transferring out leaving a spot for Jett!!!

Oh the suspense!

How is everyone else doing with preschool???  I feel like a lot of you had babies at the end of the year Sep and onward of 2012 which means you have another year!