Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby Noah - 6 Months

It's hard to describe just HOW EXCITED I am that Noah can do this:

That's right, baby sitting means we are SO CLOSE to being mobile and thus...NOT REALLY A BABY ANYMORE.

And you know I hate babies.

I can now plop him down in the kitchen or the bedroom or anywhere really and he's a happy camper for awhile.  Unlike when all he could do was lay there and he would get MAD almost immediately.  Kid is not a fan of lying down.

So, here we are, 6 months!

Weight: 16lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 27 inches

Sizewise he's still very similar to Jett, in fact their 6 month stats are almost identical and he is wearing clothes at about the same time frame as Jett did.  He's in 6-9 month or 9-12 month clothes.

His hair is lightening up just as Jett's did, looks like it will go blonde as all the new hair growing in seems to be light.  And his eyes are gray.  

I am eternally amused at just how similar my two babies have been and then at the same time how different.

For instance, this is a picture of Jett at the same age as Noah is now.

That kid was ON THE VERGE of crawling and would not sit still!  This one on the other hand mostly just lays around on his back like this:


or just sits wherever you put him.


I think a huge part of this is that Jett is often around to entertain him and he doesn't have quite the same need to be on the move.


Or he's just lazy.

Either way, there's absolutely no way Noah will be crawling when Jett started crawling.

It's alright Noah, don't ever feel the need to be just like you're brother, I'm just pointing out a difference, it's not a bad thing, just different.  You've been sitting for weeks now and Jett didn't start sitting until almost the same day he started crawling.  So you've got that going for you.

He is semi-mobile in that he can scoot around on his butt.  Perhaps he will skip crawling altogether and just butt scoot around until he walks. 

Noah has perfected his roll this month.  Back to front mostly.  He still doesn't do it much, but it's definitely part of his repertoire and if he NEEDS a toy that is out of reach he will put in the effort and make the roll.  And by toy I mean ANYTHING THAT IS NOT A TOY and has potential to cause harm.

He's "eating" solids now.  Though how much he's actually ingested is anyone's guess.  We're going the Baby Led Weaning route again so really he just gets fruits or veggies or pancakes and sort of plays and experiments with putting food in his mouth.  For the most part it all seems to end up in and around the high chair...not so much in the tummy.  But whatevs, at this age it's all about playing and learning how to eat.  He's very gung-ho about the whole thing and really, that's what matters.

Sleeping...ugh, sleeping.  Sleep training began anew and has been really hit or miss.  Put down is easy again but he definitely isn't sleeping for anything resembling long stretches.  I am EXTREMELY happy when he goes 3 hours.  That means basically 3 feeds Every. Single. Night. And he definitely still spends an hour or two crying in the middle of the night every other night or so.


I'm hoping, like Jett, it will all be worth it in a few months and we'll have two amazeballs sleepers and I WILL FINALLY SLEEP.

Big dreams.

If we can get sleeping under control I think I will spend more time enjoying my kiddos rather than forever feeling like a hot mess who doesn't want to leave the house because I AM SO TIRED. 

But there you have it, half a year under our belts already and mama is so happy to be leaving the baby days behind us! 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby #2 Has Broken Me Too

So much for getting the 2nd one sleeping better than the first.

It happened.  Just like last time.  He broke me.

Noah.  Oh baby Noah.  Noah got VERY sick, so sick that we were making daily trips to the pediatrician to check oxygen levels and breathing, desperately hoping we wouldn't have to make a trip to the hospital.  So sick that he had to be held all night long because he had to be upright to sleep.  Laying him down (even on an elevated surface) resulted in horrible coughing fits.

It was so awful.

So that was last week.  Three nights ago he finally made the move back to the crib and while I was desperately hoping he would go back to sleeping at least 3 hours it seems he has most definitely not.

He's awake every 2 hours.

Unfortunately THE SICKNESS finally hit me as well and there was no way I could stomach sleep training when I was feeling so so sick myself.

But last night was really awful.

Down at 7pm after having to be PUT to sleep, he would not settle on his own at the beginning of the night, something we've never really struggled with but definitely struggled with while he was sick.

Then he was up at 9pm, I fed him because I hadn't fed him since 6pm and I was hoping to go to bed myself and get a few hours sleep.  But it was not to be.

Up at midnight (feed), then 2am and at this point he wouldn't go back to sleep even though we were doing a nursing/rocking to sleep sort of thing NOT CIO.  But cry he did.  Dom went in at 3am.  No dice.  Somewhere around 4am I finally tried to nurse him to sleep again.  Down for a whopping HOUR.  Up again at 5am, husband rocked him for AN HOUR.  Then he was up again at 6:30am.  I tried nursing him again at this point but he wouldn't go back to sleep.  So, I turned off the monitor, left him in the crib and Dom finally went to get him at 7:15am.

It was a really miserable night. we are.  Broken.

We have no other options left to us when nursing and rocking him to sleep don't even work.  As in even when we're not CIO he's still crying.

This happened with Jett.  We got to the point where he was crying no matter what we did, so CIO wasn't much different, he was just crying by himself instead of in our arms.

We were actually mid CIO when he got sick so this is actually CIO 2.0.  But CIO 1.0 wasn't really working out so well, we had many a night where he was up for 2 hours crying and we had to resort to nursing to get him back to sleep.  So I'm REALLY not looking forward to this.

But here we are back in the exact same place we were 3 years ago.

Wish us luck.  WE NEED IT


Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby Noah - 5 Months

Things Noah loves:

Anything that is not a baby toy, this includes all electronics, remotes, phones etc., all sharp objects, all small choke hazard objects, all hot liquids and all breakable objects like coffee cups.  The only time he'll try to pull a cup out of your hand is if it's full of something hot.

Other loves include ANYTHING THAT JETT IS PLAYING WITH.  Be it a toy or a book or a pen or even a plastic bag...does not matter.  If Jett is playing with it then IT IS THE BEST and no substitution or other toy, book or plastic bag will suffice.  It must be THE ONE IN JETT'S HAND or he will cry and scream about it.

At least the feeling is mutual as Jett seems to think that any and all toys that Noah is playing with are also the best.  Jett playing with baby toys and Noah playing with toys with sharp bits and small pieces.  Good times trying to keep everybody satisfied AND ALIVE over here.

He does all sorts of reaching and grabbing and shoving everything in his mouth.  And can do a pretty good spin if you leave him laying on his mat but that's about all the movement we have out of this one.

By all accounts Noah appears to be a bit "lazier" than Jett was at this age as he shows absolutely no inclination to roll or really become mobile in any way shape or form.  He mastered the back to front roll when he was 2 months old and then flat out gave up on it and no longer rolls...just lays there and cries.  And back to front?  He can make it to his side and then again...just gives up...and lays there and cries.

He can however arch his back up farther than I've ever seen any baby do.  He will get his butt and shoulders fully in the air and just sort of hangs out with only the top of his head and his feet on the ground.  I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish in this position but he does it ALL. THE. TIME.  I feel he should spend more time attempting maneuvers that will actually make him mobile...but he disagrees.

Whatever kid, whatever.  You do you.

So while he's making no moves toward crawling he would however really like to just be standing already.  He arches and squirms to get down on the ground but when you put him there he's unhappy...unless you hold him up so he's standing.  Then happy as a clam.

We haven't had him weighed in awhile so I have no idea on weight.  6 month visit is in a few weeks so I'll find out proper stats then.  My guess is that he's very similar to Jett, maybe a bit heavier and a bit shorter.  But definitely no chunky baby over here.  Long and lean.

Sleep...oh sleep.  I hate babies and sleeping.  This kid was doing great with the sleeping.  We were able to put him down without nursing and he'd sleep for "doable" stretches, anywhere from 3-6 hours.  I was ever hopeful that we could avoid sleep training with this one if we just kept doing what we were doing.  But then he got sick.  That damn RSV really messed everything up and he never went back to sleeping well after that.  Sleep training was definitely something we were reevaluating and we were just waiting for the madness of the holidays and a house full of guests to begin the training.


Second kids = sick kids.  This time it was a tummy bug and he was up every hour and a half for basically the whole 2 weeks we had people in the house.


So...about a week ago after everyone left and Baby Noah was finally healthy we began sleep training.  And it's gone...ok.  He goes down pretty easy (MUCH easier than Jett) for Dom and will generally sleep for 3-4 hours.  Some nights Dom gets away without having to go back in there at all and I just do feeds every 3-4 hours.  Those are the "good" nights but still means I am up every 3 hours and I feed him no less than 3 times.  Other nights he's up after an hour and a half (like last night!) and Dom has to go in and out at intervals and some nights this lasts for an hour and a half!!!  THEN after finally falling asleep he wakes up half hour later and I have to go feed him because by then it's well within a feed window.  This results in me losing 2.5 hours of sleep in the middle of the night...sometimes I think it's just easier to feed him every time he wakes up!  I'm still so so tired.

And naps.  Naps suck too.  Half a fucking hour every goddamn time.  For awhile he was really stretching out the morning nap and sleeping for an hour or more but not anymore.  We're back to solid half hour naps and not a minute more.

And  At just over 5 months Noah finally got what his little heart desired, which was to eat.  He was SO interested that it was starting to feel cruel to not at least let him try to partake in family meals.  So one night, pancake night as it were, we just handed the kid a pancake...

Love at first bite.
(Rather a different first food experience than with Jett where I planned out when and how and what I was going to feed him then had the camera ready for the momentous occasion.) 

He now gets a bit of food at dinner every night.  Things like banana or apple or bread.  I have no idea if he's really ingested any of it yet but he's sure enjoying the hell out of trying everything!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How Jett Cheated at Christmas

At 3 years old this is the first Christmas that Jett really understood Christmas. He was SO excited for it.  The month leading up to it we talked a lot about Santa and presents and what to expect Christmas morning.  Everytime we went to the store and he wanted something he'd "put it on his Christmas list" and he did a really good job not getting too present crazy.

He even helped me wrap cousin presents and didn't get too jealous that there were no presents for him under the tree.  He in fact repeatedly wrapped and unwrapped some presents for himself, household items that he'd put in a funny.

But then the families turned up.  And they came bearing gifts.  Lots and lots of presents went under the tree and Jett just couldn't help himself.  He knows his name by sight and found the 2 or 3 under there that had his name on them and he just kept going back to that tree and those presents. 

Lesson learned.  All toddler gifts must be wrapped in wrapping paper and not come in gift bags because the little cheat peaked into his presents!!!

Come Christmas Eve we opened the few presents under the tree ("Santa" presents were for Christmas morning and weren't under the tree yet) and Jett kept telling us what was in his gift bags before he opened them.  "Oh and now I'm going to open the rolly racing car!"  I couldn't believe it.

And then.  AND THEN.  It gets better.

Opening the few presents Christmas Eve just got him even more excited.  He was gifted with this awesomesauce robe from his aunt and cousin who couldn't make it over from London.

And O.M.G. this was now his Christmas "costume" and he would not take it off.

At bedtime we finally convinced him it was too hot to sleep in and that we'd drape it on the doorknob of his door and when he got up in the morning he could put the robe...I mean costume...on and come get mommy and daddy and we'd all go downstairs together to see if Santa came.

He went to bed no problem.  Right on time.

But he couldn't handle the excitement.

At 2am I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming into my bedroom and there's Jett in his robe/costume telling me that Santa had come and he watched the sun come up already so it was time to go downstairs.

My house was full of people and Noah was in our room so I tried to quickly and quietly usher him back to his room telling him that we have to wait until morning to see if Santa came and that he needed to go back to sleep.

He actually went back to bed pretty easily and I went back to sleep.  The next morning my little sister informed me that he had actually been up again, turned the light on, put his robe on AND WENT DOWNSTAIRS.  He then came back up stairs, did a little happy dance in the hallway as she looked on in amusement then went back to his room and back to bed.


My little rule follower cheating at Christmas.  

To be fair we never told him he couldn't go downstairs and check.  

Our mistake.  Next year we'll know better!

Anyway, he then slept in on Christmas morning and we actually had to go wake him up, help him into his costume so we could film his entrance into the living room assuming we were witnessing him seeing the presents for the first time.  It wasn't until later that morning that my sister informed us about the cheating.


Nevertheless, all cheating aside.  Christmas with a 3 year old was a blast.  I can't wait for Noah to be able to enjoy it as much as Jett did this year, only 3 more years!

Anyone else have toddlers cheating on Christmas morning???

Monday, December 14, 2015

Baby Noah - 4 Months

Everytime I see the sad state of my blog I hate myself just a little bit.

Because POOR BABY #2!  Ugh, I'm a 2nd child...I should be better about making sure baby #2 has what baby #1 had...but I'm just so goddamn tired I can't be bothered.

Four months can kiss my ass.

Sorry but it's true.

Four months is when everything goes to crap!

Baby Noah came down with RSV.  Which is just a virus that presents very similar to the common cold but can be life-threatening and really scary if your baby is a newborn or worse, a preemie.  Luckily Noah is a "robust" (Dr.'s word not mine) 4 month old and thus was able to fight the virus without hospitalization being necessary.  But UGH, they basically just sound like they're coughing up a lung and at night it's kind of scary!  He was up every hour or two for almost 2 weeks and because it's hard to cough lying down we'd end up going to him each and every time to get him upright and help him through his coughing spells.  Rough 2 weeks for everyone.

But we're all basically healthy now so...

4 months.

At 4 months Baby Noah is:

14 lbs. 7 oz. and 25 inches tall.

He's doing the same thing as Jett did which is falling on the scales in weight, down below 50th percentile now and pretty steadily staying in the 70th percentile for height.

Tall and skinny.  I make them tall and skinny.

Baby Noah continues to NOT be a comfort nurser.  He's pretty set on having milk when he wakes from his naps but oddly does not want milk when he first gets up in the morning!!!  Seeing as how this was one of the last sessions to go for Jett it's a little disconcerting that he will basically hang out for a full hour in the morning before he wants milk.  And at night, I try to feed him if he wakes and it's been longer than 3 hours but I can honestly say at least one of those night feeds is unnecessary and he just sucks for a few minutes before falling back to sleep.  Soon I will be sending Dom in for those...

As to sleeping.  This kid is a crap shoot.  Some nights, like last night, he's up every 2 hours.  Other nights, like the night before he does a long 6 hour stretch and is basically only up once.  He goes down easy at the beginning of the night and will let Dom soothe him back to sleep as long as he's not hungry so I'm hoping and praying that sleep training will actually be unnecessary but we have family coming to stay for the next 2 weeks...we shall see how he behaves with a house full of people to wake up!

He's basically given up on rolling.  He used to roll belly to back he just hangs out on his belly and then screams when he's over it.  As to back to belly he seems to be REALLY working on this in the crib.  He'll chat to himself when he wakes from a nap and get on his side and be VERY VERY close to rolling all the way over but never quite makes it. When placed on a mat on the floor he really just hangs out there or scoots around on his back.  He's reserved rolling practice for when he's alone in his bed clearly.  Anyway, I'm ready for him to roll already!!!  I feel like when he can roll himself around he'll be content on the floor a bit longer which means I don't have to carry him around everywhere.  Things to look forward to!

He grabs for everything and sticks everything in his mouth.

And thinks Jett is the greatest person in the whole wide world.  I can't wait for him to get to interact with him more!



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Noah - 3 Months

Woe is my blog.

It's so sad.  I can't keep up.

One day day.  One day I will have time again but first little baby Noah has to learn how to nap longer than half an hour!

Moving on.

Baby Noah at 3 months.

Weight: 13lbs. 8oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 24.75 inches (75th percentile)

Much like big brother he's getting long and skinny.  Very similar in size these two.  Again...I swear to god I gave birth to the same baby twice.  Any and all differences come from what we've chosen to do as parents, not the baby!

Clothes: He's wearing appropriately sized clothing, as in he's in 3-6 month clothes for everything except jammies, which need to be 6 month to fit his length but are then quite roomy because they're made for fatter babies.  But lately all he wears is jammies, I don't have the energy nor the desire to change his clothes unnecessarily in the morning.  Looking back at Jett's pictures from this age he is ALWAYS dressed in something other than jammies.  I can't tell you how many costume changes I did with so many.  But Noah, hell no, if those jammies aren't soaking wet from drool or spitup then he just stays in them.  I always thought people were weird for leaving their babies in jammies all I get it.  Why change them?  In fact, on days Jett doesn't have preschool he ends up wearing jammies all day long too.  This must be why I have such a strong desire to buy jammies ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, everytime I'm at Target I'm like hey, jammies!  Let's buy more!  Nobody needs more jammies around here.  Must. Stop.

Sleep: We moved him to his own bed and his own room already!!!  I'm so excited and proud of myself for doing this before 4 months, though I can't say it's helped him be any better of a sleeper than big brother.  He goes to bed at 6:30pm and sleeps until 10:30pm-11ish then awake again at 2am and 5am (and sometimes 1am, 3am and 4am...the hours between 11am-3pm have been hellish lately) and up for the day sometime between 6:30 and 7:30am.  As to napping, UGH, we're stuck napping for half an hour 1,000 times a day.  For like a week his first nap of the day was an hour or an hour and a half and I thought he was gonna consolidate naps finally but such luck...still napping for half an hour at a time.  Exhausting for everybody!

When he's awake he's a pretty happy camper for the first hour, smiling and laughing and chewing anything you stick in his mouth. Drooling.  You know...just being a baby.  Then he becomes a whining beast for another half an hour before he's ready for his next nap.  I've tried any and all timing variations to get him to nap longer but nothing works.  Jett did this until 6 months so...we'll see.  His only saving grace is that he requires absolutely nothing in the way of rocking/swaying/nursing/soothing to put to sleep.  Just white noise, sleep sack and lay him down and he does the rest.  BUT STILL DOESN'T SLEEP FOR ANY SIGNIFICANT LENGTH OF TIME.  Sleep lady was full of shit saying that nursing Jett to sleep was the reason he wouldn't sleep, this one doesn't sleep either sleep lady!!!


What else.  He absolutely adores big brother.  Jett is entertainment for him whenever it's just the 3 of us.  And amazingly Jett has yet to display any feelings of jealousy.  In fact he calls Noah HIS baby, too cute!  He's not great at helping with baby things but he's definitely good about waiting for me if I'm busy with baby.

Basically all I can think about right now is sleep and I can't think of anything else significant about my youngest child because I'm so obsessed (yet again!) with baby sleep.  Noah...sleep, please sleep!

So until next month...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby Noah - 2 Months

So late with this!!!

Ugh...2nd child.

But here we go!

For posterity sake...

Stats: Weight 12 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 23 1/4 inches

Sleep:  Dude loves to pass out randomly all damn day.

 When I set him down to change my pants...

 When he's being held while Dom watches football...

 When I'm holding him walking around tending to the other child...

During the day he will just fall asleep.  BUT he only sleeps for half an hour!  So annoying.  I remember Jett doing it too and I FOUGHT to get Jett to nap more and for longer.  This time I'm just kind of going with it.  He can't seem to stay awake for more than an hour but...then he just falls asleep.  So as long as I'm not fighting to put baby down for a nap all damn day I'm just accepting the half hour naps for the moment.

At night he sleeps...ok.  He starts the night in his pack 'n play and he goes to bed between 7-8pm, basically the same time as Jett.  After a day of 17 half hour naps he's tired!  It's still a little bit of a fight to get him down but it's getting better and better and easier and easier.  I try to feed him before I go to bed at around 10pm and put him back in the pack 'n play.  He then sleeps for roughly 3 hours but then come 3am it's kind of a crap shoot and he doesn't sleep very well.  He gets wiggly and fussy and uncomfortable and I tough it out on my own until 5am at which point Dom takes him downstairs so I can get at least an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep since Dom is basically sleeping all night uninterrupted at this point.

Amazingly he is not nursing all the time at night.  It's pretty much 2 feeds, sometimes 3 but they are all proper feeds.  I remember Jett just nursing and nursing and nursing all night long!  I'm hopeful that we can get this one out of the big bed for the whole night sometime in the next month or two before the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.  But I feel like we're doing so much better.  He's already going to sleep on his own and he's sleeping only 5 hours in the big bed at night!

Eating: This one seems to have just sort of fallen into the sleep, eat and play routine on his own.  So there's very little nursing to sleep other than at night time and he only eats when he's hungry.  This wasn't on purpose, though I've definitely heard it's the way to go to get them to disassociate boob from sleep, but he's hungry when he wakes, happy for half an hour then he's ready to sleep again and requires no more food to get him to sleep!  Such a difference from Jett....

Hmm...what else?  He's smiling and laughing like a pro, making him way more fun when he's awake.  He's so much more than a little blob already!

And he loves standing!  He's tired of this being a baby crap and is so ready to move.  I remember Jett doing something similar and Jett ended up crawling really early, so we'll see!

Basically he's just super cute and turning out to be much easier than I first feared!