Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bumpdate - 15 Weeks

Wednesday already?

And it's March next week already?

And we're at 15 weeks already?

Time is FLYING.

How far along: 15 weeks

Weight Gain: I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I'm down a lb, so we're at +4 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:  I still haven't bought maternity clothes BUT I have officially grown out of 2 items of clothing.  A pair of jeans which is to be expected since they were tight when I started this pregnancy and...wait for it...a COAT.  Yes, the girls are SO BIG that my COAT, the outermost layer, the largest piece of clothing when it comes to clothing, will not button over them.  I admit that it is a fitted coat, but I've worn it through several WINTERS, i.e. over layers of clothing without it even feeling snug, now IT WON'T BUTTON.  As I said I've lived most of my life fairly flat chested and having clothes be too LOOSE in the top is a problem I'm more familiar with.  Too snug in the top?  We're in totally foreign territory here.

Luckily we're well on our way to Spring and I won't be needing warm coats anymore, but talk about UNEXPECTED.  Who grows out of their coat?

I also may or may not have just gone shopping and bought several dresses that are only gonna fit for another month, 2 months max.

What's Up With My Body: Again amazed at the difference from one week to the next.  Headaches are gone, heartburn is gone, CONSTIPATION IS STILL HERE.  I'm trying some of your suggestions, starting with the natural/food ones.  We're starting with eating oranges daily to help combat this as well as adding Chia seeds into my smoothies, LET'S SEE IF ANY OF THIS HELPS.

What I miss: Not having to pee every 10 minutes.  If I sit down for ANY length of time I have to pee when I stand up.  Five minutes, half an hour, DOESN'T MATTER, must pee upon standing.  I also miss sleeping through the night without peeing.  I can't get away with peeing less than twice a night, no matter how much I try to limit my fluid intake in the evenings.

What I'm looking forward to: Baby Kicks!  Everything I read says sometime between 16 and 20 weeks is when you start to feel little baby kicks.  We're at 15 weeks and I'm thin (supposed to feel them earlier if you have a small frame), I'm hoping sometime in the next few weeks I get to feel baby kicks!

Gender:  This week I'm feeling girl and I'll tell you why... you remember my disappearing bump from a few nights ago?  That bump is HIGH, like right under my boobs.  High bump = girl.

Bumpdate: I think the bump has come out to play and she's sticking around.  It never completely goes away anymore and I can't suck it in and make it disappear anymore.  I don't feel like I've "popped" yet and I haven't had a stranger ask me if I'm pregnant yet, but I've got enough of a bump that I don't feel like I look bloated anymore.

To all you other preggos who are right near me in your pregnancies, WHERE'S THE BUMP PICS?  A lot of you do these weekly updates SANS PICCIES!  What's up with that?  I want to see your bump SO I CAN COMPARE!  I desperately need to know if I'm bigger or smaller than all of you ;-)

Everyone start bumpdating please!


  1. 15 weeks already!!! Crap time is flying! Your bump is so cute!!

  2. OMG you are catching up to me!! ha ha. My bump pics are in a separate tab called "Updates in the Dojo" trust me I dont look half as glam as you. Somehow my butt decided to become Beyonces's - what the?!

    Try brown rice for digestion as well!

    I have a super high bump and yes she is a girl :) you look fantastic!

  3. My bump is still forming.... once it is really here I'll post a pic of the little monsters!

  4. You look great!! So cute. And it's only gonna get cuter! I carried Sadie super maybe it is a girl! (I'm guessing your family legacy dictates that it's a girl! haha) Can't wait for you to feel kicks, so fun!

  5. you look so cute!!! I felt the first kick at 16 1/2 weeks, so I hope you feel them soon! I felt mine eating yogurt... so maybe it was the sugar? oh, and flax seeds help with constipation too. I sprinkled them on everything... and don't worry, the constipation should go way. :-)

  6. such a cute bump!!! bump pics are essential!

  7. You look great! Mine is super high as well (and it's a girl).

  8. I vote girl, it was my immediate first thought when you announced.

  9. And I didn't feel kicks til well after 20 weeks.

  10. I love bump pics, I really look forward to everyone posting them every week (but you are the most consistent)! I am already getting up at least once a night to pee, I imagine this is only going to get worse. And I already pee every 45min no matter what I'm doing, which makes it hard to feel comfortable on long commutes!

  11. I miss not peeing all the time too! I've got to start learning to be like a kid again and go pee right before I leave the house too. lol
    I also can't wait to feel Paxlet move!

    I've got some bump pictures...I'll get them online today (at least I'll try!).

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog :). Loving the cute little bump! Congratulations on your pregnancy, you look great!
    PS - I am sad to hear about the peeing....I am not even 5 weeks and I feel like all I do is pee, I was hoping that would end!

    1. The peeing ebbs and flows! Apparently I'm at a point where my uterus is getting bigger but it has yet to lift up and out of my pelvic cavity so there's EXTRA pressure on my bladder. Some weeks are better than others, and as soon as my uterus lifts I'm told the constant urge to pee will subside again!