Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

I've only got bullet points today:

  • It's Valentine's Day and we are both SICK.  Dom came home from a European ski trip with a nasty cold and a fever of 102.  I have asthma and pretty much the second the hubs and I were reunited his European sickness began to settle in my poor little asthmatic lungs.  We are both miserable.  I have managed to avoid the fever, thank god, since that can be deadly to the baby, but this hacking cough has got to go!  Luckily we're not big Valentine's Day fans anyway, so laying together in sickness on the couches is how we're spending this loving holiday together.

  • Maternity leggings are totally rocking my world.  While in my sickened immobile state I've pretty much been living in them.  I won't ever leave the house in them because I stand firmly in the camp of LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, but around the house these babies get a big thumbs up.

  • GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE FINALLY ON SALE IN CALIFORNIA!  I know they were selling them elsewhere in the country over the last few weeks and I have been JEALOUS!  But alas, they are here now just in time for Valentine's Day.  Before today is over we WILL have some GSC.

  • It's hard to shop for clothes when you have to try everything on and then think to yourself "is there room for a giant belly in this?"  I don't want to buy a bunch of maternity clothes and am on the prowl for dresses and skirts that I can continue to wear throughout pregnancy as well as after.  I've managed to pick up a dress or two that will fit me for at least part of this pregnancy but I'm thinking I should hold off a bit until I have at least a little bit more of a bump so I can get a true sense of what the bump will actually look like.

  • The crazy lady inside of me who can't go more than 2 weeks without some sort of reassurance that the baby still has a heart beat went to the midwife today JUST to get Dopplered.  I couldn't go into my 2nd trimester without firm evidence that we were ACTUALLY there.  Amazingly even after a good 3 minutes without hearing the heart beat part of me just KNEW it was still there and sure enough FINALLY we found it, way off in the bottom right hand corner of the ute.

  • My sister thinks she can tell WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT the sex of a baby in utero via the heart rate.  Because of this I have made every effort to never ask what the heart rate is because we aren't going to find out the sex.  Unfortunately today my midwife just blurted it out.  The heart rate was 130, sister says this means girl!  I'm having a bit of inner turmoil now as I was still pretty firmly boy...other than that girl dream.  Maybe I should list out the old wives tales and get a boy/girl tally?
Now, please excuse me I have to go hack up a lung!


  1. I thought "girl" for you the moment I heard you were preggo... that was my gut instinct. I think I can tell without a shadow of doubt by a woman's belly... I've been really accurate in the past... so give me a few more weeks!

  2. Good for you making it to your second trimester...now it gets really fun! Your belly starts growing, you get energy, you start feeling kicks. So fun. Hey, can you hook me up with the link for where you bought those leggings? I'm thinking I need those!

  3. Winston had such a fast heart rate, the woman doing the sonogram/doppler told me it was probably a girl... and he is VERY MUCH a boy.

  4. I was SURE Jojo was going to be a girl... then at the ultrasound he had the boy parts!!

  5. I am excited to read about ya'lls pregnancy journey!! Feel better :(

  6. Hope you two are feeling better.

    I'd love the link for the leggings too. I have one pair of regular leggings and I have worn them out of the house, under a dress, so you could only see a bit of them. I don't think I could ever wear them with a short/long shirt. They just aren't pants!