Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Cycle Down

Well...I'm not pregnant.

Aunt Flow turned up just 12 days after I ovulated resulting in a 44 day Cycle, which is better than 48 days but means that my luteal phase is now only 11 days long.

It used to be 15...that's quite a change.

Anyone else have significantly different luteal phase post baby?

I know 11 days is still long enough to achieve a pregnancy, but...barely.  I think 10 is the minimum.

I must admit I was really REALLY hoping I was pregnant and I may have peed on like 17 different pregnancy tests starting at like 7 DPO.  Crazy right?  I peed on one and that was it, I couldn't stop.

I just couldn't help myself, it has been SO long since I peed on a pregnancy stick.

Luckily the stark white negative was not nearly as crushing as it used to be.

But still...wouldn't that have been nice and so EASY to not have to wait 30 more days FROM NOW just to ovulate?!

Have I mentioned how much I hate these long cycles.

At least I ovulated.

Bright side people, bright side.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've only got a few chances at this the old fashioned way before the oves get all cysty and useless again.

So, one cycle down...wish me luck that cycle 2 is the lucky one!!!

And in other news this little cutie has definitely hit his language explosion.

He says mama and papa correctly and ALL THE TIME now...so cute.  He also says milk when he wants milk instead of just using the sign, again...so cute.  He repeats almost anything we say and is adding to his vocabulary daily.

LOVE this age.  Can they just stay 20 months forever?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ovulate - Mission Possible

You know how bloggers find out they're pregnant and then disappear for awhile because they can't think of anything else to blog about and they're not ready to tell the blogosphere about their pregnancies?

Well that's not what happened to me.

I'm not pregnant.

Or...if I am I won't know it for a few weeks.

I've just been really busy NOT ovulating.

But finally, FINALLY CD35 and I THINK I may have finally ovulated 2 days ago.

Oh how I hate these long cycles!

To think that "normal" women would have ovulated and had a period or found out they're pregnant already by now.  28 day cycles???  Who has those?  The rate this one is going if I did in fact ovulate it would mean a 48 day cycle.

If I'm not pregnant I'm going to cry, I have to wait 48 days each and every time?!

Anyway, right around CD28 I started to lose my shit, got all depressed and pissy, and then CD29 gobs and gobs of EWCM showed up.  I took like a thousand OPKs and while I'm pretty sure the darkest one of them isn't officially a positive, it was close enough for me as I've only ever had one positive OPK and it was a Clomid cycle.  I don't think OPKs like my fucked up PCOS hormones.

Jett was made with a negative OPK.

What do you think?

Did I get a Positive?

I peed on a digital one at some point in there but it was a negative as well.  But at least one of those looks like it's the same color as the test line right?

The next day all the EWCM went away and the line lightened, so even if I didn't ovulate something was ALMOST about to happen and...there's hope I guess. 

More proof that I only ovulate immediately proceeding a pregnancy.

Anyway, this morning FertilityFriend finally concurred that I did in fact ovulate, so...now it's more waiting.

My husband was away for the vast majority of this cycle but conveniently was around for the exact 2 days that my EWCM showed up and as you can see, things were ahem...well timed.

Everyone cross your fingers for me that those temps stay up and this isn't a "fake" ovulation!!!