Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dressing the Ladies

Let's talk about boobs again.

My boobs are wreaking havoc on my daily outfit choices.

Everything in my closet fits just fine over the bump.

I have dresses that emphasize the bump, dresses that hide the bump, dresses that I can wear over the bump for MONTHS still.

But the girls, the girls not so much.

It would seem that small chested girls dress differently than large chested girls.  Perhaps all you large chested girls were already aware of this, but it never occurred to me that I would grow out of clothes because of MY BOOBS.  I was preparing for a bump explosion out of the clothes, not a boob explosion.

Small chested girls can flaunt what they got without looking slutty, tight tops and low cut tops we can get away with easily because we don't have much chest to show off.  But large chested girls, large chested girls gotta keep those babies under wraps APPARENTLY, or buy clothes that are bigger than size S just to fit the knockers in comfortably and to keep from straining their clothes to within an inch of their life.

I'm discovering that I without fail dress for my FORMER small chested body and that all of my small chested girl dresses have a little bit of a theme going on.

They're tight on top.

And looser on the bottom.

This is of course on purpose, at least I know now I dress for my body type.  Tight on top (or low cut) because I'm small and I'm emphasizing the smallest part of me, then flowing on the bottom because I hate my thighs.

I'm a fan of empire waists and baby doll dresses.

Totally perfect style for a bump btw.

But my wardrobe has no room for giant ta-tas.  The tops are SO TIGHT.  So tight that the dresses start to dig into my armpits.  Or the girls are so squished in there that I have cleavage coming out of what used to be a very cleavage less dress.  In a nutshell, the yabbos are making me UNCOMFORTABLE on a daily basis.

I'm not sure what the solution is to this.

I don't think maternity clothes are the answer, my bump is tiny and have you seen how much fabric maternity dresses have???  I know they are also a bit roomier in the chest for just the situation I'm describing but I gotta have a bump to match the bosom for maternity dresses to really be the answer.

It seems a bunch of you other preggos already belonged to the big booby club, are you running into this problem as well or are your clothes so well designed for giant ta tas that they have room for extra growth?  And small chested preggos what about you?  Are your boobs making your clothes uncomfortable long before the bump?

Clearly a shopping trip is in order I'm just very undecided as to what style of dress I should now be looking for.  Or is a bigger size the answer?  Ugh, so many questions!!  What's a formerly small chested turned large chested girl to do?


  1. Boobs are a problem. Mine were on the large side (read: enormous DDD) before pregnancy- now I have no idea what I'm going to do as they begin to grow their way out of a previously slightly roomy bra. Good luck dressing your newly large chest... Everyone seems to wish for them, but they are kind of a pain!!!

  2. Good luck dressing with big boobs. My boobs are already a C and getting larger by the day. Even though my boobs were never enormous, I still always had some trouble finding dresses and shirts that fit both top and mid section. V-neck things are good with tank tops under, for example. Without the tank top you're basically inviting cleavage-staring.

    1. Well, for the first time in my life I actually HAVE the cleavage to induce cleavage staring, maybe I'll take advantage! I'm thinking V-necks might be the way to go!

  3. I'm pretty sure I'm going to the anomaly who never gets big boobs. :(

  4. I went from a B to a D while pregnant... now that I am breast feeding... OH MY GOODNESS! I fit nothing in the boob region. If your going to buy new clothes now make sure they are nursing friendly (if you plan to breast feed) because if you are already big now, just wait lol.

    1. This is actually a great tip! I should start buying V-necked dresses and such that I can easily breast feed in!

  5. Not really sure what to tell you since I am usually a D. I think I just go up a size or get clothes that are stretchy enough to accomodate a growing bust. You might as well just go buy some maternity shirts and dresses now (even if your bump is small)...you'll need them eventually.

  6. I am kinda big breasted already (C cup) so, number one, your post is scaring the crap out of me thinking how big mine are going to get! Ack! But to your question, I think that lower cut shirts (I like scoop necks) are flattering on larger chests. When you wear higher cut shirts the boobs just make you look fat. I think it's fine to have them somewhat fitted up top, and through the ribcage - otherwise it can look like you're wearing a moo moo.

    Good luck dressing the new body, and hey - you might as well have fun with it while you can! Look forward to seeing some more pics!

  7. scoop neck tops and v-necks are your best friends, tanks can be worn underneath when the v-necks get a wee bit too exposing. Maternity tops will eventually be needed regardless so I'd buy a couple, or else all your pre-mat clothes will be stretched out and unwearable after!

    Nursing tanks are an excellent idea, and cover a wide range of cup sizes while still fitting your normal size range - I'll be splurging on a few of those soon :)

    I generally have to buy a large top for the girls, although without them I'd be a medium - sometimes going up a size is the best option :)

  8. Ugh! Not something I'm looking forward to. I tend to run on the small side, so of course I've never even thought about cleavage when buying clothes. From the rest of the comments, it sounds like you might as well buy some post-baby nursing friendly tops now.

  9. I don't really have any boob-dressing advice. I don't think about it much, really. But my mom told me to make sure I tell you that seriously Wednesday my bra fit just fine...by Saturday I was popping out of it!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! Mamas got big jugs!!

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