Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby Noah - 2 Months

So late with this!!!

Ugh...2nd child.

But here we go!

For posterity sake...

Stats: Weight 12 lbs. 2 oz.
Height: 23 1/4 inches

Sleep:  Dude loves to pass out randomly all damn day.

 When I set him down to change my pants...

 When he's being held while Dom watches football...

 When I'm holding him walking around tending to the other child...

During the day he will just fall asleep.  BUT he only sleeps for half an hour!  So annoying.  I remember Jett doing it too and I FOUGHT to get Jett to nap more and for longer.  This time I'm just kind of going with it.  He can't seem to stay awake for more than an hour but...then he just falls asleep.  So as long as I'm not fighting to put baby down for a nap all damn day I'm just accepting the half hour naps for the moment.

At night he sleeps...ok.  He starts the night in his pack 'n play and he goes to bed between 7-8pm, basically the same time as Jett.  After a day of 17 half hour naps he's tired!  It's still a little bit of a fight to get him down but it's getting better and better and easier and easier.  I try to feed him before I go to bed at around 10pm and put him back in the pack 'n play.  He then sleeps for roughly 3 hours but then come 3am it's kind of a crap shoot and he doesn't sleep very well.  He gets wiggly and fussy and uncomfortable and I tough it out on my own until 5am at which point Dom takes him downstairs so I can get at least an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep since Dom is basically sleeping all night uninterrupted at this point.

Amazingly he is not nursing all the time at night.  It's pretty much 2 feeds, sometimes 3 but they are all proper feeds.  I remember Jett just nursing and nursing and nursing all night long!  I'm hopeful that we can get this one out of the big bed for the whole night sometime in the next month or two before the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.  But I feel like we're doing so much better.  He's already going to sleep on his own and he's sleeping only 5 hours in the big bed at night!

Eating: This one seems to have just sort of fallen into the sleep, eat and play routine on his own.  So there's very little nursing to sleep other than at night time and he only eats when he's hungry.  This wasn't on purpose, though I've definitely heard it's the way to go to get them to disassociate boob from sleep, but he's hungry when he wakes, happy for half an hour then he's ready to sleep again and requires no more food to get him to sleep!  Such a difference from Jett....

Hmm...what else?  He's smiling and laughing like a pro, making him way more fun when he's awake.  He's so much more than a little blob already!

And he loves standing!  He's tired of this being a baby crap and is so ready to move.  I remember Jett doing something similar and Jett ended up crawling really early, so we'll see!

Basically he's just super cute and turning out to be much easier than I first feared!