Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bumpdate - 14 Weeks

I just want to start off by saying, I AM SO SICK.  I was up at 2am coughing up at least one of my lungs, finally at 4am I got up to take a shower to try to loosen some of the phlegm that was taking up residence in my chest (are you picturing that mucinex commercial?) and went downstairs to drink some hot tea and sit upright to see if I could make the coughing stop.  Somewhere around 5:30am I finally began to doze on the couch just to get up at 6am with my husband and see him off.

I feel awesome.

Now back to my regularly scheduled blog post.

It's Wednesday!  And I'm bumpdating on time!

Once again the hubs is out of town but fear not fellow bloggers we preempted his absence and took piccies yesterday.

So, amazingly I actually have a few things that have changed in the few days in between my latest bumpdates.  I say amazingly because I find it amazing that symptoms can appear out of nowhere suddenly when I just did my last bumpdate 4 days ago.


Weight gain: Still 5 lbs

What's up with my body: Headaches every afternoon, 1pm rolls around and my head is pounding.  Thankfully Tylenol is on the safe list otherwise I would die.  Constipation, indigestion and heartburn.  I'm not one to talk about pooping EVER but just for a moment, I'm going to talk about it.  Holy hell, pooping has become a chore that I have to SURVIVE every day every 2 days.  I never knew how lucky I was to not have a sensitive stomach or GI tract issues...dear god please let this go back to normal after pregnancy.  I'm also completely inexperienced when it comes to heartburn and find myself confused as to whether what I'm feeling is heartburn or some sort of asthma related lung issue.  I keep asking my husband questions like, "is heartburn here in the center of your chest and feels sort of like pressure?" "Does your heartburn come in waves or is it consistent?" "Does heartburn make you burp?"  I'm a constipation heartburn virgin, what can I say?  And the tiredness, IT FINALLY WENT AWAY!  Even sick I am nowhere near as tired as I have been and I am SO EXCITED for that part to be over!

Gender: I say boy, my sister says girl and we are NOT finding out.  But how exciting is it that I COULD find out in just 4 weeks!

Milestones: OMG we hit the 2nd trimester!!!  With a heartbeat and everything!

Bumpdate: The bump is bigger at night and nearly nonexistent in the morning.  These pics are midday and are about halfway between the bump I have in the morning and the bump I have at night.

I've changed up the location, inside lighting was bugging the shit out of me but I'm not sure if this is THE spot yet either.

We also tried this outdoor rosebush setting, because those roses should start blooming soon and me and the roses will be "blooming" together, CHEESY!  Whatevs, I still hate all of these and fear my dream of a perfect growing bump collage might not turn out the way I want it to.


And is pregnancy catching?  It sure seems to be.  Not only are there like 10 of you (maybe more) in my infertility blogroll who have received their BFPs in the last 2 months but I also now have 3 IRL friends all due within 2 months of me, many of whom have been trying for months, some even up to a year.

Pregnancy is in the air.

If you haven't received your BFP yet, FEAR NOT because it's undoubtedly heading your way!  These 2012 babies are dragon babies, those lucky lucky dragons!


  1. Rest up, take it easy, and get well soon! Whatever bug you have does not sound fun at all.

    And I hope you're right about a BFP heading my way. :)

  2. Adorable pics! I like the outdoors photos! and I got my first heartburn spell ever yesterday! it was horrid! but awesome cause its a good symptom! :) Have a great week!


  4. Yay for second tri!!! Your bump pictures look gorgeous btw, love the outside lighting!

  5. I am about to change your world, in the bathroom at least. For #2 take Miralax. It's safe to take during pregnancy (I am 22 wks after two rounds of Clomid.) Costco is the best bang for your back, they have a generic version Kirkland LaxaClear. If you take it consistantly it works miracles, better than any pill form.

  6. Oranges and kiwi fruit, one a day should help ;)

  7. Oranges and kiwi fruit, one a day should help ;)

  8. Looking great!! Also, wouldn't mind some of your nice weather. I'm counting on some dragon babies! lol

  9. Metamucil became another BFF of mine during pregnancy.. I would drink a glass every morning and it helped a lot, because my whole 2nd trimester was one long bout of constipation. There is a Berry flavor that really isn't that bad tasting at all. :-) And yes, thank god for Tylenol!!! I had headaches in the afternoon too, and when my ligament pain came back it was my miracle drug. :-)

  10. Haha you are not one to talk about poop but it's probably BECAUSE you've never had GI issues. My husband's family talks about poop all the time LOL

    Yay for dragon babies!

  11. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I think I'm fighting the same thing and it sucks!

    Congrats on 2nd trimester!

  12. Yay for 2nd trimester! Being sick sucks. I feel your pain. At nearly 16 weeks, it's starting to get better for me. Hope it gets better for you sooner. Love the bump :)

  13. The first time I was pregnant, I got heartburn. Like you, I had never had it...I actually called the midwife asking what was wrong with me because it was SO HORRIBLE!! OH man, I'm so sorry you're experiencing that already. I quickly learned that it was peanuts that were doing it to me, and I stopped eating my beloved trailmix.

    Be careful of tylenol...and laxatives...and tums. They are considered "safe" but just remember that every medicine has side-effects. Try to stick with natural remedies. Or try to figure out what's causing the headaches or heartburn or constipation and stay away from it!!

    Congrats on the 14 weeks!! I'm right behind you...and I can't wait for the exhaustion to go away, and the nausea!!

    1. I haven't taken any of these drugs lightly and only at my wit's end have I succumbed to Tylenol and a cough suppressant.

      While I completely agree with trying natural remedies I have to draw the line somewhere, especially since many natural remedies are also on the pregnant no-no list. For instance, I'm inhalerless and asthmatic and this cough has taken up residence in my chest, while waiting for my dr. appt to get an inhaler I've been trying to use natural remedies, unfortunately one of the best natural remedies is caffeine and that's a pregnant no-no. Same with the inhaler unfortunately, it's actually unknown what risk it causes during pregnancy, but not having enough oxygen for you and baby is probably worse, so inhaler it is.

      And the cough? The cough was so bad I pulled something in my back and cough suppressants became my new best friend and if my midwife says they're safe I'm not gonna worry about it and I'm going to hope that me not doubled over in a coughing fit is going to be better for my baby than the small chance of danger from the cough suppressant.

    2. I'm glad you're being cautious. I know some women think since it's on the "safe" list, you can take it just like if you weren't pregnant.

      That cough sounds horrible!! I agree that it's probably better to take a little medicine than to pull a muscle or throw your back out! Same with a fever, better to take a little tylenol and keep that down than cook your baby!!

      You're doing a great job! You're gonna be a great already are!!

  14. I'm a heartburn virgin too so I'll probably have questions for you too if those symptoms EVER show up... ugh. You look GREAT though, I see a little bump maybe starting to show :)

  15. such a cute little bump! congrats on the 2nd trimester.

  16. I've been sick with the same thing, miserable! I had to leave work because it was so bad on Friday. Hope you're feeling better soon!