Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Baby Noah - Turns ONE!

I'm sorry but I'm just going to combine 11 months and 12 months.  I LOVE having these to look back on but OMG...so done.

So here we are, Baby Noah is ONE!!!


It's bittersweet.  I love seeing him get bigger and more independent but it's also so sad that there's no babies left in the house!

At 11 months Baby Noah:
Waves when you say Bye Bye Noah.
Thinks the cats are amazing.  He actively seeks them out and TRIES to pet them gently.  It usually ends with him screaming and pulling their hair but he's working on it.
Likes to put things in other things.  I love this stage when they start doing this.  I've found "presents" in the most random places lately.
Unpacking and packing are FUN!  We pull clothes out of the dresser almost every day now.
Still sleeping through the night.  Even teeth didn't have him up at night!
Speaking of teeth.  He got 2 new teeth just a few weeks before he turned 1. For a total of 4.
This one is very vocal.  If he's unhappy, he let's you know it!
Generally he's been a happy smiley little thing.  People are always giggling and smiling at him because he's just so damn smiley and happy.
Expressing very little interest in walking.  Even if you try to hold his hands he wants to sink down to the ground.
Started swimming and seems to really enjoy it!

At 12 months he:
Started using utensils and now will not eat unless he can feed himself with the utensils.  It makes for LONG mealtimes.
He loves pushing things around the house.  Chairs, stools, etc.  He walks around everywhere by pushing furniture around.
He still absolutely refuses to get down of couches/beds/chairs safely, as in sliding down on his belly feet first.  He still wants to plunge head first over the edge.
I've been trying to teach him some signs like we did with Jett but to be honest he lets everyone know EXACTLY what he wants without the signs.  We were working on signing milk but he's only half interested.
No words.  Nothing even close.  But noisy...very noisy.
Came down with roseola this month.  OMG...so so miserable for almost a week straight.  I thought it was a fever from teeth but then that damn rash showed up.

Nursing.  He was doing so much nursing when he was sick with roseola but ultimately has cut way down on his nursing.  He loves real food so much that nursing is really just supplemental a few times a day.
And still no walking.  But is LIGHTNING FAST with the crawling.

I both can't believe how quick this year has gone by and also how much of it has seemed to DRAG.  Goodbye Baby Noah, Hello Big Boy!