Thursday, January 26, 2012

11 Weeks

Yesterday was 11 weeks.

I don't have a bump pic because my husband is out of town, (and we all also agreed that 12 weeks was a good time to start the bump pics, remember?) but I'm gonna go ahead and write all this down for posterity sake.  So when later I look back on my first trimester and tell everyone how easy it was you can all call me a liar.

My first 10 weeks were easy.  I was nauseous exactly twice and I had no food aversions.

At 10 weeks 5 days everything went downhill.

I feel like shit.

I'm nauseous, tired, bloated and headachy.  And food does NOTHING to make me feel better, it in fact has made me feel worse on more than one occasion.  Naps also are starting to make me feel worse rather than better.

I have round ligament pain that makes rolling over at night HURT, like gasp in pain and stop moving hurt.  Even if I move slowly from one side to the other, it still hurts.  I have heard that for some women RLP can be so severe that it's more painful than labor and I've also heard that for some women they have NO RLP.  If I'm already in pain and I'm not even 3 months in, WHAT'S THE NEXT FEW MONTHS GOING TO BE LIKE?

My boobs hurt.  First pregnancy my boobs were SO SORE that I took a pregnancy test days before I wanted to and they continued to hurt bad enough that braless was completely out of the question at all times.  They also grew quickly in those first few weeks.  In the first 2 weeks I was a full cup size bigger with potential to grow out of my brand new bras at any moment.  This time everything about my boobs has been different.  They have been...tender we'll say, but they didn't hurt.  They very very slowly grew but it has taken 10 weeks to get back to where they were at 6 weeks last time.  But now, NOW THEY HURT AGAIN.  I'm back to braless being out of the question, sports bras at night? oh yes, we're there.

And the zits, THE ZITS!  I am generally one zit at a time kind of girl or zitless and I've never been plagued with acne. 

But suddenly the zits are taking over.  

I have 2 on my chin, 1 on my nose, 1 on my forehead and like 4 right at my hairline!  Ew, hairline zits!  And they appear out of nowhere.  Last night I showered at  5 in the afternoon, no zits. At 8pm when I looked at myself in the mirror again all of the aforementioned zits had appeared out of nowhere!

I'm not actually complaining even though I know it sounds like I am.  

Symptoms = pregnant!

I just want this all written down somewhere so that I can't say I had no symptoms in my first trimester which is my tendency when people ask me how I'm feeling.  I'm like "oh, no, no nausea, other than being tired, I feel fine!"  

I know some people have their head in a toilet for months and so I suppose having what I consider minimal morning sickness doesn't deserve the label and I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining.

But that's real life, here in blogland I'm keeping it real!  And real means, I feel like crap, first trimester sucks, can't wait for the 2nd trimester which is just 2 weeks away!


  1. As I was reading through your list of symptoms I was smiling because I kept thinking, "This just means she is preggo!" it was so good to hear you say the same at the end. Can't wait to see your bump pic next week! :)

  2. I have RLP too. It is horrible when I sneeze or stand up too quickly. This is one thing I never had with my MC I love it!

  3. Yikes! I'm a week behind you and my pregnancy symptoms so far have been quite minimal also. To read that you're getting them worse only now?! Yikes! I don't want them! Heheeh. Like you, I was a bit worried in the beginning about not having any, until I realized (duh) that everyone's pregnancy symptoms are different and the very mild nausea (no where near throwing up), insanely sore boobs (bra at night), tiredness (more like exhaustion) and no sweets was my version of them. All in all, I am thankful (sort of) for any symptoms, as it means I am pregnant, finally!

    I hope you don't get too much more uncomfortable and that they don't stick around for too long.

    1. Even though it sucks I actually REALLY like that I finally have some real symptoms. In the past 3 days not once has it crossed my mind that my baby could have died because all the symptoms are so right there in my face. I don't have to search my brain for the last time I had a pregnancy dream or if I was less tired today than yesterday. That being said I hope I only have a few weeks of this because I can see how it would get old fast!

      Good luck to you, hope your symptoms stay at bay, though as I've just discovered you're not in the clear yet!

  4. I hope your second trimester is better for you! I know for me it has almost been worse - and I totally get your zit issue! I have a third eye on my chin right now (in addition to numerous others)!

  5. Yay for symptoms! Yay for 11 weeks! Yay for almost to your second trimester! Lots to yell YAY for! :)
    have a fabulous day

  6. I hope your second trimester is better!!!!

  7. I fear the pregnancy zits. The infertility zits are bad enough. Lord help us. :)

  8. 2nd trimester is when the 'glow' kicks in... it trickles over into the third, but then it's mostly just sweat from hot flashes... ;)

    yoga was really helpful for me in regards to ligaments, shiva rea has a great prenatal yoga dvd - it's ridiculous how easy it is, but it's soothing. also, if there are any restorative yoga classes near you, those are amazing. you spend the entire class laying propped up. and i think there are more preggos in restorative yoga classes than the prenatal yoga classes.

  9. Oh you are fine don't worry about it. I feel your pain. I went from having gorgeous smooth skin to only one side of my face becoming zit city. And my nails were all broken and brittle. My boobs haven't stopped hurting in fact I only just started getting sensitive nipples. and they are HUGE, two and half cup sizes bigger.

    the pain comes and goes, I find if you are having a growing period that is when it hurts so yay baby is growing.

    but write about it and embrace it as this is what you have worked so hard for!!

  10. I had horrible RLP, but I had twins so I expect it came sooner then normal. I thought we were supposed to glow or something!

  11. I think my nausea symptoms took a bit too to start, I kept feeling fine then after a bit it hit me- oh I was so sick- I could not brush my teeth without feeling like vomiting, I sat at my desk at work and just tried not to move, sometimes barely getting a cracker to my mouth... it was more like I had those types of symptoms later in the first trimester and early into the second trimester. I remember thinking when I got to 12 weeks they would go away... but they stayed... for a while... blah!

  12. I had to stop taking naps because I would feel so sick when I woke up. My sickness has been better in the mornings but has been horrible in the evenings. I'm hoping at 12 weeks I'll feel like a new woman! When is your next appointment?

  13. Oh nooo!! Hopefully you stop feeling sick right when you hit that 12/13 week mark :(

  14. Let's talk about RLP. Maybe we're built similar since we're related... my RLP was debilitating at times in my third trimester. Brian and I would go for walks and I'd make it half way around the block and practically be crawling the rest of the way home. Here's what helps, do those cat/cow exercises, you know, where you're on all fours and you arch your back then round your back? Those will help you feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. Also, I think it helped me to try to be on my feet doing stuff for a lot of the day (since I was still teaching until two weeks before I delivered), but being able to sit down when I needed to was good too. Don't spend all day sitting or you'll regret it when you go to stand. But seriously, cat/cows... lifesaver.

  15. I'm voting boy.. and I have to say EVERY SINGLE thing you just wrote I had. Naps made me feel worse and I woke up with headaches, I was super bloated, nauseous in the morning (but never threw up), zits took over my hair, my neck, my back, my arms, my legs... and I had ligament pain really bad a few times when rolling over at night (and yes, it went away and it came back only briefly in the 2nd trimester), oh.. and my boobs were slow to respond.. they grew, but didn't explode... I read this and smiled because I remember every one of these symptoms. :-)