Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank You

To everyone who commented on Friday's Anonymous Bitch post...


That turned out to be my most commented post EVER and I thank you all for lending your opinions on what makes an "infertile" and why you do or do NOT consider yourselves infertile.

Also thank you for all being NICE because I think that's the point.  We all don't need to agree but there's no point in being mean.  

I think Ess said it best with: 
"Blogs about infertility, fertility challenges, or the TTC path don't have room for jealousy or negativity. The goal is support, advice, and friendship in my opinion."

For clarification purposes I was not actually angry or offended by AB I was annoyed that she had the audacity to call me insensitive and then not leave her name.  I would have LOVED if she would have commented again and told us her story and what makes an infertile in her opinion (and why I don't qualify).  I'm truly interested.  Surely there's one of us that has a story similar to her own that she can relate to and maybe she could have found some support!

I want to thank AB again because her comment made for a great post and I hope she comes back and reads all the fuss I've made out of her single comment.

I learned a few interesting things from all of you:

1) Most of you started to believe there was a problem somewhere around the 6 month mark, whether or not you were medically diagnosed or did anything about it is beside the point, it seems to be 6 months when most of you had a "feeling" that something wasn't right.

2) Not all of you consider yourselves infertile regardless of the medical criteria!  This was super interesting to me because a few of you have been trying for well over a year with no pregnancy but because you ovulate or have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" ie. there's no medical reason for your lack of pregnancy, you don't consider yourselves infertile.

3) Infertile is not just a medical diagnosis, it's a state of mind.  You can't just tell someone they are infertile and expect them to accept it, they have to come to terms with it themselves before they can really call themselves infertile and some people choose not to, again regardless of what the medical community thinks.

P.S. I almost threw up this morning cooking breakfast.  Can MS randomly show up at 2 days shy of 11 weeks?


  1. You have great support thru all your Blog (and IRL friends) I'm glad AB didn't get you down! Maybe something in breakfast is going to become a major food aversion?? :-)

  2. MS can show up anytime, anyplace. It helps if you learn what your food triggers are(for me it was eggs)and avoid them. Some people get sick over everything, for the first two trimesters with my twins I couldn't even look at eggs without throwing up.

  3. I must admit I haven't felt great since 6.5 weeks but this weekend was pretty bad for me. I don't know why? Maybe it gets worse right before it gets better?

  4. They say to eat a few crackers before getting out of bed. This does not work for me. I need a full meal before getting out of bed. If I do this, Im fine. Hope it was just a one time thing for you! Throwing up is no fun!

  5. oh heck yes!! Morning sickness happened for me my ENTIRE first trimester, then reared its ugly head again in the third. So annoying. I'm not sure I had a trigger food...I think it was the idea of actually puking that set me off. And then once it happened once, it was like a snowball effect and I couldn't stop. I have a friend who was sick her ENTIRE pregnancy. She said she just ate a lot of ice cream, because it was one thing she knew wouldn't taste so bad coming back up! haha Good luck!

  6. Wow.. so honoured that you felt I 'said it best.' I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this community (esp this circle of gals). Even in the short time that I've been a part of it I've come to really love partaking in the discussion. It's given me an awful lot of hope in a time when I needed it the most! Ugh... MS!! Hope it passes quickly!

  7. For some reason my RSS reader didn't pick up that other post until now, so I am reading them back to back... I hate when things turn into a who-has-suffered-more contest. Glad you're still finding meaning in the identity that AB tried to deny to you!

  8. Grr, the AB comment made me mad! This is not the Pain Olympics. I've been TTC 2.5 years with 2 miscarriages and yes, I consider myself infertile.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!