Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hormones They Are A'Ragin

Today is 8 weeks 3 days, my first milestone in that this was the day we saw Baby A's heartbeat for the 2nd and last time.  So, milestone is that I have made it as far as I made it last we concentrate on making it FARTHER!

Yesterday I felt like I got a fresh new batch of hormones.

Generally in the first trimester there is a certain level of tiredness.  This seems to be the one and only symptom of early pregnancy that no woman can escape.  I've been going to bed at 10pm at the latest and I try to take a nap during the day and if not napping I at least lie down for an hour during the day because I'm so tired.

But yesterday, yesterday the tiredness turned to exhaustion.  At 3 separate times during the day I called it quits and went to take a nap.  All 3 times I was dead tired but couldn't quite fall asleep, so I lay "resting" for an hour and a half to 2 hours...3 times!  That's pretty much the whole day shot.  I accomplished little.

All you ladies who work through your first trimester, you get a big giant gold star.  How the hell do you stay awake all day?!

THEN even after all the resting I decided at 9:15pm that that was it, I was done, time for bed.  And wouldn't you know it not 5 minutes of reading and I was OUT!  So out that when my husband came to bed 3 hours later I didn't even wake up.  That's rare guys, rare.  I almost always wake up for a minute or two when he comes to bed, ask him if he turned the heat down and turned out all the lights and then fall right back to sleep.

I am hoping today is better.

I also, generally speaking once again do not have morning sickness.  My kitties wake me up at 5am every morning because they want out (and to take my temperature!) and I have a bit of nausea, but I can easily fall back asleep and when I wake up to start the day hours later my morning sickness is gone.  

This morning however I woke up at 4, felt like shit, went back to sleep.  Then I woke up at 5, still felt like shit, went back to sleep.  Woke up AGAIN at 6 and again at 7 and STILL felt shitty.  Finally at 8am the nausea had subsided and I got up.  Longest bout of morning sickness to date.

And finally, I had my first ever HUSBAND GO OUT AND GET ME THIS NOW sort of craving.  Last night after seeing a commercial with cinnamon rolls, suddenly I NEEDED a cinnamon roll OR a Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie AND ONLY THOSE TWO THINGS were gonna cut it.  But we don't have junk food in the house...none.  It was not just a "sweets" craving like I had with my last pregnancy where from week 6-9 I just wanted to eat desserts.  We had some dark chocolate and I also had almond flour chocolate chip cookies I'd made but those were NOT what I wanted.  So off to the store he went to buy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.  I had 2 cookies, craving soothed and that was all I needed.


I am taking these all as very good signs.  Adding them to the fact that my temp is still up and I'm gonna go ahead and say that at 8weeks 3 days my baby is once again still alive and kicking.

Let's keep it up!  Hormones, bring it on!  


  1. I had my first craving last night too! I sent hubby to Perkins for breakfast potatoes last night at 7. So weird. I haven't had those in years.....but something made me think of them and I had to have them!

  2. So happy for you, girlie! I'm usually not a "napper", but I HAD to nap often when I was expecting Punkin. I guess our bodies just get so tired from trying to grow our little crop! :)

  3. Woohoo! I would take it as a good sign, too. And those aren't such bad cravings, I guess ;)