Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Morning Sickness Theories

I don't really have any morning sickness.

Since I don't have morning sickness but would like to believe it's not just because my baby isn't alive I'm exploring other theories and I need some help from you other preggos.

The first theory is of course that it's a boy, you don't get morning sickness if you're pregnant with boys.  I bet there's tons of people who can debunk this and tell me that their boy pregnancy left them sick as a dog and also that they had no morning sickness with their girls.

I will go ahead and say this one is crap, but it's the go-to theory for people when you tell them you don't have any morning sickness, "Oh, you're having a boy!"

The other theory is that if you have a strong stomach you are less likely to develop morning sickness.

This is me.

I have a strong stomach.

I've never thrown up from eating something that I found disgusting.

Throwing up from the flu?  I'm sure I did it as a kid it but not in the last 20 years.

I've never had motion sickness.

My throwing up from drinking is minimal.  I can count how many times drinking too much has made me throw up.  It's always a memorable experience because throwing up is rare for me.

Is this the reason I have no morning sickness?

Preggo ladies, let me hear from you.

Do you have a strong stomach?  weak stomach?

Does your MS reflect either your strong or weak stomach?

Ultrasound is less than 24 hours away and I am TERRIFIED now.  I don't want to go.



  1. I had a boy just over a year ago and not a bit of morning sickness. I only knew I was preggo because I was super, super hot all of a sudden. My normally freezing cold toes were boiling hot! My mom had two girls and was sick straight up to the delivery room!
    Best of luck tomorrow.

  2. I'm having a girl. I've only had a few random bouts of morning sickness and I think they were due to my prenatals. Other than that, I really have no symptoms right now. I just got back from my ultrasound and baby is still doing well. So, don't cancel! Crossing my fingers for you.

  3. I've heard that you are sicker with girls because of their reproductive system. It is extra hormones. But I've never heard that you don't get sick with boys, I've just heard it is not usually as bad as it is with girls.

    I tend to have a weak stomach but I never throw up unless I have a really bad bug. I've been nauseous on and off but have not thrown up. I would say my MS has been extremely mild. So maybe you have a point.

  4. Prior to my m/c I was mildy sick. I did cry at my desk one day though because it was so gross. Although I must say that I've always been a puky person (motion sickness, hungover power puking etc...). When I was preggo I would throw up right before breakfast feel fantastic and then the feelings would come back again around 3:00pm. I actually took diclectin for it. I'm not sure if I will take it next time round or not. Although I'll never know I was fairly convinced I was having a boy. I say embrace the lack of sickness. I am anxiously awaiting news from your ultrasound. I have extremely positive thoughts for you!!!

  5. I am not sick in the morning but I feel pretty nauseous at night. I am not sure what I am having. Can't wait to find out. I think you are right, some people get morning sickness, some don't and it doesn't matter what the gender is. Hope all goes well with the u/s!

  6. I didn't have any morning sickness at all. I have a strong stomach (iron guts - hubby and I didn't even get sick in Vietnam and we ate from the side of the road!) and I also think it is genetic. Did you mum have m/s? I also never throw up from drinking (only sambucca) and have never thrown up from being sick unless I had serious gastro which was once about 15 years ago.

    If you don't have it then you are lucky and just feel blessed!

  7. I don't think there is a right answer either way. I've had close friends that were as sick as could be and had girls and boys. My best friend has a baby girl and wasn't sick a bit. Consider yourself lucky that you aren't sick and relax. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

  8. Well, I'm not pregnant now, but can I still answer? ;)

    I don't remember having ANY morning (or any other time) sickness w/ Punkin. The only thing remotely similar I experienced is when my iron or sugar levels got too low. I would just feel weak-y.

    I can't believe you have such a strong stomach. I could just think about something disgusting and wretch.

  9. While I have no comment on the morning sickness I am absolutely positive you can get through tomorrow. Fingers triple crossed for you!

  10. Interesting post - I have been trying to look into this myself being in the opposite situation to you. Why is my morning sickness so severe? Well, it appears there is actually very little reliable research-based knowledge about it. Why it occurs at all seems to be a bit of mystery and open to contention and why not in some women, only mildly in others and in a few so severe they end up in the hospital on a drip. How each of us react to the cocktail of hormones racing through our bodies is just so different. Just like reactions to drugs or alcohol or whatever. I think I'm of the weaker, sensitive kind...
    I'm in the first trimester and luckily not about to be hospitalized, but I do throw up a lot. Generally, I do seem to be very sensitive to hormones - I got nauseous and dizzy from Gonal-f during IVF which the IVF clinic claimed was not a side effect they normally saw. I do get motion sickness extremely easy. And I have only ever been able to drink very little alcohol.

  11. Interesting ideas about morning sickness. I too think I have quite an iron stomach and can't remember the last time I threw up (thankfully). No motion sickness for this ocean & water loving girl!

    And like others, I've known women who have had boys and girls who were sick the entire pregnancy and then others...nothing! It really just depends on the women and the pregnancy, as each one can be (and usually is) different.

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