Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reality Setting In

I had a midwife appt yesterday.

Can I just tell you that it's still weird to go to appts and not have to drop trou?

And also how weird it is to go see my midwives so infrequently?

But here we are, just a day shy of 25 weeks and suddenly some things are beginning to sink in.

The most important?

We're probably really gonna have a baby in August.

I know, it should already be a reality, but MY reality is that I've already been pregnant for 9.5 months and I don't have a baby, so...continuing to be pregnant does not always = baby.  But as we're rounding the corner into the 3rd trimester (2 more weeks!), and August gets closer and closer...the reality is we may really have a baby soon.

And with THAT reality comes others.

Another reality?  

I have to GIVE BIRTH.

This is no longer something I am pondering conceptually, but something I actually have to get ready to DO...soon!

Hypnobirthing preparation begins at 29 weeks...that's just 4 weeks away now.

Childbirth classes and group prenatal classes begin in 4 weeks and continue all the way to 36 weeks.  ALL SCHEDULED.  

Guys, I might really have to do this.  I might really have to push a watermelon through a very small hole and I have to mentally start my preparing to do it au naturale.

And something completely un-baby related that is sinking in?

We're missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the Olympics.  

When we first found out we were pregnant and the due date of AUGUST 15 popped up on FF we very nonchalantly said oh damn, that's right after the Olympics and moved on.  There was no guarantee that this would be a take-home baby anymore than Baby A so we put ALL of it out of our minds and played the wait and see game.

And we waited all the way until 24 weeks to discuss it further.

And now the reality.  We've made it past 24 weeks and we're not going to the London Olympics.

You see, these Olympics have sort of an odd importance in our relationship.

We've been planning on going to these Olympics since we first met more than 4 years ago.  Very very early in the relationship (like 2 weeks in!) Dom told me we were going to go to the London Olympics together.  I scoffed at his arrogance that we would still be together 4 years later, but he was right, we're still together and we've literally ALWAYS planned on going to these together.

It was almost like an anniversary or a milestone in the relationship to FINALLY be going.

It never occurred to either of us that anything would hinder our plans.  In fact, when we started TTC we planned on taking our little one over to stay with Grandma (she lives in London) while we went off to the sporting events.  And even when we were pregnant the first time and baby would only be 4 months old for the Olympics, we still planned on doing it.  

After the miscarriage we even planned on delaying our next Clomid cycle until after the new year so that we could STILL go to the Olympics, even if I was going heavily pregnant (not the most brilliant plan I admit as I hate flying pregnant, but I didn't know that at the time!).  

But we never planned on ONE moment of spontaneous sex during my theoretically fertile time (it's theoretical for me cause I always have CM but rarely ovulate, for all the readers who have showed up AFTER all my TTC has resolved =) resulting in a pregnancy that would be full term at the exact time of the London Olympics.

And while we would obviously choose baby over Olympics regardless of the situation, it's beginning to sink in that we REALLY could have been there and I'm a little sad about it.

At least it's something we can always throw in this kids face, right?  How we chose him/her over the OLYMPICS!  It will be one of those stories that the kid hears SO many times over their life that one time as a teenager, when they're angry, they'll tell us that we SHOULD have gone to the Olympics instead of having them.  

Hahaha, oh teenagers...the fun things in life to look forward to. 



    No really!

    Sometimes when I realize there is a very very good chance that in October I will have TWO CHILDREN it freaks me out, I get so overwhelmed!

    I hope you tell them that story, it is a perfect mom story. "We almost went to the Olympics! But then YOU came along..." HA! My mom likes to tell me that she used to be able to not pee for 2 hours, but then *I* came along...

  2. Boo to missing out on the olympics yeah yeah yeah cause it is because you are having a baby :)

    I am also just realising I have to get a watermelon out of my lemon and yeah starting to think how the hell does this happen????

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog- I thought I'd better pop over hear and see what your all about! Congrats on the pregnancy and boo to missing out on the Olympics! I went to a few events at the Sydney Olympics and to tell you the truth, I'd take a baby any day! Just maybe not at the time (I was only 16!)

    I hope the hypno birthing and other classes help ease your mind about the labour. I did a "Calmbirth" course which was worth every penny and now instead of fearing my labour, I can't wait to experience it!

    We are amazing creatures us women and it's amazing what we can do!

  4. Uh huh. Yup. The fact that I have only three months left until my due date, and that I could conceivably go into labour early (though family history would dictate otherwise), the fact that I'm going to have to push this baby out is really starting to sink in. Yikes! We can do it, and will, obviously, but thinking about it is just plain scary!

  5. I still remember when I was pregnant with Tanner, I was just skipping along through pregnancy, then one day it dawned on me... There was no going back- this was going to happen. This massive thing sticking out of my abdomen was going to have to go through the itty bitty opening. I was suddenly filled with dread. This is it, there is no turning back- this isn't like being a kid and waiting forever in the line at the fair to go on the scariest ride and at the last second jumping out of line. There was no jumping out of line, this huge thing in my belly was coming out my vaj no matter what I decided...

  6. I had just given birth when the 08 Olympics were on, and let me tell you - being at home, with a newborn, alone during the day (and up at night) - it is AWESOME to have something so fun to watch. I got so into it! So you will love having them on TV to watch, especially with the time difference, and they will be special to you.