Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bumpdate - 28 Weeks

I've been in a bit of a blogging rut this week since the last few miscarriages were announced.  I don't know what it is about these latest ones specifically but they've made me hit the skids on whatever it was I was going to blog about. I couldn't bring myself to blog about nurseries and glucose tests and whatever the hell else was on my mind when these ladies were dealing with the hell of a miscarriage.

I almost even skipped today.

But it's Wednesday and I've been really good about getting these out on time, so I have to bumpdate.

Let's get to it.

Regardless of what book you are reading I AM IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER and 7 months pregnant!

I feel like this was the last big milestone before you know...birth.

How far along: 28 Weeks

Weight Gain: Nothing this week, so +16 bringing me to a whopping 138 lbs.

Food: My first official food craving of Pregnancy #2 is...SWEETS!  I'm all over sweets.  If you don't know, I'm NOT a sweets/dessert kind of all.  I will almost always pass on dessert.  But on Sunday night at 7:30pm suddenly I desperately wanted dessert and since we don't keep sweets in the house this required us to seek out said dessert.  Unfortunately it was Sunday and this is not NYC which means a lot of places were closed, but luckily this is still San Francisco and thus a big enough city that we found ONE OF THE BEST DESSERT PLACES IN THE CITY still open until 8pm and not far from us.  So we hopped in the car and drove out to get dessert.  We got an eclair and a piece of chocolate cake to split between the two of us and I consumed every last crumb of my half.  DELICIOUS.  The next day I then proceeded to eat my husband's half of the eclair because he hadn't had his the night before, HE SAID IT WAS OK!  Then today I stopped for a donut on the way home from yoga.  Yeah, sweets craving is in full effect, I haven't wanted sweets like this since Pregnancy Numero Uno.  Clearly the baby has a sweet tooth.

In other food news, twice more I've had to get up at 5am to eat because my tummy was growling so loudly I just couldn't ignore it.  But other than at 5am I am not feeling overly hungry, SO WEIRD.

What's Up With My Body:  Things are generally calm.  No heartburn, no constipation, no swelling, no stretch marks.  I'm starting to have a bit of back pain if I sit in my chair at the computer too long or if I'm cooking too long.  Something about my posture when I'm chopping and then tending to food on the stove has started to really hurt my back.  And it's not the lower back ache I would normally associate with pregnancy and carrying a heavier load in the front, it's up high between my shoulder blades!  Not sure how to fix the situation other than to quite cooking ;-)

Speaking of cooking, does anyone else feel like they're cooking their baby when they use their stove?  My stomach is perfecty level with the stovetop whilst cooking and I literally feel like I'm roasting my baby. They caution us against taking baths but not about roasting baby in utero with the stovetop?

Movement:  Baby has been breech (I think!) for most of the pregnancy as I pretty consistently feel kicks down low in my pelvis and only sometimes up around my middle, but I think baby may have finally flipped over and is no longer breech.  I felt a very distinct roll or flip or something that was completely unlike anything I'd felt before and now I'm feeling baby kicks more consistently up by my ribs and belly button and very rarely down in my pelvis. This makes me happy because as much as it doesn't matter what position baby is in right now it DOES matter in just a few short weeks because WE ARE NEARING THE END.

Things I Need To Do: Find a pediatrician. OMG, really?  I honestly didn't realize you should find a pediatrician BEFORE you had your baby...luckily there is one down the street that both Dom and I did a bit of research on independently and unbeknownst to one another and I think we both agree that we'd like to give it a whirl.  I think you're supposed to go in and interview them or meet them pre-baby though, yes?

Finish nursery.  You guys will be happy to hear that I've made progress on my nursery without really buying anything more.  I bought the crib which I told you about but it only arrived 2 weeks ago and we just put it together last weekend.  I will do a nursery post soon so you can see what I'm doing, but honestly I didn't buy much besides a crib.  But it's damn just wait.

Milestone:  I have my glucose test tomorrow and unlike most of your glucose tests mine is done at my house and it's done with FOOD rather than that disgusting sweet orange drink.  I'll post about it tomorrow after I'm done but I basically have pancakes and we test my blood based off THAT glucose rather than the drink.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally looking forward to it because I don't really eat carbs and thus I haven't had pancakes in YEARS!


I am aware of how fabulous my hair looks, for some reason I decided to take it out of it's up-do...clearly a wonderful decision.

Kitty photo bomb!

And one more because I believe my bump is finally growing and because I obviously look fabulous post yoga class.


  1. Idk why but I found the "roasting the baby" part quite humorous...

  2. How do they do the glucose test with food and in your home? Bleh I did one of those glucose tests at my first RE, not excited to repeat it. It wasn't so terrible but it tasted bad and then I had to sit forever in between blood draws.

  3. With my first pregnancy, I got to choose whether I wanted to eat candy bars or drink the glucola. I was SO EXCITED to eat the candy bars, I stared at them in my desk at work for DAYS, willing myself not to eat them early. The moment finally came and I was so excited to finally rip open that 3 musketeers...but I barely finished it. I was so grossed out!!

    This time I have to drink the stuff, because it's more of a CLINIC, and apparently this is "the way" medical science does things, so this is the way I have to do it. It's lame and I'm thinking of denying the test.

  4. last picture is totes my favourite.

    understand about the reluctance to post. sometimes it feels wrong.

    congrats on third trimester!!

  5. I love the idea of the glucose test being done with food and especially waffles! I been wanting to make waffles all week. I should do it before the waffle iron gets packed away.

    I know exactly what you mean with the pain between the shoulders when you sit or stand too long. I've started using my maternity belt when I know I'm going to be standing (cooking) or walking for longer periods of time. It seems to help.

  6. Ooh, now I'm looking forward to your glucose test post so I can discuss that with my midwife. I'm sure since she's at a clinic they routinely do the orange crap but she's all about options, so maybe I can talk her into going out to breakfast with me at IHOP.

    Belly is definitely bigger.

  7. Love the belly pics, definitely growing! And third trimester sounds fantastic! Are you still feeling good energy/comfort wise?

  8. Your kitty photo bomb comment made me laugh out loud! You look adorable. : )

  9. I can't believe you are so far along already! Your belly is so cute! You must be the most adorable person in yoga class!

    I've been feeling the same way this week. Totally depressed for the girls and not feeling much like blogging.

    You don't eat a lot of carbs!? I feel ashamed. I also had the hubby go out and get donuts the other morning. Soooo good. But I haven't been able to be satisfied by much, so may be that comes later in the pregnancy. I just can't wait for things to taste delish again.

  10. Yay for T3!! What a milestone.... love the cat in the back of your second pic- too cute!