Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bumpdate - 29 Weeks

I feel extremely uninspired to blog lately.  I've started to feel really emotional and overwhelmed and oddly those are not emotions that spur me to blog.  It's usually sadness or anger that really rile up a good blog post

But I began my bumpdates, so I must finish my bumpdates.

Here we go.

How far along: 29 weeks...holy shit.

Weight Gain: +1, we're up 17 lbs.

What's Up with My Body: I feel fine.  If these bumpdates ever came on a day where I'm doubled over in pain from gas or when my Braxton Hicks feel like they're coming constantly then I would obviously not be writing "fine". But the days I have problems are so infrequent and are honestly nothing to worry about...I just like to freak out about them in the moment...that I have no trouble disregarding them and moving on as soon as they're over.  So, today and yesterday I feel fine.  And aside from the 2 days of gas pains, I've felt fine all week.  No heartburn, no swelling, no stretch marks, I don't feel huge yet, I am sleeping fine...what else is there?  The gas situation seem to have been relieved by a bowel movement, but as far as I know I was not really constipated as I'd had a bowel movement the same morning the gas pains started, what's up with that?!

A lot of people seem to be complaining about sleep at about this point in pregnancy and I'm happy to say that my sleeping has stayed the same pretty much the whole pregnancy.  Yes I do get up 2-3 times a night to pee every single night, but I have no trouble falling asleep, I have no trouble falling BACK to sleep after I'm up to pee and I don't wake up in pain, other than some very mild back pain every once in awhile.  Not something I'll complain about.

It also feels like a lot of people begin complaining about their bulk at this point. Sizewise I honestly don't feel that much different.  Other than the bump, which kind of just feels like an extra appendage, my body still feels like my own.  There is a bit of grunting that happens when I go from a reclining or horizontal position to a vertical one, but that's more of a trouble bending situation rather than a bulk situation.  I do not actually feel bigger.  The bump also feels a bit heavy when I go from reclining to standing, but it's just for a moment and if I'm up and about I don't notice the extra bump weight.

Is this when I start being happy that I'm only up 17 lbs?

I think so.

Movement:  I've started to feel baby hiccups sporadically.  They're very light and so different from all of the hard kicking and punching that seems to be going on the rest of the time.  Oh and we officially have baby in the lungs!  Oomph, really takes your breathe away when you get kicked in the lungs!

Emotions:  I am quite the emotional basketcase lately.  I know it's hormonal, it FEELS hormonal, but sometimes I just can't help myself and tears just start pouring down my face...for no real reason.  It's usually in the middle of what is SUPPOSED to be a discussion (you know the ones where you're actively trying to NOT argue and just DISCUSS without getting too emotional?) but I can't turn it off, the emotions are just too close to the surface these days.

I'm very overwhelmed with what we've got going on at our house and it puts me on edge.  While I am busy worrying about getting the nursery ready and having a serene space to give birth in, the hubs seems to be worrying about getting THE WHOLE HOUSE done, which leaves the whole house UNDONE.  We have tons of little projects that we've been putting off for awhile and suddenly he's VERY worried about doing them NOW.  In my head I would rather not worry about them too much, finish the nursery and keep plugging away at them one by one, as I believe a few weeks after the baby is born we will have figured out how to live life again and it won't be a huge deal to have an electrician come in after the initial weeks that we're figuring out a newborn.  But it seems he may be more nervous about the impending changes than he would like to admit and he seems to think that after baby is born we will NEVER have a chance to finish up these little projects.  He would never admit that, but his behavior says otherwise.

And if I'm being really honest (and let's face it, when am I not?) I'm really sad that I'm going to miss out on a 2nd birthday this year because of a pregnancy.  Dom turns 40 in a month and we're going to have a big BBQ party here at the house.  My birthday is a month later and what are we going to do for it?  Nothing.  We'll be sitting around waiting for a baby.  Last year was my 30th, what did we do for it?  Nothing.  We were too excited that we were pregnant.  I hate that I'm upset by this because you know, WE'RE HAVING A BABY, what better gift could a girl ask for, but THIS girl wants a party FOR HER...having a baby is not just going to magically change my personality and make me not care.  So, there you have it, selfish, bitchy, but the honest truth about having a due date 2 days after your own birthday.  It's like the whole of my 30th year was gobbled up by pregnancies...and not in a good way.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Trip to NYC for my baby shower in T minus 2 days!!!  Dreading the flight but really looking forward to seeing all of my friends one last time before I have this baby!

Bumpdate: If you couldn't guess from the picture, husband is gone again.

This, my friends, is a maternity dress!  Pea in the Pod.  Why oh why can I not take a straight picture with the iPhone?


  1. Looking great!!! I hear ya on the bday situation.. we did nothing major for Neal's because I was pregnant, and then I had a fussy newborn for mine and just sat inside all day and dealt with a fussy baby... maybe we should start have 1/2 bday parties.. you can have yours in Feb and I'll have mine in August. :-)

  2. You look great, and so great that you still feel so good! Cannot believe you are 29 weeks already, I think I first started following when you were 15 weeks and it has flown by! Maybe the baby will come 2 weeks before your birthday and you can spend your bday showing her/him off :).

  3. Love the dress, so glad the symptoms aren't too bad at the moment, you've been through enough. Let's have a virtual birthday party for you on the blog! I understand, I didn't have a 30th because I was so depressed about not having a baby, and I really regret it now.

  4. Why not have a birthday party early, at your house so you don't have to go anywhere that close to your due date? I'd still want a party, too! It will be your final days before baby!!

  5. Adorable Bump!!! You are almost done!!! :)

  6. Your hubs is right, get the projects done BEFORE the baby comes!!

  7. No birthday party when you can drink! Honey I love your honesty. Xx

  8. I find it interesting about your sleeping and bulk non-issues, because I was commenting on almost the same thing to DH this morning. I am having issues sleeping, but not because of pregnancy, but allergies. I just can't breathe (who needs that anyway?). I always have been able to fall asleep and get back to sleep without any issues and it's still the same for me. (If it takes me longer than 10 minutes to fall asleep, I have insomnia.)

    As for size, I am definitely noticing my bump getting bigger, but it doesn't seem to effect much, yet, especially if I wear my support belt when I stand or walk a lot. My comment to DH this morning was that I am surprised my back isn't hurting, as I've always thought I'd have back issues with a pregnancy. Glad to see it is wrong so far. :)

    Continue looking cute and can't wait for more updates!

  9. Love your dress! And I totally agree...gas pains are the worst!

  10. I totally agree with you on the birthday thing...I have now been pregnant for three of my last four birthdays. It bugs me sometimes - I better get a party for my next one!

  11. You look fantastic!! I love the dress!

    My hubs will be the one celebrating his birthday while we wait for our baby girl to arrive. It'll be a great present for yourself :)

  12. Anger and sadness definitely lead to blogging as you can tell with my blog- haha!Your baby will be here before you know it missy!!! SO exciting!! I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog- honestly all the support helped so much!Hang in there- this last bit will be over before you know it!!! :)

  13. Cute dress! I'm just waiting for my hubby to get to the "Holy shit we're having a baby maybe I should do some of the crap I've been putting off for the last few years" phase. It's coming, I'm sure. I'm thinking in August he'll be scrambling and I'll laugh at him while being secretly annoyed that it takes a baby to jumpstart him instead of just my gentle pleading that he fix the fucking garage door.