Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bumpdate - 26 Weeks

First things first, I must alert you all to the fact that I have less than 100 days left of pregnancy.

Don't tell me about going over 40 weeks, I KNOW, in fact I'm hoping to go OVER by a week, remember?

But that's not the point.  The point is that the ticker says 98 days!

And in other news...

I'm still sick.

My poor, sickly, sad little asthmatic lungs take normal 2 day colds and turn them into week long affairs.

There's a lot of mucus...and not the fun kind that I normally talk about, like CERVICAL mucus.  Just the disgusting my nose, in my throat, in my chest.

Mucus, mucus, everywhere.

And the coughing.

Oh the coughing.

Hot steamy showers where I just sit in the shower, not in the water and try to breathe in the steam have become my new obsession to try to loosen the phlegm and ease the coughing.

And because I'm miserable and obviously already complaining.

Guess what SF has that I wasn't anticipating when I moved here?



It's gorgeous weather here, 80 degrees and sunny and I can't go outside because not only do I sound like a 75 year old smoker with my hacking cough but because the ALLERGIES will attack me and I will live to regret it.  In fact several days I did regret it and have vowed to stay inside for the rest of allergy season.

So, back to pregnancy.

Pregnancy has been boring this week.

NO GROWTH.  NO WEIGHT GAIN.  Ok there's a LITTLE bump growth in the last 2 days since my last post...don't worry I have pictures.

I am either:

a) growing a tiny baby

b) losing weight while baby is gaining so that we're evening out.


c) about to have a massive growth spurt in which both baby and I gain like 5 lbs in a week...

Whatever.  Baby is kicking like crazy and I'm too sick to keep worrying about it.

So, bumpdate:

How far along: 26 Weeks

Weight Gain: +15...still.

What's Up With My Body:  Nothing.  No constipation.  No heartburn.  No swelling.  No stretch marks.  No symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever other than this bump on my belly that keeps kicking me and the baby's new trick...STRETCHING.  So uncomfortable when baby stretches out, I end up poking him and nudging him to encourage him to STOP WITH THE STRETCHING.

Food: As most of you know I haven't had any true cravings or aversions this pregnancy at all.  But the latest and greatest thing to happen in the food department is that I had to get up one morning at 5am TO EAT because I was starving.  Of course I was already awake hacking up a lung so I thought, WHY NOT EAT AND HACK AT THE SAME TIME?  I've been ravenously hungry twice since then at 5am but haven't bothered to get up...sleep is better.


Eating too much makes me want to vomit now.  There's just no room left, if I eat too much it threatens to come right back up.  No vomit yet, but boy we've come close!

Emotions: I cry for no reason.  TV makes me cry...a lot, for no reason.  More than once I've found myself bawling and then laughing because I was nothing.  Luckily I am alone when this has happened otherwise that would have been embarrassing.

Bumpdate: Let's all obsessively analyze these photos I took for you shall we?

I BELIEVE that my bump looks bigger at 23 weeks in the purple dress than it does at almost 26 weeks, but I believe it's bigger at 26 weeks in the gray tank top than at 22 weeks.

I DIDN'T SAY IT HADN'T GROWN SINCE 22 WEEKS!  Obviously it has, it's the 23 that I'm stuck on.

Let's obsess....I mean analyze some more.

After careful analysis I suppose it's clear that the bump has grown.  BUT I swear it just happened in the last two days.

If you look at 24 and 25, those suckers are the SAME, in fact 24 looks bigger, can you see where the crazy came from?

I'm done now.  Obsession OVER.

And onwards and upwards people we have just 1 more week until we're in the 3rd Trimester!!!


  1. Bump sure is growing - nothing to worry about there! The second lot of pics certainly show it.

    Sorry your still sick and the allergies don't sound like fun at all... Horrible having to stay inside when it's such nice weather outside! Just plain sucks...

  2. bump has definitely grown love :)

  3. Ugh so sorry you are sick and adding the allergies on top of that sounds like a total yuck. So exciting to be under 100 days!!! Eeeep!

    Your bump is definitely growing and super cute. :)

  4. Would you look at that bump? Too cute for words! I recall a certain doctor telling me (when I made an appointment to see her - armed with preggie photos) to keep in mind that as baby grows older, she will move around, thus explaining the weird shape my tummy was making in some of the photos (either pointy so it looked like I'm growing my own personal conehead or a perfect round shape, hence the comments "have you swallowed a soccer ball?") Tomorrow we will be celebrating my baby's 1 year with us & I read this blog fondly, remembering my own pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon & relax, you look wonderful!

  5. Your bump is growing but it seems like it's changing shape, too, so it's not quite growing OUT - therefore it probably doesn't look bigger because you might be getting wider or more bumpy at the bottom (if that makes sense).

    It's good that your baby is kicking you, otherwise you might be freaking out right now ;)

  6. It looks to me like your bump is getting higher which could also be why your meals causing you problems. I say enjoy it while you can! I'm sure at some point you'll wish your bump was only that big!

  7. Looks like baby is changing position, maybe already moved his little head down! But really you look fantastic. Perfect bump. And so close to third trimester! I cannot believe how fast it all seems to be going!

  8. It looks like your bump (based on the second set of pics) has grown up... you are more filled out higher on your abdomen.. but it definitely to my eye, has gotten bigger. I bet you will have a huge spurt in your 3rd Trimester.. I didn't grow much in the 2nd Tri either.. there were a lot of weeks where I felt the same.

  9. I think your 26 photo for sure looks the biggest. And I agree with others, the shape seems to be changing, which is maybe why you think it doesn't look like it's growing. So cute!

  10. Lol you are too funny! I think your bump looks perfect!
    One more week till third tri!! YAY!!!!

  11. & WTH I just noticed your not in my blog roll? I clicked to follow and it added me again?! How in the heck did that happen?!

  12. I definitely think that your bump has grown but, like a few other people, I think it's also changed shape which could account for why it doesn't feel like it's growing out. Baby is definitely growing though :)

    Aren't allergies the WORST? Ugh. I hope that you feel better soon!!

  13. So so so sorry for the cold and allergies on top of it all. Thankfully, I've only got allergies, but I'm suffering too! I hate birch trees blooming. I finally got some more and new allergy meds, fingers crossed they work.

    Your bump has definitely grown! I love the black and whites of the bump only. So cute! And I think the dress is a bit deceptive with bump-ness, because it can also hide the bump too. In any case, don't obsess (too much). Psst, I've gained almost 20lbs (omg, kilograms, 9kg, sounds so much better), I'm a week behind and it definitely isn't bump, but I'm not sure where it's going either...boobs I think.

  14. Yep, the bump is definitely bigger, rounder, more pronounced now. :)

    Get well soon! Allergies are the worst! Ugh!

  15. I think pregnancy is fucking with your eyesight. Your bump is clearly bigger, especially in your black tank/white skirt series. You're so silly. :) You should have gotten a cat suit or something so you could lay images over each other and compare growth. I'd do that, but I can think of 100 other things I'd rather do than squeeze my ass into a catsuit. The spanx were bad enough.

  16. Such a cute bump! And yes, I can tell it is growing. I love your black & white series, too. I have been obsessing over how to photograph my bump. At least it keeps me from Googling too many scary statistics I guess!