Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bumpdate - 27 Weeks

Well, it's Wednesday again.

Time to bumpdate.

The good news is that my cold FINALLY went away.  It stuck around for a solid week and a half.  That's 10 full days of phlegm and hacking.  FUN.  But thank god we're past that now and let's hope I'm not destined for 1 cold per trimester...I don't want to have to survive one more.

So, just like with the discrepancy about when the 2nd trimester starts there is the same discrepancy about when the 3rd trimester starts.


But some books say it's not until next week.

Screw it, I'm going with the school of thought that says it's this week.

So, Yay, 3rd Trimester people!

How Far Along: 27 Weeks

Weight Gain: Up another pound FINALLY after stalling out for a full month, +16 total.  Wasn't the majority of the weight gain supposed to be in trimester 2?  I suppose I gained 10 lbs in the 2nd trimester which was twice as much as the first...I honestly thought I would gain more.

Maternity Clothes: I brought this one back into the mix because I just have to mention that maternity clothes, specifically dresses still do not fit me.  There is too much room in the bump area and my bump just doesn't fill it out.  By the time my bump is big enough for maternity dresses I will be ready to give birth.  This makes me sad because dresses are the most comfortable thing ever while you're pregnant but only a very specific type of non-maternity dress can be worn during pregnancy.  I'm down to like 5 in my rotation and ALWAYS looking for new ones, but having a lot of trouble.  I keep trying, keep buying maternity dresses, cheap, expensive, everything, looking for something and I have exactly 2 that I can wear and even they are a bit too big in the bump.  So, to maternity dress makers, MAKE SOME CLOTHES FOR SMALLER BUMPS PLEASE!  That being said I love maternity tank tops and wear them whenever I don't have a dress on.

What's Up With My Body:  Let's bullet point today shall we?

  • Braxton Hicks contractions are evil and Mr. Braxton Hicks is the devil.  I hate these things with every fiber of my being.  They cause me so much stress that I don't know how I'm going to survive the next 13 weeks.  Here's the thing, I start to get them A LOT if I'm tired, if I'm dehydrated, if I'm on my feet too long and apparently for a million other reasons.  Midwives say don't worry about them unless you have more than 4 an hour or if they're painful and I SWEAR I'm having 4 an hour but when I sit down to count them, guess what happens?  Oh yes, they slow down, I've never counted more than 3.  And they don't hurt but holy hell it's uncomfortable when they're almost constant.  It's like walking around with your tummy constantly flexed.  And in a state of SHEER TERROR that this is the beginning of labor

If you couldn't guess my husband is out of town again, I seem to only stress about preterm labor when he's gone.  This is his last trip for the duration of the pregnancy THANK GOD and you just know I'll never have a day of Braxton Hicks again.

  • I've started having crazy dreams again.  I had a bunch in the beginning and then they seemed to go away during the 2nd trimester but now as we hit the 3rd they seem to be returning.  I keep having anxiety dreams, birth dreams, and the latest and greatest SPIRIT SMOKE BABY DREAMS.  Are you guys watching the new season of Game of Thrones?  If you are then you know the crazy red haired lady who gives birth to the smoke monster?  Well, I birthed something similar to that, except it was blue and it was a baby, not a full grown man, AND IT WASN'T EVIL.  But I birthed a spirit smoke baby and had to push it back in because the baby wasn't ready to be born yet...and you was a smoke baby but after I pushed it back in I started having all these cramps, I woke up to discover I HAD TO PEE, oh yes, pushing my spirit baby back in was just my body's way of saying WAKE UP AND PEE.

  • My stomach muscles are totally weird.  I have a post for you tomorrow all about the diastasis recti complete with PICTURES!

  • Normal symptoms have all but disappeared, I had one afternoon of heartburn and one day of swelling, no headaches, no back pain...still doing good physically, waiting for it all to go to shit.

Emotions: I'm ready to be done with this pregnancy.  Not because I hate being pregnant, I don't mind it at all and I kind of love the bump.  But the stress of worrying constantly is taking it's toll, and I'm ready to be done.  I hate that I can't let go and quit worrying as I'm not a worrier by nature but the miscarriage took it's toll and I'm always waiting for the next thing to go wrong.  I'm tired.  Very very tired of worrying.

Movement: Baby seems to enjoy spicy food and baths/showers.  If I eat anything spicy I get a lot of somersaults and kicks and when I sit in the bath baby has her own little dance party in there.  We like baths.

Bumpdate: I figured out where and how baby is growing.  Baby is growing up and sideways, not so much out.  I can feel baby kicks just an inch or so below my boobs, though not in my ribs or lungs yet and i can feel baby WAY out to the sides, like so far out there I had no idea my uterus could even BE out there.  You guys know the old wives tale about girls growing wide and boys growing out right?  Well, if that's true this is a girl.  And honestly...I officially think this is a girl.

Rockin more non-maternity wear.  This is J. Crew.


  1. Aw you look adorable!!! The smoke baby thing in Game of Thrones is CREEPY.

  2. Have you checked Forever 21? I have some cute maxi dresses and knee length high-waist dresses that I think would be perfect for small bumps. And their things are dirty cheap so you won't be out a ton. Just a thought!

  3. Ok, I know you worry about it.. but be glad about the minimal weight gain! Nothing worse than a lecture about your weight gain, and then trying to lose it.. because when I was breastfeeding I was doing it CONSTANTLY... like had my boob out all damn day constantly, and still all my weight didn't come off. I still have about 15-18 lbs to lose because of how much I gained. Obviously you are doing what you are "supposed" to do weight-wise. :-) I was up almost 30 lbs by 27 weeks.. not good!!!

  4. Yesssss! I can't wait for your diastasis recti pics! And damn, I wish we had HBO. I've read the books, but I want to watch season 2!

  5. I feel the same exact way about worrying. I don't want to have negative thoughts but it's hard not to think about what could happen when you've already have angels. I was one of the ones who went against the bump rules. I'm a basketball and it's a you never know!

  6. Looking good! I only purchased one "maternity" dress, the rest of the dresses I had were just normal maxi dresses that seem to do the trick! I also got a few maxi skirts, just in a bigger size than my normal size and I have lived in them too. Fashion is pretty good these days in that a lot of normal clothes you can wear throughout most of your pregnancy.

    The worrying never stops unfortunately... I am 40 weeks on Sunday and I still have times when I worry that something terrible will happen and I wont come home with a baby. I think it's natural for anyone who has had a previous miscarriage or struggled with IF to be a little crazy at times!

  7. I'm with you on 27 weeks being the beginning of the 3rd trimester. At least that's where I'm sticking it (one more week for me)!

    Can't wait to see this next season of Games of Thrones, then I'll understand more. :)

    Looking cute and take care!

  8. That scene when she gives birth to the smoke monster was so horrifying to me. I was like ... WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS TO ME?! WHAT IS GROWING IN MY BELLY? I think it was soon after I saw that that I had the dream about giving birth to kittens. So, okay, kittens are a little better than smoke monsters, I guess. But still, I want human babies!