Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bumpdate - 25 Weeks

I'm sick.


I was really hoping that dreadful cold I had at 14 weeks would be the only time I was sick during pregnancy, BUT I GUESS NOT.

I just want to curl up into a little ball with a bottle of NyQuil and sleep until I feel better...they should totally make a Pregnancy NyQuil...

On to the belated bumpdate.

How far along: 25 weeks

Weight Gain: Same +15 lbs, though at the midwife appt on Monday it said 141 lbs (first time she's weighed me), mine says 137, I even double checked it again this morning.  That's a 4 lb discrepancy between scales!  But my beginning weight was done on mine, so we're using mine as the TRUE weight ;-)

What's Up with My Body:  Generally I've felt really good this week.  I went a WHOLE WEEK without constipation.  Heartburn was minimal and I just feel pretty good.  Calm before the storm of the third trimester?


I'm starting to get uncomfortable if I do too much during the day.  If I walk for long distances my feet, hips and lower back start to hurt.

And I've made an interesting discovery this week as I attempted to find something appropriate to wear for a hike...


I have all these cargo pants that I only wear when I'm about to participate in an activity in which I might get dirty, such as hiking, and as I went to try them on with my bellaband (I knew they weren't going to fit over the belly!) I discovered the won't really even fit over my hips!  It's strange because my thighs aren't wider, nor is my ass, but the tops of pants REALLY struggle at the top to get over the hips!  My body is REALLY getting ready to give birth!


Possibly the strangest thing to happen in pregnancy that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT (aside from the leaking boobs!)

My stomach muscles have begun to separate!!!

About 2 weeks ago I discovered in the bathtub that if I used my stomach muscles to pull myself up or lower myself down I had this ridge that popped up down the center of my tummy.


I felt like a dinosaur with a ridge down their back...except mine was down my tummy. I suspected it may be my stomach muscles separating but I mistakenly thought that meant I MUST BE OUT OF SHAPE and that would have been really embarrassing!  So at my midwife appt on Monday I asked WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DINOSAUR RIDGE DOWN MY STOMACH?  And sure enough she answered that it's my stomach muscles separating AND THAT IT HAPPENS SOONER IN WOMEN WITH TIGHTER ABDOMINAL MUSCLES.  Wait, what?  Really?  I totally thought it was because I was out of shape, turns out it's because tighter muscles don't stretch as much.  So...groovy!  My TIGHT stomach muscles apparently mean I have a dinosaur ridge now if I use my tummy muscles.  I am NOT looking forward to getting those muscles back in shape after baby!

So, WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT DIASTASIS RECTI (separating abdominal muscles)?  I can't even tell you how many pregnant blogs I read and NO ONE talks about this!  Also, it happens in MOST pregnancies, so really, does no one else find this as fascinating as I do?

Best Moment of the Week: I've started to feel really small bump-wise and like I'm not growing much from week to week anymore, so I was happily surprised at my midwife appt to find out that the bump (and theoretically the baby) are growing on track and we're measuring right at 25 weeks.

Bumpdate: I'm sick remember, my bed isn't made, there are clothes everywhere, I have no make up on, but I put on jeans for you guys...which is more than I've done in the last 2 enjoy.


  1. I'm sorry you are sick again :( I hope you feel better soon. I have never heard of the stomach muscles separating. Very interesting. I guess I didn't notice mine because I hadn't seen even a remote bit of stomach muscle in years LOL :/

  2. I've heard about the stomach muscles separating. In prenatal yoga they try to strengthen and stretch the muscles to prevent that from happening, or at least delay it until later. Hopefully it's not too painful for you!!

    1. I've been going to prenatal yoga but apparently they don't address the issue in my class! Doesn't hurt a bit thankfully!

  3. I have heard of stomach muscles separating, mostly because it is SO bad with twins. I always read nikinikininedotblogspotdotcom and she has a tag of postpartem where she shows her diastis recti issues, it is actually pretty fascinating. Also my gf said she used the shrinx hips after her babies and went right back to her (24"!) waist in no time.
    Your little belly is so cute, I swear I feel like I am as big as you at 14 weeks! But it's a nice size to be at, I like it here :)

    1. Holy shitballs! Her tummy scares me! Luckily I'm not carrying twins in here and I've heard that just like your gf if you just use a tummy binder after baby all should go back to normal fairly easily!

      I like this size too! I'm intrigued by getting bigger but don't REALLY want to get bigger, LOL.

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  5. So sorry your not feeling well!! Hopefully it passes soon! Love the Belly Pic!

  6. yeah.. my ab muscles didn't separate..or I never noticed them. I am part of the totally out of shape club. :-) Sorry you are sick! they really should make preggo Nyquil..

  7. My SIL had this. she said she felt it when it happened as well!! Ouchie :0 My stomach muscles weren't too bad I definitely have a line but I wouldn't know if I would classify it as a ridge?

    Get better soon!

  8. Hope your feeling better soon - and thanks for putting some pants on for the pic! Bump is looking great indeed!

  9. Seperating stomach muscles?! NEVER heard of that and now it is one more thing I'll be "looking forward" to possibly experiencing. LOL
    Still haven't had leaky boobs, although I keep watching and waiting.

    Get better soon!

  10. The diastasis recti freaks me the fuck out. They talk about it in my pregnancy workout videos and I just don't even want to think about it. When she describes it in the video I get the shivers, you know, like when something is totally disgusting. I know it's normal, I know it doesn't hurt, it just totally freaks me out. Cute belly! Get better! And fuck doctor's office scales! They suck.

  11. Very weird! I guess that makes sense, but why does no one tell you about it!? I hear you...