Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Babies Are Coming!

Remember back in March when I finally decided to get rid of my TTC Timeline and added a Fellow Pregnant IFers tab along the side of my blog?

It was my attempt to embrace pregnancy, let go of the fear of losing the pregnancy and celebrate the fact that so many IFers were getting their BFPs right alongside me.

When I wrote that post there was roughly 30 of us all of who struggled through infertility and all pregnant.   Since that time the number has climbed to roughly 50 and the miscarriages were oh so few, and for once this group of women who seem to always be on the wrong side of statistics were BEATING the statistics.

The due dates were (and are) June through October and with the added BFPs that have sprung up in the last few weeks they've extended out to December/January.  ALL DRAGON BABIES!!!

But a few of the little dragons have decided to make an early appearance.


Rebecca's twin boys arrived a few weeks ago at 31w3d.
Lindsey also had her baby a few weeks ago delivered early at 38 weeks due to pre-e.
Brittany had her baby about a week ago at 35w4d due to complications.
Jessica twin girls arrived a few days ago at 25w4d.
and Lulu who is supposed to be delivering her baby today at 37 weeks due to restricted growth.

As you can see most of these ladies were well ahead of me in their pregnancies and due late May or early June and their babies were purposely delivered early for one reason or another.

But poor Jessica was BEHIND me in her pregnancy and honestly that sort of freaks me the fuck out.  Yes she was on bed rest for a few weeks and it was a twin pregnancy but STILL!!!  Those early babies are doing nothing to squash my fear of preterm labor!

But in honor of the new little dragons that have started to make an appearance I've added a new tab over on the right called IFer's Who Made it to Motherhood!

And in other news today is MAY 15 and my due date is AUGUST 15.  Just 3 months to go!!!


  1. Congratulations to all the dragon babies! We are getting closer and closer :)

  2. I love that the Dragon babies are starting to get here! I hope they are all healthy with their early arrival.

  3. Jessica's babies coming early freaked me out too. Now there is another girl from here who is due on the same day as me and she was just admitted to L&D. Another twin pregnancy but still...I just pray all the early arrivals are healthy!!

  4. Yeah for Dragon Babies! So many powerful little lives coming into the world. :-)

  5. Wow.. I just saw that The Year of the Dragon started on 1/23/12... Austin just squeaked in on the 24th!!

  6. Hooray! Fingers crossed that I'll also be having a dragon baby. Great celebratory post Jes!

  7. Oh my, I think I am having a dragon baby myself! I hope the luck is with me.