Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bumpdate - 30 Weeks

Guys, I still have NOTHING to blog about.

I just had a baby shower in NYC, I should blog about that.  I just took another flight while 29 weeks pregnant and I hated every moment of it, I should blog about that.  I have a nursery theme finally, I should blog about that.  But I've got NOTHING.  The posts will not flow, I can't put anything together.


But until I can get a blog post out of my head and onto the computer screen I guess we're just gonna keep bumpdating away.

So here we go.

Everyone always says how quickly the 9 months of pregnancy fly by ( it's really 10 months!).

I used to think they were full of shit.

Especially after those first 12 weeks DRAGGED on.  And I had to do them twice.

Longest 12 weeks of my life...twice.

But...I must admit, since 12 weeks, the time has flown by.

It's June already and I'm due in August.

There are only 10 weeks left!


Baby is almost cooked.

How far along: 30 Weeks

Weight Gain: Traveling constipation hit with a vengeance while in NYC and I thought I had gained 4 lbs. in one week.  Once I was back home on Tuesday and my body finally decided it was ok to poop in the comfort of my own home, I'm back down to where I was last week at, I pooped out 4 lbs and I am still up 17 lbs total.

What's Up With My Body: Oh dear god the traveling constipation was HORRIBLE.  I left Friday, luckily pooped before the plane ride and then...NOTHING.  I had to wait all the way until Tuesday when we returned to poop out the 4 lbs I gained while eating nothing but crap the whole time I was in NYC.  DELICIOUS CRAP by the way, but there was a lot of pasta and bread involved in the weekend.  On day 2 I started the constipation tricks and tried them ALL before I returned home.  Oranges, kiwis, dates, prunes, oatmeal, aloe, chia seeds, roughage, I did it all...with nothing.  Oh so thankfully this was the kind of constipation in which you just don't have the urge to go at all.  I call it traveling constipation as it seems to happen whether I'm pregnant or not.  It had been 3 days but I had no cramping or uncomfortableness, THANK GOD.  And it doesn't seem to be a return of constipation as all is back to normal now that I am home.

Sleeping in hotel beds and friends beds and other beds that were not my own definitely left me with some sore hips over the weekend.  They felt better sleeping in my own bed last night, but they definitely bothered me more than normal.  I'm hoping this is not a symptom that is here to stay and I just need another day or two in my own bed for my hips to feel better again.

I have a stretch mark.  On the underside of my left boob.  To give credence to the genetic link to stretch marks, this is the only place that my mother and sister got stretch marks in their pregnancies also.  My boobs have not grown since 15 weeks, we're holding steady with our D cups, but out of nowhere...a stretch mark.  No, I don't use lotion or oil on a regular basis to avoid stretch marks because I don't believe you can avoid them if you're going to get them.  Still none on the belly.

And the top of my belly button officially sticks out.  Not the whole thing, just the top.

Emotions: I'm a wreck.  It's impossible not to cry...over nothing.  I was on the plane heading home, I hadn't pooped in 4 days and my media player wouldn't play...i got so upset I started crying.  Yes, constipation and crap technology made me cry.  It's awesome, I love being so in control of my emotions.

Gender:  I am still pretty set on girl for this kid BUT I had another baby boy dream.  I think that's 2 for boy and 1 for girl...and I still call it a 'he'.


Damn, I was trying to show you guys the belly button, but you really can't see it in this piccie!


  1. you look soooo cute!!! My hips were worse when I didn't sleep in my own bed either (like at my parents) because traveling with the 14 pillows I used under my belly, behind my back, between my legs, etc seemed silly. HOpefully your pain eases a bit.. :-)

  2. Look at that cute bump! I am sure your blogging inspiration will come back in time. Right now, focus on cooking that baby. :)

  3. Love the belly - you look great! And I want to hear about the baby shower and nursery!!!

  4. Wow you only weight 139? You're tiny, well your bump is cute and big, but the rest of you is tiny! Congrats on 30 weeks. I'm feeling the same way you are lately about blogging. It's tough. Although I do want to hear about nursery themes and baby showers please!

    I just bought the cocoa butter yesterday and am going to try to apply it twice per day. Genetics are not on my side, so I don't think I can avoid them, but I think I need to try everything to make my thin skin more elastic.

  5. You look fabulous!

  6. I'm feeling the same way about blogging, even when I figure out something to write about, it just seems so totally uninteresting! And, I agree with Lanie, I want to hear about the nursery AND the baby shower!!!

  7. I can't imagine traveling anymore, especially flying! You must have been so uncomfortable, with swelling beyond belief!!!

    I don't think you can avoid stretch marks, either. I do lotion every night because it helps with the itchiness of my stretching skin, though. By the end of the day my belly is so itchy, the lotion is definitely a relief.

    Love the bump!

  8. I don't think you can avoid stretch marks, either, but I lotion every night to stop the itchiness. By the end of the day my belly is so itchy from stretching, I look like a monkey scratching myself!

    Love the bump!!

  9. There is nothing like being back in your own bed again- hope the hips improve. My hips were the one thing that ached throughout my pregnancy. It was pure bliss coming home from the hospital after having Flynn and being able to sleep on my back again!

    loving the bump!!

  10. I'm right there without about not having much desire or words to blog about. I want to, but for one reason or another, I'm just not, except for weekly updates. And even that is trying at times and I still haven't put pictures up for 3 weeks (although I do have my camera at work with me today *grin*) and one of those weeks I just didn't get a picture taken. Not even one using my mobile phone myself.

    Yay for bodily functions going back to 'normal'.

    Funny about the one stretch mark. I'm not sure I would even notice one on my boob, as I have some there already from growing as a teen.

  11. If I were to prefer a form of constipation, the kind where you don't really feel constipated is the best. But then it's like you know you should be pooping and you're not, so what's happening in there? Does my body just make room for it since it's accustomed to being so accommodating to my uterus? I don't know. Poop occupies so many of my waking thoughts nowadays. I have yet to have a poop dream though. Hmmm.

    I too would like to hear about the flying, the shower, the nursery, etc. Don't feel obligated to devote a post to each one if you don't feel like it. I for one would be thrilled by a blanket post.

  12. Sorry about your poop problems. I remember that. The emotions will run wild so just embrace it I say. I know what you mean abot how the blog entries just don't flow. I can't seem to formulate anything either. I guess it's pregnancy brain.