Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Birthdays

Everyone take this post in the lighthearted, jovial manner in which it is intended because I'm sure you're all aware I will take this kid GLADLY whatever day it arrived on and that this is not an ACTUAL concern of mine, just mildly entertaining for me.

Also, take all the astrology talk with a grain of salt.  Lighthearted and fun people, lighthearted and fun.

Without further ado I present to you.....

The Great Astrological Conundrum of 2012

At least in this household.

This baby is due 2 days after my own birthday.

My birthday is August 13th.

If you don't know your astrology, that makes me a Leo.

Leo means I LOVE my birthday, in fact I love any celebration centered around ME.

The month of August has always been MY birthday month as I do not share August with any member of my family.

Unsurprisingly August is my favorite month.

August was mine.

I love August.

I'm ALSO a middle child.

Leo, middle child, I got a double dose of attention whore in me.

But the middle child part notwithstanding, if baby comes anywhere near his/her due date, baby will be an attention whore too.


I realize as the mother that I should give up my own selfish needs and wants and concentrate on celebrating my kid.  Give the kid the birthday month of August and GIVE IT UP WOMAN.

But the Leo in me is screaming in protest.

The only true solution to this is the kid needs to be born a week, week and a half LATE, so that it will be a VIRGO and not a Leo.

Virgo's are not nearly so obsessed with their birthdays.  They won't mind sharing August because they won't be a Leo.   And me, well I will share August if I don't have to share being a Leo.

A 2 Leo household?  I shudder at the thought.

There is a reason I don't have any Leo friends.  Leos work best in any situation when they are the only one.  Otherwise the competition for attention can just get out of hand.

It's not pretty.

Especially when you add my husband the Cancer.

Cancers and Leos work surprisingly well together, even though they are both headstrong, stubborn and a bit attention seeking.  It's an odd mix in the astrological world that no one understands, but it seems the Cancer can somehow reign in the Leo.  I wouldn't actually believe this (who can reign in a free spirited Leo?) but it happened...so 1 point for astrology books everywhere.

But throwing in ANOTHER Leo spells disaster.

Three stubborn, headstrong attention whores all living together under one roof?  The horror of watching your own worst qualities come out in your child and realizing what an ass you probably were to your parents.

The teenage years sound like hell.

Good news is baby was measuring 3 days behind at the anatomy scan, Aug 18 puts us VERY close to Virgo territory guys, very close.

Anyone want to take bets that this kid will not only be a Leo, but will arrive on my birthday?

Anyone else given any thought to their baby's due date and it's astrological significance?


  1. As a Virgo myself, I'll be pulling for your baby to arrive a little late so he/she can be one of us. :)

    I'm actually more of a follower of the Chinese zodiac and I'd love to have a dragon baby, but I only have a couple more months to achieve that. *sigh*

  2. this made me laugh! Love it!!! Yes, once I found out I had to be induced early I was upset because the first date they wanted to induce me was Jan. 16th, and Austin would have been a Capricorn, which I did not like. I really wanted him to be an Aquarius, so I was glad when my induction date got pushed back. :-)

  3. Ha ha ha! I'm a fellow leo (August 12) and middle child. I was so pissed when I had to get married just two days before my birthday and 10 years later still give my husband crap about it. I also secretly felt excited when I figured out I should be having a virgo

  4. Hahaha! LOVE this.

    Our babies are on course to be Virgos or Libras. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I don't much get along with Virgos and Libras. I'm a Scorpio. I LOVE Leos. I would be so happy for a Leo (although not for our current in-progress babies, that would be way too early). Leos are easy to be friends with for a Scorpio. (My brother is a Leo) I think the best of this situation would be for twin Libras because at least they would care about sharing equally.

    When I thought we were having just one baby I was hoping for a late birth so I could get a Scorpio baby. I love other Scorpios because we get each other.

    I can't imagine the drama involved in twin Virgos with a Scorpio mother and an Aries father. Scorpio + Aries already is stormy sometimes. And I find Virgos to be just as dramatic as Scorpios, just not in the same way, and just as (if not more) stubborn. My nephew is a Virgo and he is crazy dramatic and stubborn as a bull.

    So... yes. I've thought about it. HA!!

  5. LOL and OH no!! I see myself and Paxlet in that exact manner!! I'm a July 28th baby, but still very much a Leo. (I love my main of hair.) Paxlet is due on the 22nd, a day before hubby's (the Virgo) b-day.
    I've thought about the significance of astrology, western and Chinese a bit, but not fully. I may have to think about this fun topic a bit more.
    Fingers crossed for a Virgo for you. Anyway I look at it, I'm screwed. *snicker* J/K!

  6. I was desperate not to have a Virgo boy. I went into labor on sept 22 which is Virgo and have birth at 11:24am, 24 minutes into being a libra, thank god!! I have known a lot of Virgo men, not a fan :(

  7. I love this post!!! Hilarious :)

  8. Dom is going to be so screwed with two Leos. But if you're avoiding induction you just might get your little Virgo.

    I'm looking at a Scorpio, which should be very interesting since I'm an Aries and hubby's a Capricorn (a garden goat, not an adventurous goat.) As an aside, hubby loves goats. Thinks they're awesome. It only now occurred to me it's his sign. And I'm a ram, so a goat and a ram. Yeah for ruminants!

  9. Hi I"m a cancer and my husband is Leo. and So far so good! we both love adventure and loves to have fun and joke about everything. However, he has a darker sense of humour and sometimes can get really angry when I intrude into his space. I don't know he's bit LAZY too and even when he is acting like an arrogant prick, he doesn't see /admit to it! Having said that I still love him as a leo. was great to have someone who's sharing the same relationship zodiac sign.