Monday, March 5, 2012

We Looked at Strollers

We looked at our first big baby item.


It was surreal.

And overwhelming.

It went something like this:

We were going to Target to buy towels, since we were at Target and the Bath section is right near the BABY section we decided what the hell, let's take a look at the strollers.

This was a huge step for us.  We've never looked at baby items together.

We've never even walked through a baby section together.

It was like a wave of insanity had swept over us.  WE WERE TEMPTING FATE.

Unfortunately Target's stroller section sucks.  Do not buy a stroller at Target.

All 5 of the strollers were on a shelf at the level of my head and tethered so that you couldn't even put them on the floor to experiment with them.

Target = Baby Stroller Fail.

But since we had made this giant leap to actually looking at baby strollers and there's a Babies R Us right next door to Target we figured WHY NOT?  We'd already tempted fate by daring to look at the strollers at Target anyway, what's it gonna hurt to look at the EXACT SAME ITEM at another store?

So, into Babies R Us we go.

Have you ever been to a Babies R Us?

Babies R Us is overwhelming.

There are babies everywhere.

And lots of preggie ladies.

I felt like an imposter, like we didn't really belong there.

Like I wasn't pregnant ENOUGH to be there.

But we'd already walked through the door, THERE WAS NO GOING BACK NOW, so I stuck my belly out as far as I could and we marched ourselves over to the stroller section.  I couldn't even look at the cute tiny clothes, I kept my eyes well above eye level and stared straight ahead to the giant sign that said STROLLERS.  Avoiding glancing around us for fear of all the anxiety producing baby items.  Do we really need all of these things?

Once in the stroller section HALLELUJAH you can play with ALL of the strollers.  YAY FOR BABIES R US!

So, play we did.

Right away a cute purple one caught my eye and really how else are you supposed to pick out a stroller?  Clearly it all starts with looks, just like you know...everything. 

So, purple stroller became the object of our affection as we marveled at all the buttons, levers, maneuverability and versatility that it had to offer.

In a nutshell we played with exactly ONE and if I had to buy a stroller tomorrow that would be the one I would buy.

It comes with the carseat that snaps in.  It's light.  I could fold it up on my own.  I could pull the carseat out on my own.  It had a versatile handle that can easily be changed for height differences's purple!  What else can you possibly need in a stroller?

Even if this kid is a boy I think he can handle a purple stroller.

I think Dom can too.

Of course we didn't buy anything (that would be insane!) but we LOOKED.

And then we pretty much ran out of there.

Progress people.  Progress.

 Of course now I never want to go into a baby store again.

I vaguely remember a version of myself that used to love going to baby stores to buy presents for friends baby showers, who the hell was that girl?  And where is she when I need her?  

Anyone else tempt fate lately?


  1. Here is what I would recommend you get for a stroller

    We got a bob because I run and then we got the Chicco Lightway for our smaller lightweight stroller but for the non-runner type, I would go with the babyjogger city select and here is why:

    It is a single stroller for your carseat
    It is a single stroller for your baby without a carseat
    It is a double stroller for a carseat and a no carseat kid
    It is a double stroller for two no carseats
    It is a bassinet

    It has 16 combinations so all you have to buy is new accessories as your needs change. If I would have known this existed, I would have gotten it in a second because who doesn't want a compact stroller that can basically do everything!

    And it comes in purple :)

    1. Holy shit Kenzie! That looks awesome! Maybe in another few month we will find the courage to venture into a different baby store and find one with this stroller in it!

    2. That's my pram! It is on layby and I lllllllllllllllllllllove it!

  2. We liked the Chicco too but in green and gray! :) I ended up getting a great deal on the stroller (green and brown) at a resale shop for $70 and we've decided to forgo the infant seat and just start out with the convertible car seat since we're planning to baby wear mostly. I wanted a stroller though just in case since I can't exactly ask a nurse to hold my baby while I'm at my postpartum appointment, you know? BRU IS overwhelming and I too felt like an imposter my first time there. We've only been once or twice this entire pregnancy. Did you know you can sign up for coupons and stuff?

  3. Yay for progress! That stroller is cute! and I that one McKenzie posted a link too is sweet!

  4. Fate has been tempted.. I went into Carter's on Friday night and bought the sweetest matching seasonal PJ's and bibs for the babes' first holidays. Though I love walking into the nursery and seeing tiny clothes in a closet IN MY HOUSE!, I also kinda wanted to puke as I walked to the car with my purchases :)

  5. Oh god....I have been horrible in this department.....I already have had my stroller picked out (also the city select)and I have decided I am cloth diapering and will buy the bum genius freetimes. Luckily I haven't bought either of these yet, and don't plan to until well into my pregnancy......
    however.....January 2010 when we had JUST started trying (and you know, would obviously be knocked up any day now) we bought a crib! I fell in love with it and it was on sale for $299 (I have never seen it again for under $1700). And, that same month we bought my mamoth vehicle with an occasional 3rd row.

  6. I may have pussy-footed through the carseats and strollers at Target the other day, but I didn't even glance at onesies or any other clothes or accessories. I'm definitely not purchasing anything but a snoogle. Not until 24 weeks. That's my rule.

  7. Oh man, I haven't made any purchases yet but I've definitely already temped fate. As far as target.... I just slowly strolled through the baby section last week and tried not to look too seriously at anything. Then I get to work and someone had donated a bunch of really great (barely used) baby stuff like a breastfeeding pillow and bathing tub and of course, my co-workers dropped it in my office. So there's that.... sitting my hopefully someday nursery.... tempting fait!

  8. I'm so proud of you! Baby steps in the right direction. I've been online's addicting!

  9. This post made me so happy I cried a little. (I'm a dork)

  10. Yep, tempting fate. Once we had the 20w scan and the it's ok to go we started buying stuff. Just a bit each week. My sister gave me a heap of stuff and on the weekend I bought some clothes. Oh my, so cute. I bought them in bigger sizes (00-1) because they will be perfect for next summer and they were ridiculously cheap. It's ok to look, you gotta let yourself believe x