Monday, March 19, 2012


Remember back when I was searching for a hobby to help me like SF better?

And maybe help me make some friends?


One of the great mysteries of life.

Well, I finally FINALLY got up off my ass...ok that's a lie I totally did this part online but nevertheless, I started moving in the right direction.

And I signed up for Italian lessons.

Ever since we went to Italy for our honeymoon I've wanted to learn Italian.

And I swore that before we went to Italy again I would learn Italian.

It's been 2.5 years since we went to Italy.

And I still haven't learned Italian.

I bought the Italian Rosetta Stone.  It works to a certain degree, but it definitely requires a lot of self discipline and I'm much better at learning when I'm accountable to someone else, not just myself.

I'm really lenient with myself =)

"Oh Jesica, you can roll your R's really well, don't listen to Rosetta, she doesn't know what she's talking about! You're kicking ass at this and I think it's time for a break now."

After dabbling with Rosetta for awhile I can roll my R's and I know like 17 words in Italian, but I don't think that's gonna cut it.


Outside of my house.  In an italian school.  You know, WITH OTHER PEOPLE!

Honestly I'm kind of scared shitless.

It's been...OMG 8 years!!!! since college, since I've taken a class.

There better be some young pretty married bitches for me to hang out with and not just a bunch of old men in this class.

Because I don't want to be friends with old men.  My friends need to be hot and young and married and OMG pregnant or with a newborn would be perfect!

What?  Is that too specific?  I feel like I'm writing a personal ad.

Wish me luck ladies, cause I am about to start using my brain again AND hopefully make some new friends here in SF!

Anyone else take a class like this as an adult???  Did it amount to anything?  Did you make any friends?


  1. I've had to take a lot of teacher classes as an adult. Here in AZ, if you don't have a special certificate that says you're bilingual, they make you take a bunch of classes to certify that you know how to teach kids who speak spanish at home. It's kind of fun to go and sit with other teachers...but there was one class I had to take that was full of college freshman (aka 19 year olds) who were just figuring out that they want to be teachers, and that one sucked. I didn't want to hang out with 19 year olds when I was almost 30.

    So, good luck and I hope you make some friends...and I hope you learn a lot!! PS. my mom speaks Italian, you should hit her up for some tutoring! haha

  2. I know what you mean about it being difficult to make new friends as an adult. Where do we go that like-minded people hang-out? I love italian and think it's awesome that you are learning it. I have the Rosetta Stone too and found that I couldn't committ to it either. Maybe I'll pick it back up and we can converse in Italian, over comments!

    1. Let's do it! Start practicing, lol!

  3. I know what you mean....I have no friends here either and I always worry that I will go crazy when I am home with a baby with no friends! And of course you have to have criteria :). You will have to join a mommy group and find some hot young moms to hang out with once baby comes.
    PS - good luck with Italian :)

  4. Ya! Stick with it! Fingers crossed there are some gals like you in the class - hot, married, and pregnant. ;) As far as the making friends as an adult I have only a few random instances. Recently I was out walking Jackson and met a couple with their enormous sheep dog. Our dogs wanted to play so we started talking - and I actually think we might become friends - random! They're young and just bought an investment/rental beach home and don't know any other young people up here so they were excited to hang out. Maybe when you start visiting parks with your little one in a stroller you'll meet other hot new moms.

  5. Oh! I was also going to tell you, get started in a Bradley Birthing class or find a LaLeche League that meets in your area...those are both great places to make friends!!

  6. Oh, what a great idea...I am inspired by this. Maybe I will do something similar here in NYC! Thanks for sharing, I am excited for you!

  7. I feel you, making friends in a new place is tough. I've actually been pathetically eager to hang with this one couple I met (the husband I met through a work thing... every friend I've met since college has been through work =/) but they have not reciprocated. Every time we talk they say we should come over and we'll do a dinner party and yadda yadda... they never call or follow up when they say they will and I feel like a loser. But their loss... I'm FUN! They just a baby too... damint.

    So I totally admire you for taking a class. I met someone a few years(ok maybe 5?) back at a country line dancing class actually, but I'm pretty sure he just wanted in my pants. I keep saying I'm going to sign up for some kind of dance classes since I love dance but never do.... Maybe if you meet a young hot married mom in your class it'll inspire me to get out there. I've become a serious home body and keep saying SOMEDAY when I have a baby I'll join a mommy's group and meet people through play dates. Bleh

    1. OMG don't you hate it when you find another couple to hang out with and you find yourself more eager than they are to hang out? It's like hmmm....why do they not like us?! And then you feel weird if you keep asking and they keep putting you off!

      I would LOVE to take a dance class but I've had trouble finding the right kind of dance class AND I pretty much hate taking exercise/dance/yoga classes by myself, they are just so much more fun when you go with a friend! It's a Catch-22!

  8. Making good friends as an adult is hard. I have a lot of acquaintances, but I feel like the ones you "just click with" are few and far between. I ended up hoping my hair stylist would be my friend, and finally after 5 years we are quite close, and then I got her sister out of the deal too. :)

    You'll definitely find young mommies in mommy and me classes. Maybe take a prenatal yoga class. Isn't that how all the ya ya sister people met? :)

    I'm in Livermore, when I have my babies, I'll bring 'em out to SF for a play date with your little ones.

    It's funny, I feel like I could be close with anyone of my blog friends. I wish everyone could just live around me and be my IRL support group!

    Good luck with your class!

  9. Enjoy learning Italian! Once you have the baby and start doing all those "mommy & baby" things you will make lots of friends. I think having your first baby is a major life turning point and one of the rare opportunities to really develop close friendships with new people. :)

  10. I started taking science classes for some prerequisites I need to finish to apply to nursing school. I hadn't been in a classroom for 10 years! It was definitely nerve wracking at first, but it's amazing how quickly you will adapt. I don't know how large your class is, but even though mine was fairly large, I ended up making some really nice girl friends who were fun to hang out with. Although I have yet to make "besties" like the ones I've had since high school and college--those are rare and hard to come by! Good luck! I love Italian (took it for a semester in college)

  11. I'm re-learning Italian right now too for a work trip this summer (if doctor approves, of course). I'm supposed to be able to communicate quite well by mid-July. I wish both of us luck! I'll only be hanging out with Rosetta, though, although there is an Italian conversation table I can go to, if I ever remember to go!

    I can say "fuck you" and "go to hell" which I think is really all I need, don't you?