Friday, March 2, 2012

The 16 Week Disappearing Bump

We took piccies yesterday.

The normal bump piccies like I've been doing since 12 weeks.

As I was comparing my 16 week bump with my 15 week bump I noticed something.


Luckily I remembered about a friend who just had a baby having a very similar thing happen to her, so I went back to her blog and sure enough, it happened at 16 weeks.

Then because I was curious I googled.

Sure enough, there are TONS of forums and boards where women's bump disappears or shrinks at 16 weeks.


Is this a normal 16 week occurrence?  Why don't they share this information with us on or in pregnancy books instead of insisting that we should all be gaining 1-2 lbs a week and blossoming about now?

Anyone else have this happen?

Since I now have such a huge pool of pregnant bloggers to poll (34!!!) I feel I can get an accurate idea of how common this is.

I know a bunch of you are too early in your pregnancies, but keep this in mind when you hit 16 weeks and let me know!

And here's my photographic proof.

15 weeks, my what a round cute little bump you have!

16 weeks, well now you just look chunky again Jes, where'd the round little bump go?

And btw, the 16 week was taken way LATER in the day when the bump is usually out and about so it's not a time of day discrepancy.


  1. Just a thought... Perhaps it is because of the oranges? I know my bump does different things depending on if things are "moving"!!!

    1. I'd thought of that and had I not had this IRL friend have this happen to her at the exact same week I would of probably assumed it was nothing more than that (or if I'm being honest completely freaked out). But after googling I'm just curious if it's like a "thing" that happens right about now because I'm not the only one.

      Totally possible that it's the oranges!

  2. I haven't noticed it myself, but then I'm not taking pictures regularly either. But waiting and wishing has a point - the size of our visible bumps can vary depending on other things besides the size of the uterus at any given time.

  3. Wow, good information! I had no idea...will be interesting to see what happens week 17!

  4. That is so odd! I'll have to keep this in mind later on! Your hair, however, is looking fab!

  5. What a strange occurrence. I'll keep an eye out and see what happens to me during the next week's time. I'm finally admitting that I actually have a bump this week (15+2 today) and not just flubby anymore. haha

    I'm going to have to ask my friends and see if they noticed this even of the disappearing bump at 16 weeks. :)

  6. Interesting! Maybe it has something to do with water weight. It's still cute!

  7. Its because your body is shifting to accomodate the Uterus growth.
    You are all good :)

  8. Your pictures are adorable! and how weird! I will have to google that! lol!

  9. At 20 weeks your uterus should be right behind your belly button (or so). It seems like a lot of women really start showing after that point. Then again, you're super tiny still - you may not "pop" for awhile after that! You look adorable by the way.

  10. Weird! Im glad im prepared for this now!!

  11. Hi there - I am almost 16 weeks and have experienced exactly the same thing - my bump which appeared pretty huge two days ago has all but disappeared. My husband thinks it may have stretched out and changed shape and apparently, as you say, it's all realy normal but does seem strange and a bit disconcerting. Did yours come back and if so when??
    Good luck.

  12. mine did it today..midday. I had a huge bump when we went to dinner. I'm having twins and its my 3rd go around and I was huge. I wasn't feeling well today and didn't really want to eat or anything. I just got up from laying down on my left side for quite sometime and my bump is significantly, noticeably smaller. STRANGE