Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bumpdate - 20 Weeks

Sorry I've been a bit absent, my sister and my niece came down from Oregon for a quick visit and I've been playing tour guide the last few days.

But I'm back now and....

Holy shit we're at 20 weeks!!!

Can't actually believe it.

So, on to the bumpdate.

How far along: 20 weeks.

Weight Gain: 1 more pound, we're up 10 total.

What's Up with My Body: Constipation reared it's ugly ugly head again!  I thought I had life all figured out, everything was regular after my trip messed me up and then BAM I spent one dreadful morning in the bathroom for a full half an hour in pain and CRYING.  I was scared to go to the bathroom for DAYS after that.  Luckily it was an isolated event and things are once again REGULAR.

I've started having some odd tailbone? pain.  I believe it's rectal and/or gas pressure, but it's PAINFUL.

Heartburn comes and goes, nothing too terrible, but definitely different this week.

MY TEETH.  You produce extra saliva while pregnant and up until now I haven't noticed this being obnoxious in any way (other than nighttime drooling of course ;-) but suddenly my teeth feel icky and fuzzy halfway through the day!  I've taken to brushing my teeth morning, noon and night because they just feel so disgusting if I don't.

Sleep:  I got myself a bump pillow and when it arrived I was like DAMN that thing is huge!  But it's actually super comfortable and as long as my husband still fits in the bed and the cat can still squeeze in the nook I think we're all good.  I'm still sleeping really well, but round ligament pain is back with a vengeance and I end up squealing in pain when I turn over at night sometimes.  Unfortunately I have to turn over like 5 times a night and thus sleep is quite interrupted, but I'm not feeling overly tired during the day.

Movement: Baby's movements are pretty consistent and regular.  Always after eating a meal I feel all sorts of jabs and pokes but NOT after eating sweets, even though like 99% of pregnant women told me I would feel movement if I ate sweets.  I don't like sweets either, I can't blame the kid for not getting too excited over them.

Every once in awhile I feel a BIG thump that I'm absolutely positive could be felt from the outside but by the time I'm able to get my husband's hand in position it's gone.  Dom's a little jealous that he can't feel it yet so we're now patiently waiting for the baby kicks to get stronger.

I can't tell you how at ease the movement puts me.  Not once since I've started feeling movement have I wondered if the baby is OK, I now KNOW she's ok.  Also the growing belly is my most favorite part of my body right now.  If I could sport this thing ALWAYS I totally would.  I recognize that as it gets bigger and bigger I might start to hate it, but right now I absolutely adore my 20 week bump.

Best Moment of the Week: I had 2 complete strangers on the train jump up and offer me their seats when I stepped onto the standing room only car in all of my pregnant glory.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Viability is in 4 weeks!!!!

Gender:  Pretty set on girl now.

Bumpdate:  Mixing it up again with my piccies, for today I have a 16 and a 20 week photo in the same outfit side by side.  I threw this dress on yesterday and OMG that will be the last time I am able to fit into it.  This is officially the first dress that I'm retiring from my wardrobe for the duration of my pregnancy specifically because my belly is just too damn big to fit into it anymore.

And normal piccie.

The cats got in on the action today.


  1. looking so great! 20 weeks has been a big obvious jump! I can't wait to have a cute bump like that! :)

  2. I feel the same way about the movement, since being able to feel him on a daily basis it definitely puts you mind at ease! Happy half-way mark!

  3. I wish so bad that I had a taken a picture between 16 & 20 weeks. Bellies really seem to make a turn during that time. You look adorable.

  4. I am thinking boy now. I just wanted you to know :)

  5. Love your bump! It's good that you have things that you can wear in the transitional period, and probably some of your dresses will last the whole time!

  6. Yeah! Halfway done!!! I had a few crying times in the bathroom heart goes out to you! Xoxo

  7. Congrats on 20 weeks - your bump is beautiful!

  8. Ooh, which pillow did you get? And what a cute bump!