Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yes, my post really is about chicken.

And it has nothing to do with pregnancy or babies.

It's deep.

And heartfelt.

And honest.

Ok, I'm full of shit, my post is just about fried chicken.

While watching The Help on my flight out to NYC a few weeks ago I decided I should make fried chicken one night when I got back home.

Once home I promptly forgot.

Then about a week ago I got out of my car at Safeway and there was this heavenly scent in the air...fried chicken!

Oh right, I was going to make fried chicken!

So, Saturday when we planned out our weekly meals (this is new for us btw and AWESOME, I highly recommend weekly meal planning!) I threw fried chicken on the list for Thursday night.

Now here we are, it's Thursday and I'm left with one small problem.


I've never made fried chicken before.

It's not that hard is it?

I've looked up a bunch of recipes and I've decided it goes something like this.

Heat some oil in a frying pan.

Make an egg wash, coat chicken in the egg wash and flour and fry.

But is that all there is to it?

I also HATE touching raw chicken!!!  How am I going to coat the chicken in an egg wash and flour without touching it?

Maybe I should just say screw the chicken and order some pizza.

I know there must be some southern ladies out there (talk about a stereotype!  ALL southerners know how to fry chicken clearly =) Anyone have some fried chicken tips?  Or great fried chicken recipes?


  1. I love fried chicken. In theory it should be simple but only some versions are truly exceptional. I tend to like recipes that have buttermilk in the batter, but I have never made it myself. is my go-to resource. Good luck!

  2. My mom used to make fried chicken and I loved it. She put the flour and egg in a ziploc bag (a big one, or I guess you could use a leftover produce bag) and shake it up. Then she put it in the pan with the oil just long enough to make it crispy, then she baked it in the oven. I've tried to make it myself and here are my tips... 1. wear an apron because it's messy, especially when you put it in the oil, 2. don't use tongues with rubber ends when frying in hot oil, 3. get everything ready ahead of time and go in like an assembly line with each piece, otherwise it's pretty stressful! Good luck!

  3. This posting is hilarious! I don't know why but I laughed so hard reading it :)

    I love fried chicken too but have no advice on making it because it scares the heck out of me!! Good luck and let us know how it turns out :)

  4. First of all I actually gagged just from reading you post title. Poultry is currently the vein of my existence. I decided to read on anyways and then you talked about FRIED chicken which is totally fine (don't try to make sense of it) and here is my advice. Get in your car, drive to KFC (or most grocery stores I think) and buy it... and enjoy! Ha. Making it yourself sounds like entirely too much work. I'll be interested to know how it turns out if you do though!

  5. I totally want some KFC now!

  6. i fail as a southerner... probably why i feel more at home in Yankee land! that and (gasp) i do NOT like fried chicken. at all. not even Korean double fried fanciness.

    as far as fried chicken goes "it's shake n bake and i helped" is all I know...

    i'm also an fan for recipes.

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog. After catching up a little on your blog...we are so alike (my lord I literally cry when I think about the fact that I moved away from NYC)!

    I totally wanted fried chicken so bad after watching The Help. Fried Chicken and a Coke (but not pie...oh hell no).

    Love the blog.