Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bumpdate - 19 weeks

Thank you all for your comments yesterday.  I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how many of you felt the same way and I'm so glad I didn't keep my mouth shut!

Now, on to the bumpdate, 19 weeks already!!!!

How far along: 19 weeks, 1 more week and we're halfway!!!

Weight Gain:  Another pound, up 9 lbs total.

Maternity Clothes:  This is probably the last time I will write about maternity clothes, cause here's the deal...I'm dabbling, and I think that's as far as I'm gonna go for awhile.  My wardrobe is some maternity and some regular and I think it will stay a mix of the two until I'm like HUGE.

Food Cravings:  The milk craving continues.  I'm slightly grossed out each and every time I pour a glass of milk, but it just hits the spot so nicely and I assume this is because baby needs it so I'm just going with it, I'll worry about cutting out dairy again AFTER baby is born.

Movement: Baby kicks!!!!  First official baby kick was 18w3d and I feel them every day now after I eat breakfast when I'm sitting quietly at my computer.  It's WEIRD and that's all I have to say about it.

What's Up with My Body: I think I popped?  I woke up one day and suddenly THE PRESSURE HAD LIFTED and I was SO much more comfortable.  As I was changing my shirt that morning my husband looks at me with no shirt on and goes "Whoa, you look really pregnant."  Amusingly and INAPPROPRIATELY he decided the sex from the night before after a long hiatus had helped lift the uterus.  He is literally taking credit for making me more comfortable...with sex.  I can only imagine if we have to get labor going via sex, birthing the baby will be nothing compared to DOM getting labor started!

Other than the pure and utter relief I feel on the lower half of my abdomen the symptoms have been pretty nonexistent this week.  I've started napping again but I assume this is because baby is growing!

Sleep: When the bump popped, sleeping changed.  So far I've been sleeping really well, other than the peeing 2-3 times a night but no matter how many times I get up to pee I am still able to easily fall back asleep.

But now the bump sticks out just enough for me to be uncomfortable and want/need some support for it.  I think it's time for a pregnancy pillow.  Also, you know how everyone gets told to not sleep on their back or their stomach at this point in pregnancy, well I haven't adhered or worried about this at all because I believe my body will tell me when it's no longer a good idea.  Luckily I'm a side sleeper anyway, but sometimes I like to be half on my stomach...kind of like this picture but with my hips a little flatter against the mattress with a pillow under the knee:

But sure enough, one night I started dreaming that I was a firefighter, snaking a hose through this building and I kept bumping my belly into things and it kind of hurt.  I woke up and wouldn't you know it, same hurt in my belly because I was ON my belly, I had apparently flipped over a little too far onto my stomach.  So, from that moment on I've had to prop up the belly a bit so I don't roll all the way over onto it because it's super uncomfortable.  As to my back, I still sleep on my back sometimes with no problems.
It's rare anyway, so if I wake up and I find I'm on my back...oh well.  This falls under the same rules as a bunch of these that I refuse to follow.  I'm pretty sure 100 years ago (maybe even 50?) they didn't tell pregnant ladies they could only sleep in one position and since the population continued to boom regardless of what they told/tell pregnant women they can and cannot do I'm just gonna assume my body knows best and continue to not worry about my sleeping position.

Gender:  I'm stuck on girl, but if I talk about the baby I say 'he'...confused much?

Best Moment of the Week: This was a huge week for me.  Bump popped, baby moved AND I had my first random person acknowledge that I was pregnant and not just fat.  At the beginning of Italiano yesterday the teacher comes in and we all have to share our names and when she got to me she asked my name and then asked WHEN'S THE BABY DUE?  So, finally at 18w6d I looked pregnant enough for someone to make a comment.  AWESOME.


And one more photo for good measure... of me in a regular non maternity dress:


  1. You have definitely popped! Fingers crossed the pillow helps. Congrats on (almost) halfway there :)

  2. Yup, you look like you've popped to me. And so cute, to boot! I hope I look that great when I'm pregnant but I kinda doubt it :-(

  3. You definitely popped!! Love all of your bump pictures! So crazy that you are almost at your half way point!

  4. poppity pop!

    I sleep exactly the same way so didn't need to transition too much but I have to have a pillow as otherwise my belly just gets in the way. I have been using a side pillow so far which is great.

  5. Adorable bump! yay for strangers noticing! and look at the snoogle I love mine!

  6. Looking great. I finally posted a belly pic. I have been propping myself with pillows too, works good so far.

  7. I love your bump!!! It is so cute!

  8. I slept on my back my whole pregnancy... my Dr. confirmed what you stated...your body will let you know when back sleeping isn't comfy anymore, so until then roll with it! That's hilarious about Dom and his sex theory!!! and you look adorable!

  9. So cute lady! How was italiano? Any cute young motherly looking peeps up in there?

  10. I just love reading your bump updates! It's like seeing a week into the future for myself.

    That's so funny that hubby thinks it was his doing to make you pop and feel more comfortable. Ah, well, it is harmless, could let him continue to think so. Hehehe

  11. You look so adorable! I was so happy when my belly finally popped because I stopped looking like I had just put on 10 lbs. and I had a noticeable bump. How was your italian class? Hopefully there were some cute fun ladies for you to hang with!

  12. Wow! I find it hard to believe that people didn't notice that you're pregnant before this?! Oh well maybe they were being polite! ;)
    Cute Bump!