Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reality Bites

So, last night was my first night in Sydney alone. Boo. The hubs is back to his old travelling tricks again! And to boot we didn't do anything new and different this weekend, Australian Adventure Weekend 3 Fail!

Anyway, before the weekend began we had big plans to hit up the Winter Festival which was going on here in Sydney but as Friday drew to a close the hubs work schedule began to tinker with our plans, forcing him off to New Zealand and resulting in me spending my first night here alone. In NYC I must admit I enjoyed the occasional night on my own, I would go out with friends, or watch chick flicks, drink wine and sleep in the middle of the bed =) And while I attempted to do the exact same thing here in Sydney, I watched the wrong sort of movie.

On Saturday night while Dom was here, we watched The Last House on the Left and last night, by myself, I watched The Changeling. Both movies have to do with abductions and people getting killed after they've gone missing. These types of movies don't normally bother me, but then MY HUSBAND DID NOT CALL ME AFTER HE LANDED IN NEW ZEALAND and I got paranoid. Now, the hubs travels enough that we have a routine with the phone calls and HE ALWAYS CALLS WHEN HE LANDS SO I KNOW THE PLANE DIDN'T CRASH. I woke up every few hours, checked my phone, no phone call, tried calling his phone and each and every time his phone went straight to voicemail. It was not a restful night. Anyway, Dom is fine, his phone just doesn't work in New Zealand. And I am banished from watching abduction movies before Dom goes on trips.

Moving on. This unexpected trip has also changed our plans for next weekend in that he has to go back to New Zealand at the end of this week as well. I was planning a lovely birthday weekend for Dom 2 hours north of here in Hunter Valley wine country, where we were going to indulge ourselves in delectable Aussie wines and go on our first ever bushwalk. Sigh. NEVERTHELESS, next weekend it looks like we will both be headed to New Zealand where Dom will finish up whatever work he is doing there now and we will also venture to New Zealand wine country for Dom's birthday. Not what I was planning, but THAT's OK, we did have plans to go to New Zealand while were living here down under, this is just sooner than we planned on doing it and in the wrong season. I definitely had NZ down as a summer trip...we'll just have to do it again when Summer and Adam come visit, wink wink Summer! Anyone ever been to Auckland? Got any New Zealand stuff we need to do whilst there?

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  1. Hope you won't get too bored in Sydney. This city has many things to offer (well I admit it's better not to be alone ;-)
    A Cocktail at the Summit (47 floor), a movie in the city, a walk in the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, a swim in Jervis Bay (well in Summer, it's better I guess)...