Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life, Delayed

Today is June 1 and we are not on our way to Sydney. That's right, NOT on our way to Sydney. Why, you ask? Because Australians are a little too lackadaisical and our work visa has not come through yet!

So, we wait.

Right now I am in a hotel room in Dallas BY MYSELF while Dom is off doing some work thing. That's right, not only am I stuck in Dallas but I'm stuck in Dallas with only myself to hang out with. Boring! =) Anyway, since we have already packed up our NYC apartment and are half way to the west coast we will be sitting tight in Oregon with the fam while we wait for our visas. This is completely obnoxious for about 7 different reasons, one being that we are traveling with 8 pieces of luggage and the other being that we now are going to miss the Manly Food and Wine Festival, which I was totally stoked about =( The only upside to this homeless situation that we find ourselves in is that we get to spend a little bit of time in Oregon and see my family. With any luck we will be back on track and on our way to Sydney by this time next week. Everybody cross their fingers for us!

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