Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Coffee Order Across the Globe

Before I met my husband my international travel was quite limited, as in I'd been to England twice and Ireland once...and Mexico doesn't count. Now, 2.5 years later I can boast that not only have I been to 12 different countries, but I've also been to 4 different continents (The AMERICAN version of continents, don't even get me started on what Dom thinks are the continents, in a nutshell he thinks there are only 6 when CLEARLY there are 7).

In the US it's simple, you just order coffee and then the whole milk/sugar is a do it yourself sort of situation. Whilst on honeymoon, visiting 4 different countries in 4 weeks, which was the start of all the international traveling, I discovered that ordering coffee in other countries is not so simple. All I ever want is coffee with milk, but if I say coffee with milk in English they never seem to know what I'm talking about, it always takes a few days but eventually the proper way to order coffee with milk comes here's my coffee order across the globe.

Cafe au lait in France
Cafe con leche in Spain
Cafe latte in Italy
MilchKaffee in Germany
white coffee in England
and after 2 weeks in Australia, I have finally figured out how to order my coffee here...
flat white!

I think it's stupid and I feel stupid saying, but nevertheless, flat white it is.


  1. it sounds like paint! lol.

    miss you.

    oh and i love the new blog design. very you.


  2. um...i keep commenting and nothing is happening. poop.

    did you get my last one?

  3. OMG it does sounds like paint!

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker but my husband had the same problem when we moved here. For him, a flat white has too much milk so he has taken to ordering a long black with a little skim milk in it. It's a very odd coffee order, but it works!
    They sure take coffee seriously here in Sydney!

  5. Well I post my first comment ! You are so right about how it is difficult to order coffee around the world ! For my partner and I, in Australia it tooks us a few weeks !