Friday, June 11, 2010

Dining Out

Hailing from Springfield, Oregon it was a new concept to me when I arrived fresh faced and naive to NYC that one would need to do some restaurant research before dining out. In general when one wants to eat out in Springfield one has a very small selection of restaurants to choose from and so picking one requires zero research, especially since you've been going to them regularly for as long as you can remember.

NYC (and probably all other big cities) is a different story, there are over 18,000 restaurants in NYC, research is essential to dining out. Just like with my books, my favorite way to pick a new restaurant is a recommendation from a real person, and yes a blog counts as a person, a critic on the other hand does not! Lol! OK, sometimes food critics count, but in general they are looking for something other than what I'm looking for in food and I find they are way too critical.

I've applied this same logic to Sydney and while we haven't managed to eat out in the short amount of time that we've been here this time, we did have a chance to eat at a few good places on our last visit and I'm going to take a moment here and recommend a few.

FishFace - Yummy seafood in Darlinghurst, which was where our apartment was on our previous trip, and came highly recommended by a colleague of Dom's. For the life of me I cannot remember what I had, but I do remember that it was delicious. Oh, and you can BYOW (that works right? I can substitute a W for the B and everyone knows I mean wine =), for just a $10 corkage fee, which is WAY cheaper than their cheapest bottle of vino for $30.

Agave - We were in Sydney for Cinco De Mayo and felt we needed to have Mexican food that night. And while Australia is not known for having good mexican food I found this restaurant via another Aussie blogger and we were not disappointed. Very tasty sangria, tacos and salsa.

Eat Thai - I am not normally a fan of Thai food, but Dom is, thus every once in awhile I am forced into eating Thai food. Oz is not known for it's Mexican food, but it IS known for it's wonderful Asian cuisine, especially Thai. And I have to say, Eat Thai did not disappoint, we picked out 3 different dishes and shared them between the two of us and I was a big fan of 2 out of the 3! I would definitely go back and give it a second try.

Misschu - Take out Asian wraps. This place was right by our rental on our previous trip and everyday from 11am until late into the evening the sidewalk was packed with people lining up for this take out sidewalk joint. On our second to last night we finally tried it and it was definitely a satisfying experience. And at under $20 for both of us it was by far the cheapest meal we had in Sydney.

Tonight we're off for some Chinese and I will report back!

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