Monday, June 14, 2010

A Night at the Opera (House)

In the seven months that we are here the hubs and I are making an effort to do something new and interesting each and every weekend rather than sitting at home doing very little like we had a tendency to do in New York. This weekend because I was still feeling a bit ill, we decided to take it easy while still doing something different.

There are films being screened all over Sydney, several of them at the Sydney
Opera House, which is conveniently right across the harbor from us and a mere 5 minute ferry ride away. What movie did we see at the Opera House you ask?

We saw this.

You can't ask for a more interesting low key night than that can you? Cheesy 1979 vampire movie at the Sydney Opera House. Interesting weekend 1, check!

Us waiting for the ferry to take us across the harbor.

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  1. don't take this the wrong way, you look like grandma in this picture, with the hat and the scarf...very pretty.