Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The GoGet Experience

Here in Sydney there is this great service that I really really think New York and other big public transportation heavy cities should adopt called GoGet. It's a car sharing service that has cars all over the city that you can rent for the hour/day/week to run errands or do whatever, think Ikea trip in NYC. We tried it out this weekend to do a bit of shopping and I must say, it was a fantastic experience!
The best part, for us anyway, is that there are several spots very very close to us to pick up the cars, one being literally a 2 minute walk away, it doesn't get easier than that does it?
The cars all have names, this is Melissa =)

We took a little drive through the city to visit the Westfield Mall in Bondi and more specifically Target, yes they have Target in Australia, Score!

We picked up a few bits and bobs to make our fully furnished apartment feel more like "us" because as tough as it is to believe the teal/green leather sofas just don't scream Jes & Dom.
Pretty, isn't it?
But not to worry the view makes up for the crap furniture, would you like to see it again? Oh, ok, here you go!

We also dragged home these lovelies. And what are these bad boys you ask? These are speakers my husband decided we needed...what? like you all don't have husbands who have a compulsive urge to buy all the electronics he can get his hands on. They look like trumpets don't they? But I must admit they're kind of cool, aside from being ugly, they have wifi, bluetooth and of course an ipod dock. How we will get them home in January? I HAVE NO IDEA.


  1. They have this car service in Chicago, I remember seeing it when we were there...and maybe DC too? Having a baby makes me very forgetful!

  2. they have zip car in nyc... but it's a pain in the bum....

    i LOVE target! glad you still have some of the 'comforts from home'

    miss you guys!