Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adventures in Cooking: Jalfarezi

It's no great revelation to say I do not like cooking. It's not the worst thing in the world, I don't hate it, but all the chopping, dicing and prepping that goes into cooking...well I would rather be doing other things. But with the circumstances of my life at this time, not working and all, I have taken it upon myself to cook most days of the week...and get better at it.

Cooking has been an adventure in and of itself here in Australia because all the ingredients for dishes I normally prepare are all different and I've had to improvise most recipes. But, one good thing about cooking here is that I can try my hand at some asian cuisine because the ingredients are so readily available. No venturing off to specialty shops in the East Village looking for garam masala or other Indian spices. Like there's a whole Indian section in the grocery store. Awesome.

Chicken Jalfarezi here I come.

I even found an aussie recipe (did you know allrecipes has an aussie version, that has everything in aussie terminology so when the recipe calls for tomato puree I know it means aussie tomato puree which equates to American tomato sauce (just one of the trials and tribulations of trying to find equivalent ingredients here).

Anyway, I used this recipe, doubled all of the spices because the reviews said it was quite bland and tada!

It turned out lovely =) Very spicy and tasty with the doubled ingredients. Yay for me! Just call me Chef, Brennan, BarnesBrennan? ha!


  1. Looks delish! Is cilantro corriander there like it is in UK?

  2. Looks lovely...yum. Just read your blog - what a great adventure you are on. Your apartment has the best view ever! x