Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Updates

I decided I owe you guys a few updates.

I wrote about a few things that I feel you need to know how they turned out.

Is this pretending you care more than you do?


Nevertheless, updates you shall have.

1. Italiano - As suspected my class is full of old men.  Why did I think that an Italian class would be full of old men and why is my Italian class full of old men?  Both good questions.  I have no idea.  So, there's 4 old men (with Italian last names, maybe they decided they can't die without seeing the land of their ancestors?) 1 older lady and 1 older guy.

Old means over 50 and older means over 40 =)

So, no bueno on making friends UNTIL this past Tuesday, my 3rd class we had a brand new student....AND she's young, married and pretty!  Now I just have to figure out if she's cool...we have 5 more weeks to become friends.

On the Italian leaning front you'll all be happy to hear I'm like totally the best in my class.  Guess that's what $500 spent on Rosetta Stone gets you, Italian I is review.  Awesome.

2. Fried Chicken - My fried chicken turned out pretty damn good I must say.  It needed WAY more seasoning than I used and I think buttermilk is probably a better egg wash than egg and water but the craving is gone and it was tasty.  I would say first fried chicken attempt = success!

3. My assload of maternity clothes that I finally splurged on at Old Navy.  Well, they arrived.  I tried them on.  And they went immediately back in their package and sent back to Old Navy.

I'm officially running out of clothes to wear now.  I seem to be in clothing limbo land.

I have two problems.  One is that my bump is too big for the majority of my regular clothes.  Two is that my bump is too SMALL for the majority of maternity clothes.

Seriously Old Navy, I bought everything in XS, the top part of the dresses fit fine even over the giant boobs and then just under the boobs the dresses would just TENT!!!!!  SO MUCH EXTRA FABRIC that I look like I've been swallowed by a mumu.  Why, WHY?  I JUST NEED A LITTLE EXTRA ROOM IN THE BELLY.  I do not need yards upon yards of fabric.

I think they should make different stages of maternity clothes, like 1, 2 and 3 because while it's possible that I may fit into some of these clothes that I just sent back sometime toward the end of my pregnancy, the fact is that I need clothes to fit me NOW, not just at the end.

So, here I am in maternity limbo.  With nothing to wear.

And that's it for me today.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend and had an extra day off work.

My family came down for a quick visit and my weekend of being a tourist has left me EXHAUSTED today.

I'll be on the couch if you need me.


  1. Mmm Chicken! lol.. I want to learn Italian! how fun! Maybe I need to quit my job and become a maternity clothes designer! That would be so fun! & I totally agree Old Navy sizes seriously are wack!

  2. I think that the 1,2,3 sizes would be good. Like clothes made to fit first, second, & third trimester. And then maybe an A,B,C,D afterward to indicate what kind of frame you have (like s,m,l,xl). That would really be awesome.

  3. I thought I remembered seeing on the Motherhood Maternity site that you could sort by "early pregnancy" or "late pregnancy" ...maybe try there? I'm in limbo too...apparently you hit it MUCH earlier with the second one, since I'm only 13 weeks! It's so annoying. Luckily, my sweats fit me still, and my previous maternity tshirts are working okay. But then, I barely ever leave the house, so that helps too!!

    Good luck!

  4. I actually was wondering how all those things turned out. Hope that doesn't make me a blog stalker! I am jealous that you signed up for Italian classes. I would never have the guts to do something like that. Instead, I stay home and complain that I never meet people my own age around here. And thanks for the info on Old Navy. I was actually just looking at some clothes and debated about ordering. I definitely won't now. I'm in limbo just like you and need to do something soon. There's no way I can go back to work after spring break dressing like I have been this week! Hope you have a nice night relaxing on the couch!

  5. I am jealous of your Italian classes too - so cool! I haven't started trying to buy maternity clothes yet (way too early) but I am anticipating the same problem...the in-between stages of pregnancy are hardest to dress for, it seems. So glad everything is going well with your pregnancy, you must be so happy!

  6. Good to know about the maternity clothes from Old Navy. I've been considering buying some, but really want to try them on first. I hate that so many places that sell maternity clothes only do so online. Has anyone ever tried Ann Taylor Loft? I like their regular clothes for work. I don't know how the maternity clothes fit.

  7. I have had the best luck with GAP Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. I'm a size S and the tops and bottoms have fit me perfectly. They are more fitted tops, but there is still plenty of stretch room. :)

  8. I vote GAP maternity too. I got some clothes there and they were actually fitted shirts, with just more of an A-line shape for the belly. I could actually wear them non-preggo and I don't think anyone would know. Try there! Oh, and I've mentioned before... H&M Maternity! (if you have a H&M there.. but I imagine you do... )

  9. I'm debating what to send back from my Old Navy order, too. Although I have a feeling I will actually fit into all that stuff, no matter how huge it seems to me now. I'm about to embark on intense fetal growth and shit's going to get serious. In the meantime, I ordered a couple belly bands so I can at least unzip my pants.

  10. I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet either. I'm small in build like you and have only gained 2 kilos from my normal weight, but I do have quite a bump. Nevertheless maternity clothes also does not fit me. So my solution is slight adaptations of normal clothes. I have bought a number of long tops, stretchy but tight fighting as I would normally wear them, but just longer to accommodate the bump. A number of low cut jeans and pants have been adapted by my husband (he is a designer and can sew). He cut out the front pockets and replaced with stretchy fabric. It works great. The jeans/pants just have to be a low-cut style for it to work! I wouldn't be able to do this myself since I'm no good with a sewing maching, but maybe you are. Or you know someone who can do it.