Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bumpdate - 22 Weeks

I just have to say that the 2nd trimester is going along WAY quicker than the 1st.  It's possible that this is because I did the first trimester twice...back to back...but NEVERTHELESS, 2nd trimester is quickly going by me!

This week has been an extremely uneventful week in pregnancy land.

I almost feel like I have nothing to write...but here goes, let's see what comes out.

How far along:  22 weeks

Weight Gain: The scale says I've gained 3 lbs this week...which means I'm up 14 lbs.  Funny thing about midwife care vs. OB care is that they don't really care about your weight through your pregnancy as long as toward the end you haven't gained too much.  So, they asked for my weight at my first appt and then so far they've never asked again...I just like weighing myself from day to day =)  I imagine when we come to the latter part of the pregnancy they will once again ask me just to make sure I haven't gained like 50 lbs. but generally weight is not a huge concern for them from week to week.  I wholeheartedly agree with this and the fact that I gained 3 lbs this week?  I'm pretty sure this week is a growth spurt for baby as I will discuss below!

Maternity Clothes:  Bain of my existence!  To finish my rant, not only are maternity dresses giant huge tents that swallow me whole, they are also too long!  I am not short, I'm 5'5", you know...average, but these dresses, ALL of these dresses (we're talking at least 10 that I ordered) hit me either right at the knee or just below the knee, this is an UGLY length (at least on me).  Dresses should be either ankle length or hit about an inch above the knee.  Why oh why just because I'm pregnant do we think that I need LONGER dresses?  These are not mini skirts, above the knee is still a perfectly acceptable length even while pregnant OLD NAVY!  Ok, rant over.

In good maternity clothes news there is an adorable boutique maternity store near me that I finally walked in and tried some shit on.  MUCH BETTER.  But horribly expensive.  So I walked away with exactly 1 dress that cost half as much as the 20 items I just sent back to Old Navy combined.....but damn it's cute.

Movement: Baby is all over the place these days.  Sometimes I feel little baby kicks WAY down in my crotch, and sometimes I feel them WAY up behind my belly button.  It feels like he has a whole hell of a lot of room in there and really enjoying all the space!

I must admit that even though the movement helps a LOT with easing my worries about the baby spontaneously dying, sometimes I still freak out.  There are times when I'm like OMG when did I last feel baby movements?!  Or, OMG I haven't felt STRONG baby movements in awhile!  Luckily if I eat something and lay down (and sometimes if I poke him ;-) baby will start dancing and I can quit worrying...for that day, or a few days.

What I miss: Honestly I miss enjoying a glass of wine like I used to.  I'm not against ordering a glass of wine and sipping on it at dinner, but I just don't ENJOY wine the same way I used to pre-pregnancy.  But other than that I don't miss much.  Guys, I'm a huge fan of being pregnant.  If I can I will totally do this again.

What's up with my body: I think I'm about to have a huge growth spurt as the last two days I've been REALLY tired and REALLY hungry.  I've been going to bed at 9pm!  And still tired all day long, desperate for it to be bedtime again.  I also had one of those FEED ME NOW moments after my Italian class yesterday.  I had already had 2 breakfasts, lunch and a snack and it was 3:30pm but I NEEDED to eat.  Since I was coming from downtown on the train and suddenly I HAD TO EAT NOW I hopped off the train at Safeway and stuffed my face with a Safeway burrito!  Totally disgusting and unhealthy but I was desperate...and it was delicious.

And heartburn, heartburn is back this week.  I was up twice last night to chew on some Tums.  I HATE this symptom of pregnancy almost as much as I hate the constipation.  WHICH IS UNDER CONTROL THIS WEEK BTW!

What's up with Baby:  Oh, this picture really freaked me out today.  I can feel the baby if I push on my uterus, baby is hard, uterus is squishy, but the parts of the baby that I can feel make it feel SMALL, so when I saw this:

I was like DAMN, that's a big baby!  And yet it's barely a pound....I'm so used to the baby being so much smaller than what I imagine it to be that this new baby being bigger than my imagination is totally fucking with me.  

Birth, the thought of birth is looming now.  Big baby through small opening....

Gender: Stuck on girl for now!

Bumpdate:  I've got a full on maternity outfit for you today, maternity jeans AND maternity tank top =)  Husband is gone so this is what you get!

And would you look at that?  Turns out I had WAY more to write than I thought.


  1. You're so flippin cute! I hope you can find some more maternity clothes that work!

  2. You look great in your all maternity outfit :) I had to laugh that you have been thinking about the birth. I've been doing the same, and the reality is hitting that it's inevitable now! Are you guys waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender?

    1. Yep, it's just a lot of speculation until August!

  3. You look so freakin' adorable. That is all!

  4. I'm finding the clothes to be a bit of a mystery as well. The jeans I got from the Gap and Old Navy were ridiculously long. I went to Old Navy a few weeks ago, and didn't buy a thing. That store just smells like off-gassing plastic. It always seems like a good idea, cause they have cheap stuff...but it never works out. This weekend, I had the best luck so far at an actual Gap that had a maternity section. Lots of good tops. I didn't try on any dresses though, so I can't tell you about the length!

  5. You look great! Thanks for the tip about Old Navy. I was on the verge of ordering some things online. I should have known that if the regular clothes have a funky fit, the maternity clothes would too. I'll check out the Gap instead.

  6. Lol - welcome to my world of looking at babies all day! Get this - at 20 weeks the top of your uterus is basically right behind your belly button, it shows that well in the picture you posted! Also - if you want to think of your baby as small still... the femur measurement on most babies around 20 weeks is about 3.5 cm long... just under an inch and a half. ;)

  7. Love the bump, you look great! I showed Jon your picture and said I think I'm about that size....he said he thinks I am bigger, at 11 weeks - oh dear! I am having a hard time with maternity too, the tips are gigantic in the shoulders and look tent like, and the dresses are the same. I did go into motherhood maternity though, and whole a lot of it was crap I bought the Heidi Klum skinny jeans and leggings in xs and they are perfect! They are super cute and under the belly. I figure I will try to do regular dresses and tunics as much as possible for now.

  8. You look fantastic!! I think Roo is all over the place too - though she favors the right side :)

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  10. Awww you look adorable Jes! Our little one keeps doing the same thing to me with the kicks! Sometimes it's closer to the belly button and others he's giving me a nice jolt in the crotch! I'm starting to work out a pattern to his movements, i.e. when I am at work he's busy moving around because I'm sitting still and when I'm on the move he's sleeping because of the motion. I'm with you about the heartburn! I am suffering this week and it sucks! I feel like everything you write about is pretty much what I'm going through at the same time. Thanks for sharing! xo

  11. I've been reading your posts for a while now, addictive!! I love the bumpdate posts :) My daughter will be 1 year old next month, so I'm reading through your pregnancy posts feeling (only a tiny little bit) angel wings daughter would have been 6 years old in August. You're looking so well! I love the photo, well done!!

  12. You look great! I gained alot of weight from 16-25 weeks and then I slowed down. You'll be fine :) And my doctor never comments on my weight gain either. I guess it's more of an issue if you are way overweight before you get pregnant and you are gaining alot. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the circumcision. I wish I lived somewhere more progressive than Mississippi sometimes, because I feel like I would be in better company regarding this decision. It is reassuring to hear that alot of people you know are deciding against it. We'll see what gives. Enjoy your cute maternity dress - I believe in quality over quantity. You've worked hard for this baby - enjoy it!

  13. Such a cute tummy you've got! I love seeing the week by week pics!

  14. Your so cute! haha I almost spit my coke out when I got to this part
    "Birth, the thought of birth is looming now. Big baby through small opening...." haha! I love it! & Hey stop over at my blog I nominated you for an award :D

  15. Thank you so much for checking in. My first week of bed rest I boycotted the internet because I was a complete basket case and Dr Google was only making it worse and now are internet is down so I can only write from my phone. Im going day by day by cervix has gotten a little shorter but I have to think of the positive Im 21 weeks 4 days and still baking!! Hopefully I will update more soon!!

  16. I just went back to see your 22 week updates (since I am 22 weeks today)- and think it is so interesting that we both gained a bunch between 21-22 weeks (me 2 lbs, you 3!) Must be a big week for growth!