Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bumpdate - 24 Weeks

We did it.

We made it to viability.

Baby now has a chance to survive outside the womb.


Sure baby would need an assload of medical intervention and it would be months before we took the kid home, but premature labor is no longer a death sentence and that MAKES ME HAPPY!

Maybe I will quit worrying about premature labor now.

Ok, probably not.

So, on to the bumpdate.

How far along: 24 Weeks

Weight Gain:  As of this morning it looks as though I did not gain any weight this week, so still up 15 lbs.

Movement: Baby is pretty consistently hanging out down in my pelvic girdle, giving me little baby kicks throughout the day and then moves up at night to hang out under my belly button, giving Dom a chance to feel the baby kicks and me a chance to SEE them.  It's amusing to watch the belly move around.

Best Moment of the Week: We sat and watched a full hour long show with me laying down and Dom's hand on my belly and baby kept kicking away through the whole show.  Since it's usually just me and the baby, It was a cute little moment with all 3 of us hangin out.

Gender: I think girl this week especially after going to prenatal yoga and seeing all the different bumps (oh yes I FINALLY went to prenatal yoga, TWICE!) , there are some very distinctly basketball boy bumps and others with a bit more smashed bumps like myself that I'm convinced are girl bumps, I should start polling people to see if I can accurately guess the gender of their babies via their bumps.  I also now have random strangers telling me since my bump is so little for 6 months along that I MUST be having a girl.  Yep, the unsolicited advice/information that is bestowed upon all pregnant women everywhere has begun.

What's Up With My Body:  After having a million things going on with the bod last week, this week there is very little.

Heartburn stayed away all week until I had an orange yesterday, but went away again a few hours after said orange.

Constipation...once a week.

Again I woke up from a nap with a milk stain on my shirt.  Why does this only happen after napping and never in the AM after sleeping at night?  Can anyone explain this to me?  It seems rather ambiguous to sometimes have one boob leak while sleeping specifically during the day.  Still one of the weirdest things about pregnancy for me.

And for the amusement of all, after several close calls, it finally happened, the bump toppled me over.  I was in Target, one hand had a phone, another had a pack of onesies and as I squatted down to take a look at something on the lowest shelf, I made it halfway down and realized I had way miscalculated my center of gravity and couldn't keep myself up, and with no free hands to stop myself, down I went.  I fell right on my ass in the middle of the baby section at a dress no less.  Ugh, so embarrassing.  At least I'm not peeing myself yet.  I'm sure that's what I  have to look forward to next as we approach the 3rd trimester.

Bumpdate:  Husband gone again.  He's gone again next week too, busy traveling time for him as he finishes off a lot of work and starts amping down the travel to get ready for HIS WIFE GOING INTO LABOR.  I'm not gonna lie, as the pregnancy progresses, the travel has started to make me more and more nervous as I imagine myself going into labor and him being far away.  NOT FUN.  But just a few more weeks and he should be home until the birth.  CAN'T WAIT!  But until then, you're gonna keep getting iPhone self-portraits!

Yet another Old Navy NON-Maternity dress.  As long as they're flowy on the bottom and have an empire waist their regular dresses still fit fine!


  1. Don't think the peeing your pants ends after the baby is born either! Oh yeah, once you have that baby, it's crossing your legs as best you can when you sneeze or throw up or jump on a trampoline...for the rest of your life!!!

  2. Cute dress! I'm glad to hear you have found some clothing that works. Congratulations on 24 weeks! That's definitely an exciting milestone :)

  3. Yay for 24 weeks! And I dig those boots :)

  4. Yay! 24 weeks! That is awesome! And, of course, you have a very cute bump :D

  5. Yay for viability, and congrats on 24 weeks and a lovely bump. Enjoying watching your story :)

  6. Wooooooowhooooo!!! 24 weeks!!!! Congratulations! I was laughing so hard at your target story! Lol! And I love your bump analyzing! Oh and I Love yoga!! And that dress! Too freakin cute!!

  7. *phew* I was starting to think I had missed your most recent bumpdate. So glad to see I caught it.

    Ever since I read about you leaking in the shower, I've started checking my own nipples. LOL. Nothing here... I have no idea about the leaking after/during a nap, very weird indeed!

    I love the bump picture. So cute! I think my bump looks quite small too, definitely not a basketball shape for me and we're pretty sure it is a boy.. But I really have no idea what the different things are for girls vs boys. And in all honesty, I don't care. I really just want a healthy baby!

    Congrats for viability! I'm excited for that too.

  8. you look so cute! we actually met at summer's MIL's house last summer. congrats to you! i am also pregnant, 19 weeks along. thats so funny about the leaking because i just noticed two small stained spots inside my bra and thought it was a little weird...DUH, holly.