Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prenatal Yoga

I'm lazy when it comes to exercise.

I don't like exercise.

And I've always been skinny so exercise has never been a "necessity" for me.  One can argue exercise is a necessity for everyone, but I don't lead a very sedentary life...I walk everywhere, so technically I AM exercising regularly.  I just don't enjoy shall we say...regimented exercise?  I hate putting gym clothes on and GOING somewhere to do exercise.

But I do enjoy yoga.

SF has some phenomenal prenatal yoga classes...or so I've heard.

It's a hippie city and I think it's a proven fact that hippies love yoga.

Why is that btw?  Why do hippies love yoga?  Because of the spiritual nature of it?

Also, yoga is supposed to be EXCELLENT for you during pregnancy and can help a lot with childbirth...especially DRUG FREE childbirth, which is what we're aiming for over here.

I've been meaning to sign up for prenatal yoga since I hit 12 weeks with the FIRST PREGNANCY.

Yes, since September I've had EVER INTENTION of doing prenatal yoga.

But here I am 21 weeks into a 2nd pregnancy and I STILL haven't signed up for a single prenatal yoga class.

Boo on me.

I'm fairly certain this would be an ideal place to find my young hot pregnant married friends I am so desperate for because you know...who else would be at prenatal yoga?

And yet I hesitate.

So, a cry for help, MOTIVATE ME LADIES!

Have any of you tried prenatal yoga?  Was it the most amazing experience of your life?  Did you meet your friend soulmate there and you went on to have millions of babies all the same age together?

And if it you gave it a whirl and it was the worst experience of your life, DON'T TELL ME, I do not need another reason to NOT go...I'm doing really good at that all by myself.


  1. I have been meaning to do the same thing. I love working out but I never liked yoga I am a pilates person myself but heard the same benefits. Let's make a pact and make sure we both sign up and go starting next week. I hear working out late in the 3rd trimester can be difficult so this is the perfect time.

  2. If for nothing else, go for the end part where they let you meditate :) any excuse for a quick nap!

  3. So, yesterday you mentioned starting childbirth classes...I see a pattern forming. DON'T PROCRASTINATE ON CHILDBIRTH CLASSES!!! I know, you asked about yoga, but your Bradley classes will be 6-10 weeks long!! And you'll meet lots of awesome parents-to-be who want natural births and to breastfeed longer than a year...and maybe even your soul mate.

    Sure, sign up for might like it, you might meet someone cool there. But please sign up for your Bradley classes ASAP!!!

    1. Haha! I'm actually MUCH better about the childbirth stuff than I am anything else. I emailed the woman who teaches the childbirth class I'm interested in and hope to hear back from her soon. Her class is 6 weeks, so I imagine it will be at least another month or two before we start classes, but I am totally on top of the childbirth class!

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga - and prenatal yoga is A.MAZE.ING. you feel all achey and blah before, like nah, i think i'll skip, then go, and feel soooooooooooooo good, like the tin man must feel after getting oiled up.

    there are prenatal yoga dvd's too, most are easy beginner style, i've only found one 'difficult' one (Jennifer Wolfe's prenatal vinyasa yoga), and if you've practiced ashtanga for a while, it's not so hard.

    also, you should try a restorative class if it's not too crowded, so the teacher can modify where needed for you - those are GREAT. you just lie on props. and gravity does the work. it's like a Thai massage! but without someone maneuvering your body about.

  5. Not that this will be an issue for you...but don't do head stands in yoga! That is my only piece of advice :) I had to put yoga on the backburner after the incident with my headstand, but other than that, I found it really really relaxing. Never done prenatal yoga, but hopefully one day. Also, my replies to your AWESOME emails were getting bounced back, but I wanted to make sure you got a huge thank you. Seriously girl, you are a life saver!

  6. I'm doing the prenatal yoga that's on Netflix instant watch. There are classes, but I'm not ready for those until second trimester at least. It does make you feel amazing at the end, like you can really push a baby out of your vagina without drugs.

  7. i really thought i'd be all over yoga once i got pregnant, but each week would pass and i would keep putting it off for whatever reason. i have friends who swear it was a physical and mental lifesaver during their pregnancies. maybe next time for me. i hope you are able to get into it!