Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Dasher and Dancer...

I guess I have a thing for reindeers.

I picked up this little cutie a few years ago from Crate and Barrel and he stays out all year round.

He guards the wine.

I never knew he needed a friend.

But for the love of Pottery Barn, look at all the cute reindeers they have this year!

Reiny* will soon have a friend, perhaps 2 or 3.


* in honor of my niece who names her stuffed animals after what they are ie. her poodle named poodie and her turtle name turty, i've named my reindeer Reiny.


  1. I just got one of the twig Reindeer last weekend! They are so super cute, I could have gotten a dozen.

  2. adorable! i love little animal figurines!

  3. I love all the cute reindeer decor! Somehow it always looks better in the pictures than it does in my house.

  4. Oh how cute! I love that Reiny stays out all year. He would totally fit in at our house b/c he's cute, but also b/c my house is already kinda decorated in red and green...

    I am *DYING* for some of those reindeer antlers that go on the outside of your car windows.

    Is it too juvenile that I snickered when I read the part about your niece naming the animals after what they are (i.e. Poodie and Turty). Hee hee...

  5. I have been looking for some reindeer to put around my house this year and definitely think I might be buying a couple of these! Love your blog and I am your newest follower! xo