Tuesday, November 8, 2011


For some reason that I have yet to understand the Welsh get a bad rap from the English.

They get made fun of, all in good fun of course, but are generally thought to be a bit backwards by the rest of the people in the UK.

I only know 3 Welsh so my experience is limited, but they are all lovely people...I don't get it.

But regardless of one's views on it's people I think most will agree that Wales has some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole of the United Kingdom.

I had never been to Wales before and since we were driving SO close to it to get from Bath to Liverpool we thought why the hell not dive over to the west and drive up through Wales.

So we did.

We started in Bath, drove north through the Brecon Beacons, stopped for one night in the middle of nowhere and the next day drove through Snowdonia before hitting up Liverpool.

My thoughts on Wales:

Beautiful, breathtaking scenery...but I wouldn't want to live there...and I wouldn't purposely make a trip to the UK just to see Wales.

What does everyone else who's visited Wales think of it?

And in other news I started my period 2 weeks ago which was good news but now I am STILL spotting.

Longest. Period. Ever.


  1. Gorgeous pics. I haven't been to Wales but I travelled around Scotland and it's very similar. I thought it was some of the most beautiful natural scenery I've ever seen - so green. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I picked my pups up from Wales, beautiful place but I love Scotland too much to live there. The names of places are hard to pronounce too ;) But get them to say "hot chocolate" and i go weak at the knees ;)

  3. What gorgeous pics! I've never been out of the country (except for Cancun, Mexico), but we're hoping to visit Europe before we're too old. Ha ha

  4. Beautiful pictures! The lighting in the second-last photo is breathtaking!

  5. Beautiful pictures. It is so green and hilly.