Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Ovulated and All I Can Think About is Indian Food


Remember that post where I thought I ovulated?

Well I didn't.

At least not THEN.

But NOW I'm on Day 6 of high temps and it perfectly coincides with the EWCM.

Yep, I think I did it.

I ovulated.  On my own.

And all I can think about is eating Indian food.

I'm not banking on a pregnancy this cycle, but things were well timed and I guess for like the first time EVER we have a CHANCE of getting pregnant on our own.

And all I have been able to think about for 6 days...is Indian Food.

Ever meal that I make I'm like, can we just put this in the fridge and go have Indian?

I've succeeded only twice in making this request become a reality.

But it's not enough.

Must. Have. Indian.

I'm not chalking my Indian food craving up to an early pregnancy symptom (wouldn't that be like the weirdest symptom ever?) and I refuse to list other symptoms that I may or may not have that could or could not be symptoms because THIS GIRL IS STAYING OFF THE CRAZY TRAIN.  

I hop on the damn train every time it comes around but this time this bitch is staying off!

Maybe this is just what happens when I ovulate.  Maybe every month if I ovulated like a normal person I would crave Indian.  Who knows?  We're in new territory here.  In over a year I have not ovulated even once without the help of Clomid and even then I only had 2 cycles to go on, one of which resulted in a pregnancy.  

So, really and truly THIS IS BRAND NEW TERRITORY.

And here is my conclusion: Ovulation = Indian Food Cravings.

Now please excuse me while I go convince my husband that tonight is Indian Food Night.


  1. Hooray for ovulation!

    Have an extra helping of Indian food for me!

  2. God, I remember that - not the indian food, but the crazy train...and I was C.R.A.Z.Y.

  3. Hooray for ovulating on your own!!!! I just started doing that this summer for the first time in forever. Magically. It doesn't happen every 28 days but it happens...

    That's so funny you're craving Indian food. Maybe there's something specifically in the Indian food that you're craving. I know when I'm about to get my period I crave red meat. This time I was about to ovulate I was craving red meat but somehow eating a runny egg satisfied the craving (it was midnight, didn't feel like trying to find a burger that fits my dietary requirements at midnight). :)

  4. YAY! For ovulating on your own. :( I wish I could. Some days get me so down, but when I read other people successes I can't help but hope.

  5. I had Indian food three times the week after I ovulated last month. It could be a spice or something, but I'm just thinking it's delicious and my ovaries feel like they need a reward.

  6. Great news! I can believe an Indian food - ovulation connection. The body knows what it wants!

  7. yeah!!

    imagine if it IS an early pregnancy sign. how funny would that be. i read that children like food their moms eat while pregnant. your kids will be like "no, mommy, we don't want apple baby sauce. please blend up last night's alu saag for us. hilarious!

  8. YAY! Ovulation is such a big step!!!

  9. I am so glad that you ovulated on your own, that is very exciting!