Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's Add Crying to the List

Dude, does ovulation make you guys cry?

I am an emotional ball of tears these last few days.

I cry at commercials.  You know the ones with all the hurt animals.

I cried watching the Today show.  There was a little boy in a wheelchair and the mom was saying his disease will take his life one day.

I cried reading MissConceptions blog post with pics of her angel babies born at 20 weeks.  Ok, that one is a legit reason to cry, my heart aches for her.

I cried watching this video:



I'm just weepy.

I can even laugh at myself as I'm crying and yet, the tears stream down my face anyway.

It's official, THIS, this is the reason guys think we're crazy's because we are.  But it's not our fault!  It's the HORMONES!

If I was like this every month my husband would never have married me.

And I wouldn't have blamed him.

I go from irritable and cranky to weeping in 5.02 seconds FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

I think I accidentally hopped on the crazy train that I was meant to stay off of, I just got on ON A DIFFERENT PART OF THE TRAIN.

Riddle me this ladies, does ovulation make you emotional???  I'm like an ovulation virgin, I have no idea what's going on!


  1. YES!! My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy .. which I'd agree cause I will be happy one second, cranky they next then in tears out of no where .. and over anything ..

    I just want to say I love your blog and appreciate that you share your life/journey with us even when things are hard .. writing always helps!

  2. i get emotional at ovulation time. and horny. i hope you get that "side-effect" too!

    also, i've heard being weepy is a PREGNANCY sign. i know, i know, you're not thinking that way right now. but the rest of us can think that way for you, right?!

  3. OMG, MissConception's post made ME cry... and I NEVER EVER EVER EVER cry. My wall doesn't allow for tears.

    If I've learned anything from the movies, women turn into emotional wrecks once a month, they just imply it's at period time... maybe all those hormonal 'messes' were just ovulating!

  4. I also cried at MissConception's post, and that video of the man speaking of his family, and about anything else in life. And I'm def not ovulating! But I can believe that it could be making you feel that way. Just hope it ends soon....I'm like that ALL the time and I think my husbands about ready to leave me! It's infertility....I blame it all on the hormones.

  5. Im emotional all the time. Especially shows whether they are love stories or a TV programs - one in particular called "one born every minute", some of my blog friends post and oh god the list could go on!
    I agree with "M" just blame the hormones.

  6. Oh this post made me laugh! Yay for ovulation- glad you have a good reason to be on the crazy train. And yes, we can blame the hormones :)

  7. Ovulation doesn't normally make me cry, though I did turn into a complete emotional trainwreck while on clomid. I'm usually a hormonal mess the week before my period.

    It's so much fun being a girl, isn't it?

  8. I totally cry at everything. But then, I always have so maybe it's not ovulation.

    Loved that video, by the way - I saw it yesterday at work, and yes, teared up.

  9. I'm impressed you can even watch those animal commercials, I have to change the channel immediately or else I will not be able to function.

  10. I think I just cry because I'm just emotionally raw over the whole situation.

    I left you an award on my blog. Check it out.

  11. I cry constantly. And I'm not even ovulating yet. <--- something ELSE I cry about. ;)