Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

I have thighs.

I think the correct term might be thunder thighs, but lets pretend it's not cause when you google thunder thighs you get some pretty horrendous photos.

So let's just stick with...I have thighs.

My legs do not go straight down from my hip to my ankle, there is a very distinct hump in the thigh area.

This is the one feature of my body that I would change if I could.

But I accept this. I know this. I will never have tiny toothpick legs.

And you know what? This means 2 things.

One, I don't have great thighs but I have a great ass.

and two, skinny jeans are not my friend.

Skinny jeans are made for people with skinny legs.

Skinny thighs specifically.

It's true.

No matter how much I try to deny it and no matter how many pairs of skinny jeans I buy, they will never look good on me.

But I love the skinny jean look.



And I also love to BUY skinny jeans.

I have millions of pairs in my closet.

When I'm shopping skinny jeans look fabulous on me in the dressing room.

Then I get home and put them on and my husband has to say "I thought you said leggings weren't pants".

Yeah, I did say that.


Skinny jeans shouldn't look like leggings.

Straight leg jeans are my look, de-emphasizing the thighs and streamlining my legs.

I know this.

I have exactly one pair of straight leg pants and everytime I put them on I think to myself DAMN YOUR LEGS LOOK GOOD!

And yet I refuse to buy straight leg pants.

I think I'm secretly hoping that one day I'll put on a pair of my skinny jeans and MAGICALLY HAVE CUTE THIGHS.

Anyone else refuse to acknowledge a body flaw when shopping? Or is it just me?


  1. Haha. This post cracked me up. I have big hips. I refused to buy skinny jeans for a long time because I need a bit of a bootcut to balance my hips. But, I bought them this year. I figure the long sweater I'm wearing will hide my hips, not STICK to my hips and make them the center of attention. So smart.

  2. I can't wear skinny jeans either. Unless I wear a really long shirt to hide some of the hip. Still.....I shouldn't be wearing them!

  3. All you say is true. The one thing I would add though, is that not only do you need skinny thighs, you also need long legs. I have relatively skinny thighs but I'm short and the skinny pants just don't look as good on me as a nice flared/boot cut pant. But I wear them anyway! With the right shirt and the right shoes, almost anyone can get away with them....

  4. SOO with you on this one. I'm a bootcut kind of gal. I just got my first pair and the only time I've worn them was when I was in Canada and had boots and a knee length coat on. Also, I didn't know anyone there. We'll see if I ever get comfortable enough to wear them in California. Maybe the right pair of skinny jeans will come along for you!

  5. Hahaha. I feel like I wrote this post!

    I bought a cuuuute pair of skinny jeans and I was like "damn, I look good in these jeans" at the store. Come home and put them on and I'm like "HOLY HELL, my body looks BAD"

    I think they have some kind of optical illusion mirrors at the store.

  6. - "hello! skinny jeans" they are dyed to make thighs look smaller, and have some sort of magic fabric! I got them in a size too big unfortunately so they don't do much in the way of shrinking, but i get more great legs compliments when in those than any other time. EVER.

  7. lol i recently started wearing skinny jeans despite the fact that i have a very round bump on my lower back and not the slimmest hips. in my head i feel good as long as i'm wearing longer tees. i say rock wats urs and wear watever makes ur happy :)

  8. Well to be honest guys.. skinny jeans in SA are a tad to big i have nice legs they long and the skinny, but i wish they were bigger = actually so that all my large size 28 skinny jeans could fit me size 26 is a tad too expensive and I only know one store which sells size 26 skinny jeans.. its so sad cause skinny jeans don't look skinny on me