Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Bright Side

As I wallow around in my grief I decided to make a list of things that sucked about being pregnant so that I can feel better about not being pregnant anymore...even though we are of course still actively trying to become pregnant, these are all the things that I am not allowed to whine about when and if I get pregnant again but that I am feeling free to whine about now.

1. I can drink all the damn coffee I want. When I was pregnant I stuck to the one cup a day in the morning, but struggled with my guilt if I dared have another during the day. No more guilt, bring on the coffee.

2. Wine. Wine. and more Wine. I rarely go out and party my face off these days, but a glass of wine (or two) with dinner is one of life's little pleasures and I was sorely missing wine in the few months that I was pregnant. I may have been overindulging a bit to make up for the wine I didn't drink in those months, but come on, I'm grieving here.

3. Drugs for headaches. Drugs for colds. Drugs to help you sleep. Drugs for general feeling like shit. You're not allowed to take anything except Tylenol when you're pregnant. Now ibuprofen, Nyquil and Codeine are all back on the table. Yay for drugs.

4. Food on the rare side of things. Ugh, so many pregnant rules. To be honest I didn't heed this one very well and continued to eat all my meat somewhere in the medium-rare range...but now I don't feel guilty about it anymore. And sushi! I can eat sushi again!

5. My boobs. Yes they grew and apparently I get to keep the new boobs in size Large but the whole time I was pregnant they hurt and the colostrum thing was FREAKING ME OUT. So, yes, happy to have my boobs back to myself and not constantly thinking of them as future baby feeders.

Unfortunately I would give all this up and more in a second just for the chance to be and STAY pregnant again. I would even accept morning sickness, hemorrhoids and any other terrible pregnancy symptom you can throw at me.

Shit, I'm depressed again. The list was totally working and I just ruined it.

What are some other FANTASTIC things about NOT being pregnant ladies?


  1. you get to keep those nice boobs! haha i haven't seen your boobs- but let me tell you from a very SMALL cup size perspective, us gals take boobies for granted. baby is here and the boobs went BYE BYE!

  2. Lets see here... You can sleep on your belly, you can wear your jeans, your hips don't hurt, you dont have sausage feet, you can uhem-uh-la-la on your back...

    But I know you would give it all up in a second...

  3. I am also not pregnant (though I'd like to be) and your post cheered me up, made me lighten up a little. Thanks for pointing out some positive things as my waiting continues. Thanks

  4. Eating whatever you want is pretty good. Really feeling for you :'(

  5. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you through this! I would take every single "awful" pregnancy symptom in a heartbeat just like you. :)

  6. I am SO sorry for your grief. Know that I am dealing with infertility and it is just a sucky place to be. But you're right, there are for sure things on the bright side of this coin. Praying for you during this journey! Maybe one day we can throw a "We've got kids now! So boo-ya!" party. :)

  7. Never been pregnant so don't know the advantages...but man, out of all of your list I think coffee is the one that does it for me the most. I cut out coffee in an effort to become more fertile (ha!)...but I miss is TERRIBLY.
    It's great that you are trying to look at the bright side of things. All we can control is how we react to the bad things that happen and you are reacting admirably.

  8. Love your positivity! Way to look at all the positives that we take for granted!